Friday, March 26, 2021

Briefly Noted: Education

From Montgomery County, MD. But this could be "education" in most any government schools throughout most of America:

It's obviously propaganda rather than actual civic education.

Lest you think, however, that this only happens in Blue or RINO states (such as MD):

Nebraska education guidelines would begin LGBT indoctrination as early as kindergarten

Gov. Pete Ricketts opposes the age-inappropriate sex education material and urges concerned parents to speak up before it's too late.

Contrast Pete Ricketts with Kristi Noem--both "conservative" governors of "conservative" states. Do words mean anything at all? Kudos to Ricketts, of course, but this illustrates how difficult it has become for chief executives at virtually any level to control what's going on in America. Normals are vastly outgunned financially in the Culture War.

And the sheeple continue sending their children to be "educated" by Big Brother. Because money.


  1. Not just money. Public schools have such a grip for many reasons. A few:
    1. Cultural..most of us went to public schools as kids and don't know how bad it's gotten and assume it's the same as it was 30 years ago. We want that same experience for our kids and are a little fearful of the unknown.
    2. Social..public school is a whole world unto itself w plays, sports, events, parent groups, car pools, etc.. the families i knew who sent kids to private school back when my kids were that age were cut off in some ways from the neighborhood.

    It will be tough to break these deep seated bonds however necessary.

    1. I agree. "Public" schools are a religion for many--people have somehow persuaded themselves, by dint of ignoring all information, that government schools are "our" schools. My wife and I see this school centric culture that you describe, but it works very much for private schools, as well. It tells you a lot about human nature and how central children are to normals. And society depends on normals, no matter how libs try to fool themselves.

      What's tough to break to the products of government schooling is that--even when they received a sound schooling in the 3Rs--they were also fed a thin culturural gruel of relativism that has led to the social breakdown we see all around us.

      My point about "money" is that people were willing to look the other way and avoid hard thinking because they thought they were getting education for "free" and it was good enough. Or, as people in Wisconsin liked to believe, better then anywhere else--just like the roads.

    2. I see... yes, free education based on the compulsory taxes collected.

      Otoh, pub schools are now forcing parents to look elsewhere and alot of them may opt for private, home, or cooperative schools. If that takes hold, watch out.

  2. O/T re the Dominion/Fox lawsuit:

    I saw some interesting comments from Scott Adams

    Perhaps Dominion is closing down and this is just an attempt at a cash grab on the way out

    The future for electronic voting may be finished - Fox will probably make the case that electronic voting presents many opportunities for fraud (in general)

    and they'll no doubt report on that extensively

    So another issue that Trump forced into the public consciousness