Thursday, March 11, 2021

Briefly Noted: DSA in NV, Money, Jesus

I'm guessing that this is an indication that the Left is also adept at forming the circular firing squad--it's not just a GOPer thing. Not to be outdone by the Dem circus in DC, the Democratic Socialists of America took control over the Dem party in Nevada, and that result seems unpopular with the mainstream knuckleheads:

Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quit Over New Democrat Socialist Leadership

In the meantime, Thomas Lifson had a campaign finance update yesterday. It appears that the GOP is doing just fine, despite all the corporate donors who threatened to cut off the GOP after the January 6 Event:

Corporate boycott of donations to GOP election integrity skeptics backfires as seismic shift in fundraising channels small donations to Trump allies

The political-media establishment of the US saw the January 6 incursion at the US Capitol as the means of devastating the GOP and forever discrediting all those who dare to question the integrity of the past presidential election. Many large companies self-righteously announced they would no longer donate to the 147 Republicans that voted against certification of the Electoral College vote. They clearly intended to starve their re-election campaigns and drive them from the public square.

It has backfired spectacularly. Donations are up substantially to the leading critics, as small donors more than replace any loss of corporate finds. Reuters reports, ...

If anything, the biggest backers of Trump’s false election-fraud narrative - such as Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene - have been rewarded with a flood of grassroots donations, more than offsetting the loss of corporate money. And contributions from both small donors and rich individuals looking to fight the Democratic agenda have poured into the party’s fundraising apparatus.

Lifson goes on to argue for optimism heading toward the next election cycles. There are a lot of things that don't add up, like this:

Read it all. I would say that the pressure is going to be on the RNC to come to some sort of modus vivendi with Trump. Whether or not Trump runs again, he's meaningful as the embodiment of a major movement. The vain attempt to stiff Trump is a classic boomerang move.

And last--but certainly not least--Jesus. This is from Don Surber's morning Highlights:

ITEM 9: The National File reported, "Judge Peter Cahill granted a motion preventing the death of convicted felon George Floyd from being likened to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ during the Derek Chauvin murder trial striking a major blow to Black Lives Matter activists who had hoped to paint Floyd as a martyred holy figure."

That makes sense because I don't recall Christ dying from a fentanyl overdose.

Me neither.


  1. SWAG

    Trump is focused on fighting for influence within the GOP, which is controlled by the eGOP / uniparty gop branch / deceptions / anti Trumpers.

    Until Liz Cheney is removed from the house leadership, I see no reason for Trump to negotiate. The eGOP from Ryan as House Speaker, to McConnell's backing of the insurrection bs, has shown they can’t be trusted.

    And Trumps focus is on fund raising / money. That is a huge lever. As well as his endorsements. My guess is he is super busy politically, but deliberately avoiding being a lightning rod / scapegoat for the uniparty.

    And it’s still early in the election cycle.

    Trump is also figuring out where the opportunities / leverage opportunities are in the new political landscape caused by the allies that came together to cheat / fraud / fight Trump out of the election, as shown in the Time Magazine article.

    These include Big Business, Big Tech, censorship, anti Trumpers, establishment GOP, elite media, lawfare, cultural institutions, attorney generals, big labor, and the left are all forces against Trump.

    1. It's painfully obvious that Trump doesn't control the RNC. The RNC (Ronna McDaniel interview with Sean Spicer) speaks with forked tongue. Showers praise on Trump but talks about "our candidates". Who's "us"? "Us" is whoever can be duped into sending $$$ to the RNC. The RNC needs to be purged. And I guess the only way to do that is to starve it of $$$.
      I hope Trump knew before 2016 the snake-pit he was walking into.

  2. This happened after bad orange tweeter man gone.

    Anyway, they saw the writing on the wall.

  3. Nullification article:


    1. There might be a few states that could pull this off--TX being the leading one because of its economy. Others are too dependent on fed money. They could try, but the federal courts would be unlikely to support them, at least in the current political situation. They could win some victories, but ultimately the federal courts would stand with the federal government (duh!).

      That said, I think it's an approach worth taking in order to gain whatever victories are possible and perhaps set the stage for further political action.