Saturday, March 20, 2021

Compelling Commentary 3/20/21

I can't recommend highly enough Daniel Greenfield's lengthy analysis of the current crisis in our constitutional order--brought on by the Deep State and Prog Left's reckless determination to seize the presidency (h/t Unknown):

There is No Biden Administration

Only an imminent 25th Amendment crisis and soldiers in the streets.

Exactly. That's why I refer to it as the Zhou Baiden regime. It is a regime, but Zhou is a figurehead, so it lacks the coherence to ultimately be effective on the world stage. And it may lost any semblance of coherence on the domestic stage as well. Hubris on the Left.

As I said, Greenfield's piece is lengthy, but it's also a compelling read that delves into the dynamics of the Left's seizure of the Executive Branch: Who's really in charge, what are the competing factions, etc.? Here's just a brief sample:

The Biden administration was built out of the wreckage of the Obama and Sanders campaigns, but staffers and appointees are only loyal to whoever can get them their next job. That’s not Obama and it’s not Biden who can’t name his own Secretary of Defense. It’s the think tanks and non-profits who built the Obama administration and built an even more radical Biden admin.

But non-profits and think tanks can’t actually run a government. Neither can Biden.

That’s why there isn’t a Biden administration. There’s an ongoing Netroots conference on government property. That’s why Jen Psaki can’t answer any real questions. The press secretary is supposed to speak for the White House, but there’s no one to speak for. Like a plane with no airport, she keeps circling back because there’s no administration position.

It’s also why the Biden administration keeps wading into culture wars. They’re comfortable territory and a good distraction from the fact that the lights are on, but nobody’s home. Picking a fight with Tucker Carlson or extending the D.C. military occupation buys a little more time for everyone to figure how an administration can function with no final decision maker at the top.

Forget Harry Truman’s ‘The Buck Stops Here’. There’s nowhere for the buck to stop.

The military occupation of Washington D.C. would be bad under any administration, but deploying the military indefinitely when there isn’t a functional chain of command is ominous. Power-sharing arrangements, like those of the Soviet Union’s Troikas, are the likeliest to break down and descend into violence. And then the military becomes the ultimate power play.

Combine a looming 25th Amendment, a military occupation of Washington D.C., and a leadership that, despite appearances is actually deeply at odds, and the situation is explosive.

Outwardly, if you watch the media, everything appears normal. But it usually does.

Read it all. As I pointed out yesterday--and I see that others are joining in today--the world is watching, even if the reality is being hidden from Americans by the Dems' proxy hoax news organizations.

Jan Jekielek has done a very nice interview with Kash Patel. Patel was Devin Nunes' lead investigator when Nunes was HPSCI chairman, and Patel later went on to hold top positions at the NSC, ODNI, and DoD. You won't really learn anything new from the interview, but what you get is a feel for what was going on during the Russia Hoax. Which was the prelude to our current crisis, as described by Greenfield. Listen between the lines. Just for starters, re FISA, you'll realize that Patel is describing the reaction that any professional investigator or prosecutor in the national security field would have had to the Carter Page FISA application. Everyone who was anyone knew, from the start, that it was a joke. A very bad joke on the Republic.

Last, but far from least, Don Surber goes there:

Why don't we oppose perversion anymore?

A few days ago I was talking about "setting the tone" for American society: Poison, Mutilate, and Sterilize. Surber is talking about the horrific story out of Wisconsin: Children’s Court Judge and Former President of Drag Queen Story Hour Foundation Arrested for Child Pornography. Look, occurrences like this don't just come out of nowhere, and anyone who thinks stuff like this isn't going on on a much broader scale is sadly deluded. Nobody likes to think about this stuff, but it's now integral to America. The biggest difference from the past, perhaps, is that it's now mainstream--check out what's going on at government libraries across the country. It took a long time, a lot of silence from religious leaders--or, alternatively, a lot of advocacy from religious leaders--to get us to this point. And a lot of acquiescence from We The People. Maybe this explains why our constitutional order is in such danger.


  1. Mark, thanks for sharing. Don't think I would have known about this blog site if you hadn't shared. Very well written and easy to comprehend... however scary.

    A couple things stood out for me:

    1st) "The Biden illusion holds up as long as all the various parts of the administration are busy dealing with their own problems, but when there’s a national or international crisis, then it becomes obvious that no one is making the overall decisions and no one knows how to do it." Further, "Biden’s people are doing plenty of damage by commission, but if an actual crisis breaks out, such as a war or an economic collapse, they’ll do even more damage by omission."

    IMO this is pretty scary and no one is talking about.

    2nd) "Biden’s old boss could have tried to dominate the administration, but he despised Biden too much to come on board until the very last second. Obama’s own chosen candidates, including a hilarious failure by Deval Patrick, crashed and burned, giving him very little sway. The Left had coalesced around Bernie and no one is giving Obama any credit for swinging the election.

    That role instead went to Stacey Abrams."

    IMO again, I believe Obama and Clyburn have collaborated essentially prior to the S.C. primary in order to get everyone else to drop from the race as soon as this primary was over. I feel they are both still calling many shots in the Biden Admin.

    Finally, I believe we'll see the Biden Admin. and Zhou himself operate and function like this for 2 years when they lose the 2022 Congressional elections to Republicans where Zhou then steps down or is forced out in favor of Harris. My two cents worth. Thanks much for this blog.

  2. 1 more point, while you reference this article as lengthy I now measure "lengthy" as compared to Glenn Greenwald's writing... LOL.

  3. "It took a long time, a lot of silence from religious leaders--or, alternatively, a lot of advocacy from religious leaders--to get us to this point."...

    Yep... They spent decades working on that! First was the inclusion, or the outreach to make them feel special and integral. Once they got that up and going next came the money. If you want to see a religious leader(s) run like their hairs on fire, start talking about Government Faith-based & Community Initiatives.

    Cash is king when it comes to buying complicity. With endless free money you can control just about everyone and everything you wish.

    1. Too true. Growing up in the 50s and 60s Catholics generally wanted nothing so badly as to feel accepted into the mainstream--out of the ghetto. Kennedy did that for "us", and now here we are.

  4. Mark, catching up on my reading from the past few days (and I hope you can take it easy)... tripped across this article in American Conservative that shares information I was unaware of and in greater detail. References to Haspel, Hans Mahncke and of course the man of the hour... Strzok.

    Realize it's O/T. Thought I'd share.

    1. As it happens, I'm halfway through that article right now. Cassander linked it on another thread. It's excellent and again illustrates how utterly untrustworthy these people were as well as how maliciously slanted the process was--as you'd expect from a staged hoax.

  5. Miscellaneous:

    Obama was running the DNC behind the scenes. He wanted Kamala Harris to get the nomination. Biden was Plan B. The field was deliberately diluted to block Sanders. O said he would step in if it looked as if BS could get the nomination. Tulsi Gabbard finished off KH, who was rejected by voters even in her home state. KH got less than 2% of the primary vote and 0 delegates. The large, diluted primary field? The weekend before Super Tuesday was O's "night of the long knives." Candidates simultaneously withdrew at O's behest, Biden subsequently "won."

    Like Biden himeslf, Biden's cabinet is a collection of the worst warmongers. Blinken, Haines, Rice. Choosing Victoria Nuland as Under SoS gave the finger to Russia and signaled that Biden and Nuland would pick up where they left off in Ukraine (their 2014 Maidan "revolution" ousted UA's democratically-elected president, empowered Banderite Nazis, started a U.S. proxy war w Russia on Russia's border). Nuland is the spouse of Robert Kagan: endless regime change wars. This is also Biden's legacy: regime change wars, coup attempts, support for coup regimes: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen, Honduras, Colombia.

    Biden, Blinken, Nuland want to escalate in Syria and start a hot war with Russia. Biden has already ignited an international crisis with his depraved remark about Putin. Biden is the serial killer.

    The U.S. has worked with Russia in the past during WW2 to defeat Nazi Germany. Russia is a natural ally of the U.S. against global terrorism. Instead, starting with Obama, the U.S. has pushed Russia toward China when the U.S. should work *with* Russia to constrain China.

    Meanwhile, Biden has bought off domestic contestation with the Covid Stimulus Relief Bill. By the way, the Covid bill includes $5 Billion to Black farmers to counteract systemic racism. Does anyone remember that Obama already did this in 2009-2010? Obama gave out $4.4 billion in total to farmers of color. The program was riddled with corruption and mismanagement (NYT: "The U.S. Opens Spigot After Farmers Claim Discrimination"). Americans have a short memory. How many times will this occur? Meanwhile, the U.S. border is open.

    Re: Haspel: Like the Pentagon, Haspel repeatedly lied to Trump and tricked him. One example: she claimed dead ducks in the UK had been poisoned by novichok. It was a lie. She tricked Trump into expelling a sizable number of Russian diplomats. Russiagate? Will anyone be prosecuted? The trail goes all the way up to Biden, Obama, and Rice (unmasking).

    The 2020 election? The DNC took advantage of Covid to ram through unconstitutional changes that allowed Dems to effectively steal the election. Would they allow unverified signatures in California on the petition to recall Newsom? Nope.

    1. If Biden and the Dems are as deeply aligned with China as they so often seem to be, wouldn't pushing Russia to China be an objective of theirs?

    2. You forgot Clyburn from SC. He and O collaborated before the SC primary to arrange this after Tulsi’s beating.

  6. Interesting periscope between Allum Bokhari and Darren Beattie on collaboration between deep state and Big Tech, and pertaining to color revolution.

    As mentioned in yesterday's post, it's not about left or right, it's about the global elite maintaining power.

    To do that, they need to control social media.

    One interesting point, people on the trust and safety boards of social media companies almost all came from Obama's national security apparatus - so basically Obama regime is controlling the national debate on social media


  7. Republican legislators in the Florida House of Representatives have introduced legislation to protect political candidates from censorship by big tech platforms.

    I've also read recently Texas is proposing similar measures to restrict Big Tech from censoring.

    Maybe there's a start...


  8. From Don Surber on the disastrous China meeting ...

    “ We are back to normal in Washington, where the deep state runs things -- and plays right into the hands of Chairman Xi”

    US presidents were supposed to be yes men who publicly blustered, but have no power. Trump upset the apple cart and attempted to assert Constitutional control.

    For what it’s worth Congress critters “sponsor” a bill. That does not mean he, she, shim, whatever, or anyone in Congress, wrote the bill.

    1. I found this account rather amusing:

      Blinken and his sidekick, Jake Sullivan, a Hillary Clinton factotum who is now national security adviser, sat down to read China the riot act. It was not a success. Blinken emitted carefully polished clich├ęs about our ‘deep concern’ over Chinas actions with regard to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other hot spots, its bullying of various European countries, and its campaign of cyber attacks against the US. This behavior, said Blinken, consulting that great compendium of diplomatic nostrums he learned in school, threatens ‘the rules-based order that maintains global stability’. I am not sure whether air-sickness bags were deployed. It was Alaska, after all, so maybe they just opened the window.

      Yang, speaking through a translator, shot back: ‘You can’t blame this problem on somebody else.’ Blinken went on to say that now, under Joe Biden, the United States was ‘back’ (where did it go, Tony?) and was ‘reengaging’ with its allies on the world stage. Here’s where that short imperative I mentioned came in. The United States, said Yang, in one of the most dismissive diplomatic rejoinders I have ever heard, does not have the ‘qualifications’ to address China ‘from a position of strength’. F, my dear Blinken, you.

    2. Biden is JFK without the positivity and public support of the United States as a viable republican nation.