Saturday, March 6, 2021

UPDATED: Briefly Noted: Gender Warrior Nation

Two military related items. You could call this, A Tale Of Two Occupations. The first I picked up from Don Surber.

What are we doing in Afghanistan? Good question, right? So, finally we get some answers from some guy name Mike Milley. We're told that in his recent testimony in Congress Milley got all emotional about the need to stay there forever. It turns out that what the 20 year war in Afghanistan is about is, we're overthrowing the patriarchy--in Afghanistan. Richard Hanania reports:

Here's the rest of the report from Hanania, minus the attachments and documentation--read it all at this link:

Report begins with a map, gives you lay of the land, so you know all the provinces you have to control in order to overthrow the patriarchy. 2/n

"There is no Dari or Pashto word for the terms 'gender' and 'gender equality.'...Afghans often simply use the English word without any translation."

Obviously, the US will need to help change the language, maybe introduce new pronouns to accomplish its mission. 3/n

US working to "bring about changes in attitudes, behaviors, roles and responsibilities at home, in the workplace, and in the community." Are Pashto men doing enough housework? How could American forces leave without knowing for sure? 4/n

US places itself in a long historical tradition of fighting for feminism in Afghanistan. The Soviets tried it, which led to rebellions and violent resistance. US hopes to take Afghanistan back to the good old days of Soviet occupation. 5/n

US in Afghanistan has adopted a policy of "gender mainstreaming, in which the design and implementation of development programs are required to be sensitive to gender norms and disparities." Imagine this in previous wars, FDR thinking about the disparate impact of D-Day. 6/n

US created quotas for women in parliament. Now, they find "pervasive sexual harassment against female candidates, where male election staff and other stakeholders ask female candidates for sexual favors in return for support." 7/n

"Women parliamentarians have limited connection with their constituencies, and some have never even been to the provinces they represent." US worried that women parliamentarians vote on ethnic or tribal basis, American soldiers must build female solidarity to win war. 8/n

US interviews Afghan parliamentarians on gender relations. Hears complaints that women are not given as much time to speak in meetings. Ministers stand up to greet men, but not women. Again, this is a report by the American government on a war it's been fighting for 20 years. 9/n

Number of women voters has been going down across the course of the war, both in total and as a percentage of the vote. 10/n

If you're interested enough to follow the link, you'll see the decline is quite drastic. But the same is true for men--people just aren't voting. Apparently Afghans are saying, If what we're seeing is democracy, we're not interested.


US forces rural Afghans to have gender balanced councils to get money for infrastructure projects. Still, "men regularly interfere in women’s meaningful participation by blocking information, controlling project funds, and ignoring their input." 11/n

Some US programs involve enlisting Afghan men in the the cause. They gave "trainings to 1,105 Afghan men in which they could discuss their own gender roles and examine male attitudes that are harmful to women." One initiative is called the "National Masculinity Alliance." 12/n

To integrate women into the Afghan army, the US sent "gender advisers," built :women’s training centers and schools, housing, child care centers, gyms, dining facilities, and bathrooms." 13/n

US mission to integrate women into the Afghan military hindered by lack of sexual harassment policy in the ministry of defense or ministry of interior.

US set goal of 10% women in army, only reached 1%. 14/n

US report mentions that the Taliban has never sent a woman to the peace negotiations. When a woman from the Afghan gov delegation recommended the Taliban send a woman to one of the negotiations, "they laughed immediately." 15/n

A leader of a feminist organization gushes about how when she met the Taliban she was teasing them and they "behaved so nicely." 16/n

The issue of women has become the fundamental disagreement to ending the war. So much so that “Whenever you talk about women’s rights, you get tagged as a person who is against the peace process." Report warns this is a troubling narrative that must not take hold. 17/n

Here's a group photo of our brave gender warrior commanders--an unlikely group if ever I saw one:

Meanwhile, on the Home Front, the second of the Two Occupations also goes on an on ...

I'll just provide a link and the lead-in to the article, but it's a nice read. Really the Title and Subtitle say so much:

DC Will Remain Under Military Occupation As Long As Pelosi Rules

The contrast below between the security on the southern border and military presence in Washington, D.C., tells you all you need to know about today’s Democratic Party in charge.

Gender Warrior Nation, Joke Nation--you tell me. My guess is that Pelosi the dominatrix wants to bring that Afghan gender bending war back home and the Army of the Potomac's occupation of the Imperial City is a dress rehearsal for subduing the rest of the nation. A jihad on America. It really is a religious war.

UPDATE: More links from the Woke Home Front:

Chicago School District Teaches Its Teachers About White Supremacy, Including the Snow-Shoveling Kind

Illinois Teachers Shamed For Color Of Their Skin In Taxpayer-Sponsored ‘Antiracist’ Training

The Countywide Equity Institute featured 10 speakers alleging 'institutional racism,' as well as 'implicit bias' and 'white privilege.' Illinois has just mandated this kind of instruction in all public schools.


  1. Oh dear God, that's a level of insanity I just can't bother to comprehend. Whoever dreams up these types of gender bases goals for military occupation needs to be put to death by public horse stomping.

    I only say that because I can't think of a more ridiculously stupid and more painful way to be killed.

    It like vaccine development for a illness with a 98.99% survivability and 2.5 comorbidity rate.

    Dunning kruger run amuck! No logic, no reason... Just fantastically stupid goals based on feelings.

    Vietnam taught us nothing...

  2. OK, next tell me what you think of that group photo of macho military guys who buy into that for the sake of 'careers'. Does that tell you all you need to know about the level of integrity in the Deep State generally, of those who advance administratively?

    1. I think they look like a lovely group of former supply chain and transportation command that someone promoted based on their ability to bob their heads up and down rapidly.

      They could be nodding, they could have been kneeling, flip a coin on that.

      Why though, did you use the term "deep state" and word "integrity" in the same sentence?

    2. Mark Milley is sitting on the table because if he stood, he’d show himself to be a head shorter than the man behind him. And a fair number of the others. Does that matter? You betcha.

  3. geez, I look at this photo and know I worked with guys like these for 42 years...knew them from butter bar to brigadier, from snuffy to SGM and I wonder if ANY of them would send their daughters on a mission such as the ones portrayed in "Lone Survivor" or "Blackhawk Down" or "12 Strong" or "American Sniper" or "We Were Soldiers" or "Band of Brothers" or "The Longest Day" or "A Bridge Too Far" or "Midway" or "Saving Private Ryan" or "Das Boot" or "1917" or "Zulu" or "The Red Badge of Courage" or "The Patriot"...and the list goes on and on, SMDH

    I guess we can live in a real world or a fantasy, but ANY man who would send a woman out to die for sure is not worthy of respect or honor IMHO

    1. HH, happened during WWII in France. They were called “spies”, guerrillas, saboteurs, and some gave their lives...

  4. Somebody had better inform Mr. Milley that its no use. The only way to eliminate the Patriarchy is to build a REALLY successful and Wealthy liberal-run welfare state such that you can "afford" as a society to leave men to their own devices and... aw hell ...then you get Chicago or Detroit.
    Mark A

  5. Roy Benavidez & the legendary Chesty Puller - among others - must be turning over in their graves.

    They’re asking troops to get maimed & die to thwart a “patriarchy”?

    As heretofore mentioned, I tried to enlist in the Marines & was turned down for a childhood asthma diagnosis.

    Lady Luck was looking out for me ;<)


  6. O/T. Apologies.

    I'll admit the question of whether the mRNA vaccines are dangerous (or too dangerous) or not is far above my pay grade and I will leave it to time and others to figure this out.

    But what Raúl Ilargi Meijer says about the Orwellian State and the cult of fear resonates with me and I want no part of it.

    Highly recommended.

    1. Very nice article. Brandon Smith via Zerohedge makes a similar point, but without the detail and without the overwhelming focus on fear--although that is a theme in his piece.

    2. I wish I knew the answer, sigh...that being said, I am signed up for the J&J single shot tomorrow because I am not crazy about the mRNA approach, but hey, what do I know? OTOH, I do like some of the initial results from J&J's more traditional approach and am willing to "settle" for slightly lower odds of being infected and more certainty about hospitalization or my mortality in general. Oh well, if I never post here again, you can assume it didn't turn out well for was fun while it lasted

  7. Yeah, how about the pederastry by men in Afghanistan? PBS documented it in 2010.

    We had a US soldier prosecuted for trying to protect a boy.