Saturday, March 6, 2021

Two Recommended Reads: Russia and Teachers Unions

 Quite disparate. First, Russia Policy:

An Ignorant Media and Defense Establishment Prevents a Sober Russia Policy

We can only hope that America will one day see Russia as a competitor with rational motivations, not as a target for the ever-shifting ideological agendas of the U.S. government.

Second, teacher unions trying to keep schools closed:

LA Teachers’ Union Pushing Racial Division in Fight Over School Closures

Union wants to know race of parents pushing for reopening



    This video is from just a few months shy of my 4th birthday. I am not a Soviet citizen, and I am an Afghanistan War Veteran.

    If you can get past the absurd dated commercials, contrast Koppel's attitude towards the Russians 30+ years ago when the Soviet empire still existed with our contemporary corporate press' xenophobic attitude to the Orthodox Christian Russian Nation's (not an empire) attempt to exert influence on its own borders. Uncle Vlad can't even successfully invade more than half the Ukraine without overstretching his entire Army, and we seriously claim his act of marching into the Ukraine is proof of an existential threat to the USA?!!!

    This is no longer a serious country...

    And unlike the Russian Soviets, our Generals our debauched enough to send a second generation of American troops back into that Afghan meat grinder!!!

  2. I've spent some time in Russia, they are a very proud but humbly poor people. It's a country where the population decline has become so bad due to the economic situation that they will never recover from the depopulation.

    Our media paints a picture that's far in contrast of the realities of what Russia was 35 years ago vs today.

    In contrary, the department of education and the teachers unions have more resemblance of the former USSR.

  3. Article on AT this morning

    The song is a four-minute-long rollercoaster ride of politically incorrect common sense, delivered rapid-fire with lines like "Facts don't care about your feelings

  4. Thanks for the link on Russia. We keep baiting the Bear. Those self-inflated baboons in DC seem to be sure Russia is just another fall guy. This from clowns who led America into four consecutive defeats: Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq & the gift that keeps on giving, Afghanistan.

    Russia is no Iraq. And our military is NOT the military that won WWII. I'm not talking so much about our servicemen, who can be mighty good. I mean the social justice idiots who are in charge, the ones who are going to be the death of us all.

    Sidebar: it isn't out of the question that China's fledgling navy will outdistance ours before too long. When that happens, Katy bar the door.

    Might be time for the social just warriors at the Pentagon and the Naval Academy to dust off their Alfred Thayer Mahan--if China has any copies to sell.

  5. I saw the other day a tweet where someone had seen some woke teacher singing a BLM song on TikTok and replied, if Xi sees this he'll say to himself, "they'll welcome us as liberators." He a'int wrong...