Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Two Recommended Reads: Election Aftermath And Insurrection--NOT!

Two good articles I wanted to point out. Nothing you won't have thought of yourself, but well expressed and worth a look.

First, Conrad Black--there's a lot of good stuff in this article, but here's a sample paragraph:

The Trump-Hate Coalition Is Crumbling

The wheels are coming off the rickety anti-Trump coalition in all four directions.


The FBI and senior echelons of the intelligence services were politically compromised, a massively illegal and fraudulent investigation of the elected president was conducted, two utterly spurious impeachment attempts were thrown at him and the coronavirus pandemic was invoked to produce the most seriously tainted presidential election result in the country’s history. The Supreme Court may have made the correct political decision when it declined to adjudicate the case, given how tempestuous the response would have been if it had overturned the result of the election, but it was still an abdication. They presumably acted as they did to assure that there would be no move to pack the court with Democrats, and they may now be in a position to reassert the Constitution as the controversies generated by the new administration percolate up to it.

It's optimistic, and maybe we need some of that.

Second, if Politico says the wheels are falling off the Sedition Hoax (or should I say Insurrection Hoax?), then you know things are looking bad for the Dems. This article is at Red State:

The Capitol 'Insurrection' Charges Are Falling Apart, and It Shows How Dumb Our Government Is

Pretty hard to argue with that, even if you were inclined to do so.

Within the article this tweet thread is embedded:

Read the whole thread here, but note this:

In service of a partisan Democrat and media information war, the government had overcharged these defendants in order to hype the severity of what is actually a phantom menace. 

At the very least, the inability of the DOJ to make any of the most absurd “sedition” charges stick should make people realize how crooked and evil this whole cynical thing has been.

Instead, they’ll crow about “white privilege” rather than conclude they may’ve been lied to. 

In other news, Zhou's dog is now a serial biter. Shouldn't dogs like that be put down? Imagine if Trump had had a dog that was a serial biter!


  1. Trump did have a dog that was a serial biter, Rudy G

  2. Re: "At the very least, the inability of the DOJ to make any of the most absurd “sedition” charges stick should make people realize how crooked and evil this whole cynical thing has been.

    Instead, they’ll crow about “white privilege” rather than conclude they may’ve been lied to."

    Part and parcel, straight out of Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" little red book, Democrats spearheaded by Boss Pelosi and her token Obama, have the temerity to accuse Trump of sedition.

    Before President Trump was inaugurated, Barack Obama was already planning, laying the ground work for his treasonous, seditious plight to overthrow our government once and for all and to destroy the America he loves to hate.

    There is considerable information on the web about Obama's various and nefarious activities to "Organize For America" and once Trump took office, then to "Organize For Action" and now his "Indivisible." In other words, Obama's brand of fascism; do as I say or else.... And today nobody seems to mind that antifa dot com goes directly to our White House. BLM is nothign but Obama's smoke screen to defend himself from his seditious, treasonous actions. The Democrats have a long history of race-baiting. White-supremacy has always been fulfilled through Democratic victories.

    Since Pelosi by now must be convinced that the coup seems successful, we wait for the other "Zhou" (shoe) to drop when it becomes time for the likes of Kamala Harris to become our first woman POTUS unless Boss Pelosi has another plan.

    But wait, the buck doesn't yet stop....there's more. Much, much more!

    Let's talk about Obama's land and sea grab before he left office. Let's talk about his failed Solyndra scandal (God forbid if that had been on Trump's shirt-tail) and then Obama's offshore wind industry, that today Biden is now advancing? Sedition? When Feinstein and Pelosi's spouses buy up stock in Tesla while they push legislation to boost that stock?

    Last but not least, when all else becomes stale, now let's bring on the UFOs, brought to you by none other than arch-concservatives Marco Rubio and John Ratcliffe. You can google that too. Hurry, hurry, step right up here to get your latest while our government sells us out part and parcel, regardless of which side of the aisle they might pretend to be, as our country is outsourced to the globalist cabal and our poli-ticians laugh all the way to the bank. The joke is on us. All of us.

    All we have left is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. People will, generally, not remember that this or that was false. It’s a first impression thing, abetted by a propaganda machine called the media.

  4. Different issue-- but similar good news. Even in the Leftist haven of Philadelphia, the City democrats now are refusing to back the re-election of the (Soros/Hollywood funded) District Attorney, Larry Krasner. Epic event for Philadelphia dems.