Thursday, March 4, 2021

UPDATED: Why Do Federal Prosecutors Seem To Have A Problem With The Truth?

Today ultra-liberal DC Judge Beryl Howell released Proud Boy "Insurrection Ringleader" Ethan Nordean from durance vile: Nordean was being held in solitary confinement pending trial. According to Howell--and just ignore the over the top rhetoric from Reuters:

During the court hearing, Howell said federal prosecutors had "backtracked" and failed to substantiate allegations that Nordean was a ringleader of the attack, which left five people dead, including a police officer.

"The dearth of evidence about his directions is significant," Howell said, adding the evidence she heard at Wednesday's hearing suggested Nordean just "went along with this mob."

Howell said other Proud Boys members have been released pending trial, and that she needed to be consistent in her rulings. The Jan. 6 attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump resulted in the deaths of five people.

"What the government said in its original papers was that he directed the Proud Boys with specific plans, telling them to split up into groups and attempt to break in to the Capitol building," Howell said. "That's a far cry from what I heard at the hearing today."

Hmmmm. It's almost as if politics somehow entered into this criminal prosecution. The big insurrection narrative is getting pretty tattered.

UPDATE: In what can be considered a related development, the Bezos WaPo ran an article that clearly appears to be poking fun at the Dem QAnon conspiracy theorists: At the Capitol, a March 4 threat from militant Trump supporters proves a mirage. None of this Deep State conspiracy mongering is going well. Waste of space FBI Director is coming across as a complete toadie, as his minions are forced to admit there were no weapons at the January 6 Event, and now the Proud Boy conspiracy theory is collapsing under the weight of prosecutorial and LE lies. Not the way to regain trust and/or respect.


  1. It's refreshing to see a judge actually respond to a dearth of evidence the proper way.

  2. "Why do Fed......problem with truth?"

    Because most often they get away with it.

  3. y'know, I should probably take all of this more seriously, but the ludicrosity of it all begs mocking. So, someone more clever than I should re-imagine this classic from the legendary Ashton, Gardner & Dyke and tweak the lyrics a tad so as to give us "The Insurrection Shuffle"...have at it!

  4. The sad part.. If these actually went to trial I doubt very seriously they would get a conviction worth having. They will lay heavily into plea deals and get anyone whom can't afford a good attorney to pay the price.

    It would be nice to see a Powell, Wood or some other heavies to jump into theses cases because all of them are very similar.

    Why doesn't the right have it's own legal defence brigade like the left does supporting BLM and ANTIFA?.. Oh yeah, I forgot... It's because we refuse to organize ourselves or support each other. 🙄

  5. @Mark

    "Not the way to regain trust and/or respect."

    So much for Bill Barr's efforts to rebuild the department...