Saturday, March 13, 2021

Things Fall Apart?

We saw how the Second Faux Impeachment quickly fell apart, but even so the Dem's laughable insurrection narrative continues to grind on--undergirded by a massively corrupt FBI and DoJ. However, even as the the FBI continues to conduct grotesquely overwrought "operations" supported by armored vehicles, against women and children, to arrest persons whose only apparent offense is to have been in the Imperial City on the Potomac on January 6, or to have spoken to fellow citizens, even liberal judges have been pushing back against these abuses.

One particularly egregious example of over the top federal behavior was documented yesterday at TGP:

Joshua James is a war hero, a veteran, a Godly man, a provider, and a business owner. Joshua James DID NOT commit any violent crime. He attended the January 6th speech by President Trump at the Ellipse along with a million other Americans.  He volunteered to work security with other members of the Oath Keepers.

The FBI is holding him until trial because he was seen speaking with two other members of the Oath Keepers that day.

James was lured away from his home and then arrested--follow the link for details. Then, the FBI showed up to search his home, where only his wife and 3 year old were present when this rolled up:

Without having read it, I very much suspect that the search warrant affidavit was extremely weak--granted by a magistrate judge only at the strongest urgings of DoJ lawyers.

James was arrested in Alabama, but the Feds want to move him to the Imperial City and hold him without bail until trial--and, as we'll see, nobody actually knows when that trial will be. Because he was seen to speak to other US citizens.

TGP quotes James' wife--so I can't vouch for this. Nevertheless, she's probably more reliable than Marc Elias:

Bail WAS recommended by the probation office & we were told prosecution would not argue against bail. But, somehow at the last minute prosecution decided to argue against it. My husband was in D.C. that day providing security detail for speakers of the rally that morning. FBI said under oath they do not believe my husband was part of any violence and they have NO proof that he was involved in violence. The main topic of their testimony was the Oath Keepers logo on his hat, the organization who asked him to provide security to the speakers that day. They kept referencing two other individuals who had the same logos on their clothing that day and their aggressive behavior. The public defender asked “Was Mr. James seen with these people exhibiting aggressive behavior?” FBI Response “No he was not.” Public Defender “Well then let’s talk about Mr. James actions instead.”

They said they have cell phone data that places Joshua pinging off a tower that provides service in the area that includes the Capitol. (That doesn’t prove anything other than he was in the radius of that tower which is about a 6 mile range).

Here is the judges reasons for denying bail: While Joshua doesn’t have a criminal background and has strong ties to the community and is not believed to be a flight risk and may not have been violent that day, he continued to have communication with members of Oath Keeps after the 6th which “proves” he has no remorse for the events of that day. And due to the fact he has PTSD from being blown up in Iraq serving his country and doesn’t take medication for his ptsd and owns fire arms, they feel that’s a volatile combination and see no reasonable scenario for granting bail.

There's more at the link. However, to argue that all this is dubiously legal is an understatement. Owning firearms? Yo! 2A judge? Talking to Oath Keepers? 1A? Not feeling remorse when no crime has been proven--or, except in speculative terms, alleged? I say "in speculative terms" because what's being alleged is a "conspiracy", and there seems to be only the most tendentious of links between James and anything illegal that happened at the January 6 Event.

And about that conspiracy, we're starting to see federal judges, even liberal ones, starting to push back against these excesses by the Feds and, specifically, to grant bail while calling into question the soundness of the allegations made by the Feds. For example, most recently--and again via TGP:

Alleged Oath Keeper Commander Thomas Caldwell who helped organize the organization’s presence at the US Capitol on January 6th will finally be released from prison.

This news account suggests some potential problems with this case:

A Virginia man alleged to have helped organize the Oath Keeper presence at the Capitol riot in January will be released from federal custody due to his deteriorating health, a judge ruled Friday.

Thomas Caldwell, who other militia members call “Commander Tom,” according to the FBI, was ordered released on bond Friday due to health concerns and the government’s failure to provide “direct evidence” that he entered the Capitol Building with other Oath Keepers.


My guess is that the evidence for some of the charges listed in the next paragraph is based strictly on conjecture derived from the cell tower information, which is why the judge addressed the issue of lack of evidence. Without evidence of actual entry to the Capitol, the cases against this Oath Keeper "Commander" falls apart.


Caldwell, 65, of Clarke County, Virginia, was taken into custody in January on charges of conspiracy, destruction of government property, obstruction of an official proceeding, violent entry or disorderly conduct and entering a restricted building. He is one of at least nine alleged members of the Oath Keepers now indicted in a growing conspiracy case connected to the Capitol riot.

Growing? Stay tuned.


The FBI has said it obtained communications showing Caldwell coordinating with co-defendant Jessica Watkins and others to plan Oath Keeper travel to D.C. before January 6 and presence at the Capitol on the day of the “Stop the Steal” rally.

Uh, since when was it a crime to coordinate travel to a rally to listen to the POTUS in Washington, D.C.? The Imperial City? What am I missing here? How does that become grounds to hold someone without bail? It looks like the judge was also unimpressed.

None of that is good news for the government case, which is why:

The government is asking to delay the running of the Speedy Trial Act to give them time to turn the defendants' lives entirely inside out on what we've seen is the flimsiest of evidence that there was ever any conspiracy at all. And that would mean keeping defendants in jail until a trial actually happens, which could be months down the road:

The obvious plan for the Dems--and, yes, I do think this is entirely politically motivated--is to turn this into the biggest trial circus in US history--they say so themselves:

"The investigation and prosecution of the Capitol Attack will likely be one of the largest in American history ...

A massive show trial that will somehow induce the country to forget about November 2020, vote for the Zhou Baiden regime's radical agenda, for Eric Swalwell on the Intel Committee, and all the other Leftist circus acts (Closed Schools, Masks as far as the eye can see, BLM, Antifa, Open Borders, the list goes on ... and on). Think of the Russia Hoax and the first Impeachment Hoax and the role they were put to--they're going for a Threepeat or a Fourpeat, or wherever we are in this process. "Deeply corrupt" says Mahncke, and I won't gainsay him.  This time what they're aiming for is to essentially put half--or more--of the entire population on trial--Domestic Terrorists all! 

ADDENDUM: Let me put this as straightforwardly as possible. At this point the Dem strategy--to include not just the projected show trial but also the continuing military occupation of the Imperial City is simply to scare their voters away from EVER straying toward the GOP--for the foreseeable future. They've seen enough of how the Populist appeal can draw from their ranks to be very worried, and this is the only way they can come up with to prevent that--short of alienating their radical base.

What the Dems need to continue this latest hoax, however, is just a little bit of evidence. That one weird trick that's proving so elusive. 

For that they'll need a compliant federal judiciary that will give them endless time, and I won't say that degree of compliance won't materialize. But they also may need some serious luck. This Zhou regime is already off to a rocky start. We'll see how the luck part works out.


  1. Where is the ACLU. Obviously unconstitutional actions by government..

    1. In bed with them; the ACLU’s gone full fascist. They’re interested in civil liberties no longer.

      I’m praying for the whole rotten edifice to come crashing down. See this? While China preps for war, the Pentagon is busy chasing Tucker Carlson & fine tuning their “Maternity Fight Suits”:

      Can’t make this stuff up folks.


  2. "Deeply corrupt" seems like an understatement.

  3. I don't know what's scarier, that the FBI 1) is willing to shift all it's resources to these jamokers to help the Dems embarrass their political enemies, or 2) has such a skewed, politically determined rather than reality based threat assessment system in place that they think these random old broke-dicks that attended a protest are actual terrorists.

    I mean the Oath Keepers remind me of the guy at the VFW who likes to tell you about what a badass he was at Khe Sahn as he drinks down his diabetes medication with his Bud Light. Have you seen the interview of the "QANON Shaman" from jail? That bald, nerdy guy was gonna take over the government? No wonder he wore those viking horns and fur everywhere he went--not an intimidating dude otherwise.

    If the Capital Police and/or National Guard had an appropriate troop to task ratio for the crowd size they were expecting, especially given that they were informed by the FBI that there would be some trouble makers and provacateurs in the crowd, the capital would have never been "breached."

    To return to my original argument, the fact the FBI doesn't acknowledge that means that they can only be mendacious or moronic. Then again, I am willing to embrace the healing power of "and."

  4. In the day if instant communication all this Federal BS has to happen FAST. If people get a chance to think, this illegal op will fall apart. If the judiciary doesn't get on board quickly, it'll fall apart. The whole house of cards is on the precipice. Stand by......

  5. There is no end to their awfulness. In a sane world, Wray and his masters would be frogmarched off to prison. On a somewhat related topic, I made the mistake of watching daytime Fox news, where Eric Shawn was interviewing Chad Wolf. Wolf talked about the need to finish the wall on the border, and then began to draw a comparison with the barrier constructed at the Capitol. Shawn was having none of it. "Don't go there," he said. There is no comparison because the January 6 event was "an attack on our democracy." One more thing you can't say on Fox news.

  6. Mark,
    Replying to Devilman from your prior blog, where he asked about the lack of any support for the accused in the Jan 6 events, say compared to the widely reported, never criticized support organized and acceptable (see K. Harris and others support to raise $) for the ANTIFA/BLM groups. Not necessarily related but all these topics seem related recently – I’m reading a book by Dr. Peter Kreeft, a Catholic philosophy professor at BC, Ecumenical Jihad (different topic, can add details if wanted), and there he mentions how at the time he wrote the book (before 9/11), the institutions of media, entertainment and education were clearly instruments of the left. Written about 20 years ago, his comments are equally as relevant as now – but this point stood out, now, we can add to those known institutions that are clearly instruments of the left: big tech (or is this under the entertainment/media umbrella?), and our government institutions (where were the republican-dominated state legislatures during the pivotal, relevant moments during Nov and Dec 2020?). The institutions that are overtly against a moral world-view are growing – are there any left that conservatives or Christians can count as in their corner? Obviously the Church stands out, but as a practicing RC, my Church is no where to be found in this fight. So, for us to garner any kind of movement or pressure to effect change, we need to rally behind and within an institution – otherwise, all of us singularly, or in small’ish groups, it seems like a lost cause.
    Back to Kreeft’s book – he is optimistic we can win the fight, recommending the Christians join forces with the other monotheistic religions, Muslims and Jews, and that we have more in common in the fight of culture wars against the morally bankrupt secular world. He is an optimist, if not a realist, and similar to Mark’s urgings re perennial principles, getting back to the basics, finding God and living those virtues in an active, real way, at least it’s a gameplan.

    1. Tom, I had breakfast with Peter Kreeft some years ago, so I'm a bit familiar with his thinking. I agree with you--the whole goal of any totalitarian ideology is to keep individuals atomized so that the full weight of the state can be brought to bear on individuals one at a time. That's how all resistance is crushed. Requiring masks is a perfect metaphor for that state of social isolation. We can only win if we organize and relate to one another. No matter how imperfect human institutions are, we can't do without them. Especially when most are organized against us. I won't comment on what coalitions are truly possible. In that regard my tendency is to regard Kreeft, like you do, I believe, as an optimist rather than a realist.

    2. Amen to this.

      What would be fitting justice is for all the DOJ, FBI and Judicial appointees to serve any excess time over the standard felony trespass sentence which is normally 60 days. So if a trial is held and the person is released after 180 days of pre-trial detention then all parties involved in the prosecution go to jail as penance for the injustice.

      Make it anytime we regain control...and we will be. Arrest them for malicious official mis-conduct.


  7. I'm so old I can remember when the leftists would lecture us about further radicalizing the population by isolating and persecuting them.

    But that was Afghanistan an d Iraq. I'm sure all this is going to work out just fine.

  8. Reposting what I said previously because it was directly related to the TGP post mentioned above. It's slightly juxtaposed to what Mark is getting at. Where he is looking at the left / uniparty actions in DC's imperial city. I am asking where in sam friggen hell is OUR support base?

    Earlier I said the following...

    I had a working neuron moment last night when reading about some of these Jan 6th protestors and the charges they are being brought up on. What I found myself thinking about was the non existent of the rights support base.

    Example... We all love to bash the ANTIFA situation. The left pet monkeys whom seem to be massively protected. (I say they are just better trained and smarter where tech comes into play on most days).

    You have literal brigades of attorneys and non profits supporting those guys, or the left in general. Guilds, 503c, foundations, groups, etc, etc. They attend every protest with them in tow.

    Where however is the rights army of lawfare groups and non profits at? Where are OUR Soros groups? The Mercers , The Burns, The Adelsons, The Meltons? Where's OUR lawyers guilds?

    And why do we not see Trump screaming for support for these people who are getting very similar treatment as he received? They were after all patriots who supported him. (Naively, but still)

    Where's Powell and Wood, where is their group of protégés at?

    I'm guessing a good criminal defense attorney in DC is at least $10k an hour. (Maybe I'm giving too much credit there) But what set me off was a story about fund raising for a guy who wasn't even involved or at the capitol who had managed to raise $100k... I couldn't help but think that wasn't even a retainer where DC courts and federal charges are concerned.

    I'm guessing that it's a matter of the GOPe vs the common conservative peasant but it's a pretty stark contrast between right and left's political machines.

    And don't get me wrong, I'm not going to jump on the Trump bashing train like many have over his daughter and SIL. But like his cabinet picks and some of the more obvious bad ideas like this attempt to create a party within a party (again). Now the lacking of support for his supporters...

    This is tugging at my core "Why?" button. Why are things like this for conservatives and patriots? I am personally finding that WHY question growing larger and larger by the day.

    1. To oversimplify, they're all protecting their rice bowl. The chances of being 'cut out of the action' are just too great.


    2. I've been curious on that as well - I actually decided to actively avoid the powerline blog after they repeatedly disavowed and ignored Trump's call for good lawyers to help with the fraud.

      IMO the same situation here: most right leaning lawyers in the public realm seem more interested in the cocktail party circuit and raising money for cruises and think tanks than joining the fight. In some ways, given how those who were willing to help were viciously "cancelled," I don't blame them.

      But its another sign that our side really has no idea how serious things are getting or how to resist. Which is unfortunate, because it only smooths the path to violence and anarchy. Methinks these Joe Neighbor schlubs aren't going to stand around passively while the Stasi runs roughshod over their lives for the crime of peacefully assembling for much longer.

    3. @devilman

      You ask, "Where's Powell and Wood...?"

      Here's a video interview of Sidney Powell conducted by a podcaster named Doug Billings a couple of days ago. I'm not familiar with Billings, but he asks, and Powell answers, a lot of the questions still outstanding about the 2020 election, and Powell's work in questioning the results.

      I found it a worthwhile watch. At a minimum, it reminds us, that notwithstanding the Elite's (and fraudsters') denials, there has been no accounting for the credible allegations of election fraud which have been made. And that Sidney is still on the case.

    4. Here's a fairly long article that surveys the entire election fraud field:

      I think the bottom line, from my perspective, is that the courts were intimidated from exercising their proper constitutional role, and that that is a tragedy for the country.

  9. Entropy increases with time.

    1. Until entropic death is reached.

  10. Devilman-all of the lawfare support from the left comes from your tax dollars. There are thousands upon thousands of programs funded by federal and state government under the guise of something that sounds noble ("the innocence project! Antiviolence coalition! Antipoverty justice!"). There are at least 3-5 clinics in law schools where they churn out legal work to support the political left. Unions. "Educator" groups. And on and on and on. You are paying for the rope to hang you. And if the GOP tries to cut any of it, low information voters (especially suburban women) think, "oh, how mean of those Republicans who don't want to help poor people!". We don't have this on the political right AT ALL. Andour nature doesn't use government in this abusive way...

    1. Very true. You can bet your bottom dollar that "Covid relief" is larded with money for community activism, to include all sorts of legal aid groups in every facet of society. They're all connected to the same agenda.

    2. I am aware of the Government's funding of the pet projects. I am also aware of how that funding is received. There are MANY 503c that claim to be right orientated receiving the same thing... I'm asking where they are and why there are not more of them?

      My thought process is not about debating or accepting the excuses. It's about why we have ever accepted them to begin with.

      The lopsidedness of this con job shouldn't be ignored.

      Ron DeSantis had 3 individuals in Florida sitting in county lockups related to Jan 6th. He has the ability to release and protect all 3 of them. Rather than the usual politically motivated lip service he offers, why is he not releasing them? What better way for a state or governor to stand up to the feds and say... No more, we've had enough of you!!! (Wouldn't be the first time in US history this has happened)

      I didn't agree with these guys going to DC, Im on record saying it wasn't going to go well. I think the majority are / were incredibly naive. But the persecution of these individuals is a new level of political hackery that needs to be fought tooth and nail.

      Where are out fighters at?

  11. Meanwhile, according to a recent article published in Massachusetts by the Managing Editor of the Daily Voice out of Worcester, the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) has found FOUR anti-government groups active in the state of Massachusetts! Those groups include;

    -My Brothers Theepers
    -Constitution Party
    -III% United Patriots
    -Oath Keepers

    "The Oath Keepers are a group of mostly current and former military, police, and other law enforcement personnel who believe the U.S. government is plotting to take away citizens' rights, the SPLC said. They promise to adhere to the oath that many members took in their professions - to uphold the Constitution - as well as to not obey official orders the Oath Keepers have decided are unconstitutional."

    The Oath Keepers, according to the Managing Editor, are a "far-right" group under investigation for the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6th in an "attempt to overturn Joe Biden's election to the presidency. We've forgotten about "Stop The Steal" and the votes of some 74 million Americans for President Trump and who actually "elected" Joe Biden.Continue reading here:

    As the relations of George Floyd have just been awarded $27 million tax dollars in settlement, how will Washington, D.C. pay for the murder of Ashli Babbitt? Or Officer Brian Sicknick of the Capitol Police Department? Or the other policemen who died ostensibly of suicide days after the incident at the Capitol? Incident! What was it, anyway?

    We hear nothing about the actual violence that lead to the murder of Ashli Babbitt and others. However, according to Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who stated in a letter to Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Hoyer, and McCarthy, that "a number of those in the crowd, "were wearing radio earpieces indicating a high level of coordination," and many also carried, "weapons, chemical munitions, protective equipment, explosives and climbing gear.""

    On January 7th, Nancy Pelosi called for Sund to resign. Over the past month Republicans have raised concerns over Pelosi's involvement in the Capitol riot and her refusal to comply with their requests for information on security failures in which she was involved. It is the job of the Speaker of the House to be responsible for all operational decisions, given what GOP lawmakers cite as Pelosi's "very heavy-handed and tightly controlled approach to House operations."

    Of course anything that doesn't support the Bolshevik narrative is rubber stamped as conspiracy theory even though Antifa became Trump supporters on January 6th.

  12. Additionally, Newsweek published a story about Riley Williams, the young woman accused of stealing Jezebel Pelosi's laptop on January 6th.

    What is most interesting about the Newsweek article is the distortion of where the National Socialist activism is coming from. According to Newsweek, all Nazi activities come from the "far right." Right. Doesn't it seem curious that Pelosi would leave her office wide open with her laptop sitting on her desk?

    Lest we forget that Lady Gaga came out in full Nazi regalia in support of Hillary Clinton in her 2016 bid for the presidency. That year, Land's End used Gloria Steinem as their poster girl for their Easter catalogue. Steinem, the pro-abort Moloch radical feminist, on an Easter catagloue. Land's End so happens to be a division of Sears who that same year was called to the carpet for selling Nazi jewelry online.

    The MSM employs the evil tactics straight out of Alinsky's Rules For Radicals to freeze upon Republicans the agenda of the National Socialist Democrat Party! Yet from the comments following this article at Newsweek (see link below) it is obvious that the good Germans of the Cancel Culture haven't a clue of what is happening before their blind eyes. May God help them.

  13. As Mark commented, Trumps greatest achievement (to paraphrase) was showing how rotten, corrupt, politicized, and incompetent the establishment is.

    1. I still compare it to The Matrix, for those who saw it.

      Trump was Morpheus - he could show you what was there, how bad it had gotten, what we are all endorsing by allowing this to continue, but ultimately he was never going to be the one to do battle.

      The choice was always ours: see how deep the rabbit hole goes and go to war with the evil - or pretend we never saw anything, let the Hunter's of the world do their thing, as long as we get the cheap iPhones and 401k returns on magic money.

      Whether by actual votes or by our unwillingness to act when it was stolen, we chose the blue pill.

      I only hope we get another chance.

  14. The huge advantage the left has is their ruthless and willingness to purge / fire people, and take fire. Unfortunate examples of the results are the Doj, courts, and Military.