Wednesday, March 3, 2021

What's A "Possible Plot"?

Fox is reporting:

Capitol Police increase security amid 'possible' militia group plot to breach Capitol

March 4 is the original day on which the US inaugurated presidents

My guess is that a "possible plot" is a fantasy dreamed up by a USIC "analyst." You know the type--with degrees in Woke Studies. Read this utterly nebulous description:

"The United States Capitol Police Department is aware of and prepared for any potential threats towards members of Congress or towards the Capitol complex," they said in a statement Wednesday. "We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4."

Really? "Aware of any potential threats?" They don't even dare say they've received "credible" intelligence of a threat? Here's the giveaway that this is almost certainly fantasy:

The warning comes as law enforcement agencies around Washington, D.C., are increasing security ahead of March 4.

In a memo to lawmakers, obtained by Fox News, Acting House Sergeant at Arms Timothy Blodgett on Monday said that officials are continuing to monitor "potential protests and activity surrounding what some have described as the ‘true Inauguration Day.’"

March 4 is the original day on which the U.S. inaugurated presidents.

Someone--some analyst--said, Hey, maybe there'll be a plot for March 4! Let's put that out, to justify our existence as well as the continuing military occupation.

How do you monitor a "potential protest" or a "potential activity". As potential, that means they don't exist yet. It also means they're not even planned--if protests or activities were planned, wouldn't the bulletin refer to "planned protests" or "planned activities"? Nice try guys. "Possible" in your minds only.

Anyway, who would dare stage anything, with the Imperial City crawling with troops from the New Army of the Potomac? Those guys and gals are as tough as nails. Highly trained, armed to the teeth, and able to survive on nothing but raw chicken and metal shavings.

Live in America is increasingly farcical.


  1. You do have to parse these announcements carefully. But I would not be surprised that this round of stories is just the first round so that just like in the game of telephone, the allegations will morph.

    What is called "potential threats" now, will be referred to as "evidence of threats" by some left winger congress critter, which will then be picked up and quoted in the NY Times and forever more be referred to as "credible threats against the capitol". This is the left wing circle jerk that passes as journalism.

    1. You should put a copywrite on "left wing circle jerk" as a description of modern journalism. That's a keeper. Mark A

  2. When the perceived threat does not happen, they can then congratulate themselves on a job well done, having prevented it. The emperor has no clothes.

    1. Of course. You've grasped the Bureaucratic mindset.

  3. These announcements are total freebies for the party in power. Absolutely nothing to loose. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, it cannot be revealed what the threat is, you understand it is a sensitive issue and a national security concern (sources and methods cannot be revealed, etc, etc.).

    Then the day passes, nothing happens, no one shows up (like Jan 23rd), you claim success due to your vigilance and preparation and letting to public know in advance that you are prepared for the eventuality of something happening. The leadership and their media acolytes will proclaim that our troops kept us safe, Nancy gets her $100 million for more officers, "our Democracy" is saved once again from these evil white supremacist race hating Trump lovers. Rinse and repeat often, next dates: March 20th and April 15. Nothing needs to happen, the story keeps on giving, it is self perpetuating. Wray will testify in the future that it is all true as told, just like he did yesterday when he proclaimed there was no evidence of any Antifa involvement in the Jan 06 riot. What about John Sullivan from Insurgence USA (self declared Antifa supporter), you (Wray/FBI) actually did arrest him, do you not know that (of course you do!)? He was on CNN's Anderson Cooper show that same night, with his Ashely Babbitt killing video. Unbelievable not one of the Repub senators called him on this clear falsehood. The spin never seems to stop.

  4. Whereas Christopher Wray--who evidently is unfamiliar with a thing called the Internet--proclaimed that BLM/Antifa was not involved in the Capitol melee. This despite actual video evidence from a self-professed BLM activist inside the Capitol Building on Jan 6 in close proximity to the killing of Ashli Babbitt. I am still SMDH that Trump failed to fire Wray.