Friday, March 26, 2021

The Zhou Baiden March 25 Event

The first person occupying the Oval Office who will never give an actual press conference. What those who were paid to watch this disgraceful event witnessed--and many of thesm were active participants in America's disgrace--was a staged propaganda event. The purpose was simply to "check a box", to gaslight people into accepting a clear counterfactual: that the American Republic is still functioning according to its constitutional order as we've been told it's supposed to function.

That that is not the case was evident throughout this staged event. We pretty much knew that's how it would work out when it was staged during the afternoon rather than during prime time. Obviously there was no confidence on the part of Zhou's handlers that he could function even on a minimal level past the point in the day when he began to anticipate his evening feeding. His attention level for trivialities like a "presidential" "press" "conference" simply could not hold up once he began to sense it was time for dinner--as is the case with most dementia sufferers. Zhou's handlers knew that and planned accordingly.

The American Republic was designed to function with a strong, involved, chief executive--a commander in chief. Anyone who had suspended disbelief to this point, imagining that this was possibly the case under the Zhou Baiden regime was quickly disabused of such self deception yesterday. The greatest disgrace, perhaps, was the complicity of an utterly degraded media in the event.

So here we are. How did we get to this point? Who will object?

I think the answer lies in the quite literal demoralization of the American people. Exhibit one in that regard, in terms of public life, is Covid. On our shopping forays, my wife and I have lately been marveling at what I call the Victory of the Neurotics. To see the masked shoppers--some with face shields, some also with gloves--defying all science and common sense is a remarkable thing. Even after being told that 3 feet should suffice (and, no, we won't go into that supposed science, either) we see anti-social distance being maintained at 10 ft. or more by some of these unfortunates. And they snarl at anyone who ignores their neurotic quest for "safe" distancing.

What explains this is neurosis--the true American spirit of the 21st century. It's an almost total inward focus on personal "safety." The notion that these Covid measures are harming the fabric of our society, let alone our political order, is of little or no moment at all to so many of our fellow citizens. 

What have normal, spiritually healthy human beings lived for over the millennia? For their children and grandchildren, for the health of their social and political order. The social science is readily available. Covid closures harm young people and thus pose a grave danger to a healthy society. Why has American not exploded in anger at the school closures? The harm that is surely being done to an entire generation of young people who may never recover from the school closures should be a matter of intense national debate--and should have been the centerpiece issue of Election 2020.

The evidence that these, and other, closures and restrictions are motivated by greed and selfishness is everywhere. For people so oblivious to these matters--matters that should be a cause for soul searching--it's almost pointless to try to point out the further issue of the use that these measures are being put to for purposes of total social control. Who objects to the coercion to participate in the experimental administration of untested medications?

In a society in which neurosis--the quest for personal "safety" to the exclusion of all other considerations--dominates, is it any wonder that citizens are willing to be gaslighted by the Globalist Guardians of what used to be our Republic?


  1. I watched Venezuela for years from afar and wondered how a society could allow its self to circle the drain bit by bit. Now I am living it. Our regime is now in the process of killing the filibuster, then they will make a mockery of voting,then they will pack the Supreme Court. Bit by bit. Comment by Cheese

  2. I agree it’s hard to be optimistic.

    My hope is the Left has over reached, and that is creating a lot of awareness on how incompetent, politicized, and rotten the uniparty is. I am especially disappointed with the GOP.

    Julie Kelly has an excellent article that is disheartening, but I find optimistic because it shows the true face of the Gop establishment.

    Where is GOP Outrage Over Justice Department’s Capitol Probe?

  3. Many have yet to realize that their quest for personal safety will vanish into thin air when this growing disaster reaches it ultimate conclusion.
    I watched the clip of Zhou trying to make a point and then just drift off into some irrational word salad. And not one peep out of the fourth estate over this national embarrassment that they called a press conference.
    Yes Mark, very hard to be optimistic.

  4. More and more I've come to believe that the majority of American's do not care. Take my wife for example, I can talk about Zhou's press conference yesterday and how abnormal it was compared to past Presidential past conferences. She could give a "rats ass". Her reflection was "at least he wasn't yelling at people".

    As Yaminche suggested... "people are coming to the border because Zhou is decent and moral". People don't realize how much of a habitual liar Zhou and the Democrats are. Until it hit people hard in 1 way or another I don't think they'll care.

    Covid hit and to your point Mark the neurosis becomes academic however much of this is managed and controlled by social and the MSM media.

    Until honest reporting, honest reflection, and genuine authentic thoughts are shared AND rallied around our country is going to struggle. I've said this before, but something big is gonna happen and when it does it may be the rallying point or it could be the worst thing since in quite awhile.

    Last, take Taiwan for example, it's livelihood as a free market economy (biggest chip makers in the world) could crumble once China wraps its arms around the island. How does the world react? How does the U.S. react? Huge ramifications.

    Alright, I'm done ranting.

    1. @American Cardigan
      "Alright, I'm done ranting."

      NO! Don't stop!

    2. @ AC

      Agree but...

      Nothing so new here or unprecedented. Did most Americans give a rat's ass about the round up of Jews in 1930s Germany? Did they care when Germany invaded Poland, France, and bombed Britain? Not really. Very apathetic (as Roosevelt noted to Churchill in their private correspondence) until Pearl Harbor. Overnight the Giant awoke and it was ON. Same w 1850s. Most Americans wanted to avoid slavery until Sumter. Same w WW1 until Lusitania sinking.

      Here and now it will take some event that will so rattle Americans that the problem can't be ignored any longer. The complication now is that we have a regime that is happy to start a war if they think it will serve their interests. In any case, change won't happen until the pain becomes real and personal to great mass of dum dums.

  5. It use to be that the government was famous for taking advantage of catastrophic events. Now they just create them in slowmo to give themselves things to do. It's painful to watch.

    The only bright side I can find is people are SLOWLY waking up to it.