Monday, March 22, 2021

How Many Balls Can Dems Keep In The Air?

It's no secret that the Dem "grand strategy"--their strategy for perpetual "Dem Supremacy"--involves the supposed demographic shift whereby Americans of Pallor become a minority. By portraying Americans of Pallor as the enemies of Americans of Deeper but Varying Hues the Dems hope to have a permanent electoral advantage in enough states to guarantee their perpetual supremacy. Part of that strategy also involves the appeal to the demographic the Chinese--as Tucker Carlson informs us--refer to as Báizuǒ, variously translated as "stupid people," "white leftists", or "self hating white liberals. For non-Wikipedia references, try this link.

Dems who avoid leaving their echo chamber and meeting non-Báizuǒ are firmly convinced of the inevitable triumph of their grand strategy. Normal Americans are not quite as convinced. One very stable genius American in particular was so skeptical of the inevitability of the Dem triumph that he actually based his campaign strategy on appealing to exactly the demographic groups whom the Dems consider to be part of their "base"--with a degree of success that induced a puckering among Dem strategists.

The fly in the Dem ointment is that not all Americans of Deeper but Varying Hues--People of Color for short--consider that their self interest is bound up with the self interest of other People of Color, and in opposition to People of Pallor. In fact, observers outside the Dem echo chamber have long been aware of significant antagonism between subgroups of the supposed People of Color demographic. Thus, despite the Dems' year long rioting to the theme of BLM--or perhaps because of it--President Trump made significant inroads into the People of Color vote. Rather than reconsidering the "Whiteness Is Evil" strategy, however, Dems have doubled down at every opportunity, most recently with regard to the sex addict shooting in Atlanta.

The underlying antagonisms among People of Color--and, most recently, those between Asian Americans and African Americans--remain on display for all with eyes to see. The statistics don't lie, although committed Leftists do. Today, these antagonisms are on public display in San Francisco.  A Fox News article points toward these underlying tensions in their grand coalition that Dems don't want anyone to notice, but which are part of the American reality:

San Francisco school official attacks Trump, faces growing calls to resign over anti-Asian tweets

School district administrators condemned Alison Collins' tweets

Of course the official in question--Alison Collins, who identifies as African American--claims that her tweets were all taken "out of context". Still, one wonders what context would truly explain the expressed attitudes away:

San Francisco school board member Alison Collins is attacking former President Trump in an apology letter as she faces mounting backlash to anti-Asian tweets she posted in 2016.

The tweets, which surfaced last week, described Asians as "house [N-word]" and accused them of using "white supremacist thinking" to get ahead. Collins, who is facing a recall effort and widespread condemnation, apologized on Medium while repeatedly calling out Trump for allegedly fueling societal racism.

"A number of tweets and social media posts I made in 2016 have recently been highlighted," she said.

Collins doesn't explain what "white supremacist thinking" by non-whites actually is--working hard in school, something that Asians are noted for? She does, however, complain at length about Asian racism against African Americans as well as Asian willingness to "assimilate". Assimilation, in the context of Collins' tweets, appears to be a Bad Thing. 

We also know from polling that Hispanics are by no means all on board with the Dem "open borders" push. Nor is there universal social harmony between Hispanics and other People of Color--a social reality that surfaced repeatedly during the runup to Election 2020.

So, the question arises: How long can the Dems keep all these different demographic balls in the air, before they all fall down? It will certainly be a mess when that happens.


  1. Was unaware that dems had any balls. Who knew?


  2. Trump instinctively knows one important fact about the Democrats--they are loudest and attack most viciously when they are compensating for their own weaknesses. This is where Trump attacks. It is why he went after the minority vote.

    The Dems always preemptively attack when covering up for something they don't want you to notice. It is the only strategy they know. This is why Trump an instinctive counter-puncher--we so effective and angered them so much.

  3. I don't see this as a "Dem" trait anymore, more of a human issue spurred on by globalist at the moment. The Dems being a single cog in the multi spoke wheel within the US but that wheel is massive where the pot stirring is involved.

    The racism game transcends country and party, the messaging just varies slightly to the geopolitics at hand but the training and conditioning are historically all the same.

    Just another jedi mind trick on the centuries old adage of creed tribalism substituted with a different name. Race, religion, borders, etc.. It's all just basic beliefs 101 run amuck.

    Forgive me if that seems overly broad or overly generalized but these things all start with an idealistic version of something socially motivated and always end with an implosion from within or explosion directed at whatever is the perceived enemy(s).

    Societies in large seems to have a need to duke it out once every 70 years or so. I'm betting, no matter where it starts our next fall out will be massively global, far beyond WWI or WWII levels. Once one side or the other decline enough in size, we'll go back to being civilized for a while.

  4. Racism is beginning to backfire. As Bishop Strickland recently pointed out, it is not racism, but atheism that is the issue.

    Within the academy, especially, continued funding depends upon patronizing racism, woke, cancel culture and the mandates of Marxism that originate from where?

    Here is a succinct letter sent by Black Americans originating from the Woodson Center, 1776 Unites, that articulates the radical hypocrisy behind the "inclusion, diversity, tolerance" mantra that is defeating itself.