Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Red State America Making International Woke News!

How great is this? Deep Red Indiana is making international woke news:

Indiana sisters write to lawmakers about 'Men Working' signs asking for change

It's what passes for news--at least on Blue State news radio (WBBM is CBS newsradio in Chicago):

CARMEL, Ind. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Two girls from Carmel, Indiana are making international headlines after sharing an observation with their mother and demanding change.

The girls - Blair Babione, 11, and her sister Brienne, 9 - noticed signs at construction sites around Carmel, Indiana reading "Men Working" and asked their mother Leslie why the signs just say "men."



"They came running off the bus to tell me about it and they asked why the signs said 'men,'" Leslie Babione told CNN.

She said her daughters asked her, "can girls do construction too?"

The girls asked their mom what they could do to make a change.

"They asked me specifically how they could be a part of the solution, asking what they could do?," Leslie Babione said. "So they weren't just complaining, they were saying how can I be involved?"

After learning that the federal government banned "Men Working" signs in the 1980s, the sisters and their mother brought their concerns to the City Council.

"When little girls see them, they might think 'oh I can't be a construction worker, but I want to' and seeing a little girl feel like that makes me sad," Blair wrote in a letter to the City Council.

"You may be thinking 'well, I don't really care,'" Brienne wrote. "But a little girl might want to do construction, but she will see the sign and think, 'I can't do construction because the sign says men.'"

After reading their letters, Carmel City Council President Susan Finkam invited the girls to read their letters at the council's meeting on Monday.

Members of the Carmel City Council agreed to do something about it; and during the meeting the girls were introduced to women who work for the city, including construction workers, police officers, and firefighters.

Babione said she hopes to see her girls continue to raise their voices on issues they want to see changed in the community.

Among a variety of things that kinda jumped out at me:

1) Why do these little girls--or, more likely, their mother--refer to themselves as "little girls"? Isn't that, like, demeaning and non-PC?

2) What did their father make of this?


  1. This is what progressives take to be a "heartwarming" story about budding activists when it is really about the harmful indoctrination of young minds. Not only do they teach their children to be triggered by the word "men" but they applaud the simplistic belief that a single word on a sign can prevent a girl from becoming a construction worker. No discussion of social issues--just redefine words and cancel the ones you don't like, a la Orwell.

  2. Years ago, when I was still in the US, I would make an observation: How can you recognize a female chauvinist? She's the one who nods in agreement at the signs that say "Danger! MEN working."

    Having made Aliyah to Israel, I was disappointed to realize I couldn't use that line anymore, since the signs are in Hebrew... until I figured out how to make a pun in Hebrew. Essentially, instead of reading it as "Danger! Here they are building," change one letter and it says, "Danger! Here there are guys." (From "Sakana! Kan bonim" to "... Kan banim."