Friday, March 19, 2021

Increasingly Hard To Hide: Zhou Baiden Regime Stumbling

By now most will have seen the painful video of Zhou Baiden stumbling three times while trying to board Air Force One--and, admittedly, he did eventually succeed in getting up the stairs under his own, um, power? Still, it was touch and go for a while. In future the Secret Service--or whoever, ask Dan Bongino--had better not leave Zhou on his own. This could easily have wound up with Zhou tumbling all the way back down, with conceivably fatal consequences. Imagine that--first "president" to perish in futile attempt to board an airplane?

After Mocking Trump’s Walk, Joe Biden Just Got Completely Owned By A Set Of Stairs

But that seems increasingly like a metaphor for the entire Zhou Baiden regime's attempts at projecting that they're in charge of things. I use the plural advisedly, since it's terribly clear that Zhou is in charge of next to nothing in his life at this point--definitely not his dogs and likely not even the Oval Office fireplace.

The rest of the world has not been slow to pick up on this. Zhou's personal attempts at bluster--to mask the personal ineffectuality of this "chief executive"--have fallen utterly flat, and the supposedly competent handlers are being treated with contempt by other nations that actually do have competent regimes. For example ...

Red State writes today:

Biden Gets Batted Around by Both China and Putin in Dismissive Statements

It’s pretty clear over the last day or so, with statements from both Vladimir Putin and the Chinese during a meeting with the U.S. in Alaska, that they think they can step all over Zhou Baiden and treat him dismissively.

First, as we previously reported, Zhou Baiden started a pissing contest with Putin. Baiden claimed that he told Putin he was soulless during a meeting in 2011 and said in an interview that aired on Wednesday that Putin was a killer.

In response, Putin made a pointed remark about Baiden’s health, then challenged Baiden to a live discussion conditioning it on being live, without any lags or delays, basically indicating he knew he wouldn’t be able to.

Exactly. No funny business with videos, like the regime is attempting with the American public. Putin knows how hapless Zhou really is.

The Federalist also noted what's going on:

Tony Blinken And America Get Pantsed By Communist Chinese Official At Alaska Summit

Significantly, The Federalist points out that, by agreement of China and the American regime, public statements were limited to 2 minutes per side. But the Chinese ignored that and harangued Zhou's hapless handlers for 15 minutes. Which tells you all you need to know about whether the Chinese respect this regime or not. Answer: Certainly no more than Putin does. 

All this with the world watching. The world knows that there's no substitute for a sentient ruler of America. Tony Blinken or Susan Rice or Val Jarrett or Kama Sutra trying to pull the strings just doesn't cut it. The rest of the world knows that, for all the theater, they don't actually have the authority.

Next question--How about Mexico? Does Mexico respect our regime?

It's a fair question, because the Mexican president, Lopez Obrador, did try to warn the regime that this open border theater would end badly, that they were playing with fire. Faked videos of hoax interaction with reporters is one thing, but opening the borders has consequences in the real world.

And so the regime is having to back off, to try to stuff the genie back in the bottle--which is always easier said than done. As Red State puts it: "With things getting more and more out of control, the days of “just don’t come right now” appear to be over."

Zhou Baiden's Message on the Border Just Changed Dramatically

Are American's watching this? I'm quite sure the rest of the world is watching. And while they may be snickering for now, they also now that a power vacuum in the US--or chaos in the regime--won't be a laughing matter indefinitely. They may not even be thrilled with the US military largely running foreign policy.

What is the regime doing to try to regain control over the narrative? Almost unbelievably, they're dragging out long debunked Russia hoax stories. I doubt this is going to go over all that well even with the American public, but it's a non-starter if Zhou's handlers are looking for credibility with the rest of the world. It's a sign of weakness. Matt Taibbi covers it:

Aaugh! A Brief List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus

The Director of National Intelligence releases a report, and the press rushes to kick the football again.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has released a much-hyped, much-cited new report on “Foreign Threats to the 2020 Elections.” ...


With regard to the broader assessment: how many times are we going to do this? We’ve spent the last five years watching as anonymous officials make major Russia-related claims, only to have those evidence-free claims fizzle.

From the much-ballyhooed “changed RNC platform” story (Robert Mueller found no evidence the changed Republican platform was “undertaken at the behest of candidate Trump or Russia”), to the notion that Julian Assange was engaged in a conspiracy with the Russians (Mueller found no evidence for this either), to Michael Cohen’s alleged secret meetings in Prague with Russian conspirators (“not true,” the FBI flatly concluded) to the story that Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress (“not accurate,” said Mueller), to wild stories about Paul Manafort meeting Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy, to a “bombshell” tale about Trump foreknowledge of Wikileaks releases that blew up in CNN’s face in spectacular fashion, reporters for years chased unsubstantiated claims instead of waiting to see what they were based upon.

Do follow the link to Taibbi's full article. He offers up ten examples of Dem Russia related hoax reports--although he refrains from putting it quite that forthrightly. He characterizes these ten examples as "A very, very brief sample."

The inherent weakness of this regime, based on the falsehood that the "president" is actually in charge, is becoming more evident by the day. They have no successes--none that count in the real world--and their failures are accumulating.


  1. "a power vacuum in the US--or chaos in the regime--won't be a laughing matter indefinitely."

    This very likely is the most dangerous period any of us have lived in. Weakness, real or perceived, invites trouble, and there are plenty of people and countries in the world that wish us trouble. Who will be the first to test us? Both China and Russia have shown, very publicly, that they know we are without leadership.

    1. Well said Dear Sir & Amen!

      If China/Russia are looking to grab any real estate they’ve been eyeing, now would be an optimum time to do it.


  2. @Mark

    "They may not even be thrilled with the US military largely running foreign policy."

    Could the military really take over foreign policy, you say?


    If they did it to Trump, would they do it to Biden?

    You bet!

    I'll wager we ain't seen nothing yet.

    1. They openly defied Obama in Syria--apparently just to show him who was really in charge. You can bet that the rest of the world took note.

    2. That the enemedia didn't make a big deal over them defying their Boyfriend in Chief is very disturbing. So much for speaking truth to power.

  3. Is it weird that I've no interest in watching that? It's from the perspective of being embarrassing to our nation.

    I should probably be LOL, I don't blame anyone that does. But it's just too painful to know that's what people decided to install as our "leader".

    Awkwardly uncomfortable 😣

    1. @ dm

      Similar thought. Is THIS the best the bad guys could come up with? Chairman Xhou? You go to all that trouble to stage an electoral coup and *this* is what you picked to be at the helm?

  4. It would appear that all these people who keep trying to convince us how smart they are missed the one about how politics, like nature,'abhors a vacuum.
    I'm sure it will all work out in the end though. What could possibly go wrong?

  5. J Dyer on the ICA:

    The intelligence community is completely and utterly a servant of the Dems:


    1. Perhaps more accurately, they're utterly servants of the Deep State. Not necessarily the same thing.

    2. I'd would agree more so on the "Deep State" (NWO, MIC, Globalist, pick a flavor) angle more so than "The Dems"... The parties are a misnomer that gets abused all to often.

      It's human nature to want to "have a side" so the Repub vs Dem thingy hangs hard on every political conversation depending the beholders / commenters / writers side. But I think a more accurate portrait is painted when we leave "the parties" out of the majority of the political conversations.

      It sounds baffling but I think that's more the point to even having parties... It's a jedi mind trick to "pick a side" and demonize the other. The closer truth is... None of them are on your side, they may just occasionally hit a subject that sometimes agrees with you.

      Case in point... As we quietly start to pour troops back into Syria all over again I don't hear any "side" objecting to the forever wars.

    3. Nailed it: two wings of the same Uniparty.

      They’ve played us for fools for years.


  6. China can take over with out firing a shot

    1. On the other hand, there might never be a better opportunity for China, Russia, DPRK, and Iran to physically destroy us. Sec Def Austin Powers might well go along--thinking it a reasonable final solution to America's systemic racism.

  7. Here’s what I don’t understand; why this constant panic about the Russians? The Chinese I understand- they seek world hegemony & domination. But I’m not getting that out of Moscow; sure, they want to be a big world player & Putin is arguably a fascist but I’m not getting the same vibe from him that the Chinese elicit. Seems to me we have a lot of common cause with the Russians; we’re both victims of Muslim extremism & China is a threat to them as well (don’t forget they fought a series of border clashes in the 1970’s). The Russians don’t play the “woke” game to their credit & they haven’t allowed their country to be overrun with 3rd world riffraff like we have. For four years (& arguably before) the MSM were all “RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!” & it was all BS. Moreover, after the 2016 election Dimwits were basically calling “Russian hacking the election” an act of war. WTF? I just don’t get it.

    What am I missing here?


    1. Globalists admire, and envy, the Chinese model of social control. I suspect the globalists hope that if they can bring Russia to heel they'll be able to work a deal with China for the ultimate Great Reset of mankind.

    2. "Globalists admire...the Chinese model..."

      Calls to mind Michael Bloomberg's implicit approval of the Chinese political and governmental system when he was running for President.

      Said Mike: ~It works for them!~

    3. Globalists will end up like Robespierre.

      Rob S

    4. @Rob S

      I hope you're right. And if so, the nightmare of the last five years will come to be seen in hindsight as something akin to the increasing lunacy that accompanied the French Revolution.

    5. Putin is one of the few world leaders who has manfully resisted globalization. He's also more or less declared war on George Soros and his organizations.

      And he has stood up to the various Muslim Brotherhood groups that the Obamunists have fetishized as the future of Arab democracy, to the extent of saving the Assad regime from falling to ISIS.

      Finally, China and Russia are natural enemies. Russia could shut down China's One Belt, One Road initiative in Central Asia, which is what Xi is relying upon to reduce his reliance for oil and coal shipments that have to transit the South China Sea. Shipments our submarines could easily strangle.

    6. All very true. Russia is not a natural enemy of America, but Putin IS an enemy of the globalists who run America. Trump understood all that, which is why he had to go NO MATTER WHAT.

  8. China has money, which equals influence.

    Russia is a useful scapegoat with an economy the size of Italy.

    Plus Russians due to race, are acceptable enemies.

    Chinese, due to being non white, are not acceptable enemies.

  9. I wonder if it was really worth it installing Biden as President. The corruption and politicalization exposed by stealing the election was is staggering. Trump has been blocked in so much by the Deep state, and now they made him into a martyr and kingmaker. And red pilled a huge amount of Americans.

    Of course if Hr1 passes, perhaps the damage was worth it.

  10. @Boarwild

    I think Russia has always been the "go to" boogie man for the last half century. Most Americans know absolutely nothing about the country other than it's big, cold, has nukes and is probably still considered by most as "communist".

    I've spent some time there about 14 years ago, it, or the people and lifestyle (to me) was very reminiscent of 1950's america. It's MUCH simpler, people spend a great deal of time trying to spend their dollars on value, if it breaks you fix it, not throw it away and head to Walmart. Microwaves, vacuum cleaners and coffee makers are NOT common to many households. If you have guests over for dinner the youngest is eating from a serving dish because they don't have spare plates for guests.

    I got to spend some time with a few former soviet brass whom would be in their mid 70s today... Very interesting conversation about the soviet side of the "cold war" that just about didn't exist for them.

    If you walk downtown in any major city you will still find WWII machine gun pill boxes built into street corners. But you will not find stories of school kids being taught to drive under their desks in case of a US nuke attacks.

    In my travels around the world, I've noticed a lot of things like that... US propaganda isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Our government loves their boogie men, they thrive from the creation of fear.

    1. Amen to that brother. When I lived in Poland in 1997-2000 what I was reading and seeing from American Media did not correlate to what I saw and experienced. I traveled overseas quite extensively since then and I can confirm this is still true.


    2. Color me green; furthest east I’ve yet traveled has been to Berlin. As a student of the Russo-German War of 1941-45, to see & walk the ground where the most titanic conflict yet in recorded history took place would be quite an experience.

      I have a vast respect for the Russian people, they’ve been dealt a very harsh hand throughout history, having to withstand one tyrant after another. And Stalin expended them with such profligacy during the war its hardly comprehensible to the Western mind.

      “Propaganda” is right, and it has been thus since - @ least - the First World War.


    3. This is anecdotal, but rang true to me.

      I had a casual discussion here in the US with a college-educated, professional Russian woman (American father, Russian mother, lives in Moscow) a couple of months ago. I asked her an open-ended question: what's up with Russia?

      She said, Russia is great. Life is good. You should come visit. The people are happy, friendly and natural. They will welcome you. A very nice hotel in Moscow is less than $100 a night. The streets are safe. The food is great and the restaurants are terrific. There is no strife, and no strife between the government and the people. Economic conditions are good and getting better. There is no major problem with Putin.

      She said she could live in the US or Russia (dual citizen with US university degree) and chooses Russia.

      I know this was a one-off, but it had the ring of truth.

      And Russia is somehow an existential threat?

  11. Good perspective on the non Administration

  12. Do the people who write American TV shows just not watch American TV? Look at the video. Biden shuffles a bit at the base of the stairs, looks up, thinks to himself, starts up the stairs, goes from a walk to a jog to a sprint, and at that point his right ankle--the one he sprained or broke in the shower back in November clearly gives way and he goes down. He tries to recover twice and goes down both times.

    It's not hard to figure out the thought process when he was at the base of the stairs and he decided to run up them--"I'm gonna run up these stairs; that'll show'em ol' Joe is still spry." And the cathedral's response to his embarrassing failure is you didn't see what you just saw--it was the wind:

    As if anyone would believe that; it just keeps the story in the cycle. Whereas if they had a halfway competent social media intern who has actually lived in flyover country they could have had Jill Biden Tweet something like, "MEN!!! Stubborn af, am I right ladies?!!! I've been telling Joe since November that ankle is still healing from the sprain & he can't run on it, but he still thinks he's a marathon runner."

    Narrative instantly shifts from President falling to First Lady mocking her husband for his stubbornness in a way every couple in the country can relate to. It's practically the plot to every episode of Home Improvement ever.

    But they can't do it. Because they're worried. Why?

    1. That was my basic impression, too. There was a brief colloquy at the bottom of the stairs. Whereas Zhou had been escorted across the tarmac, after the colloquy he went solo--trying to jog up the stairs. I took it that the colloquy was to the effect, Let me do this alone. Mistake. The type of bad judgment you'd expect from a guy in his condition.

    2. My Dad is 8 months older than Grampa Joe and is exactly the same as far as the stubborness. He'll literally break a hip if I'm not there to stop him from trying to do something he could do easily in his younger years.

      Returning to my point, "Do American TV writers just not watch American TV?" the fact the cathedral hasn't figured out how to disarmingly spin when Grampa Joe embarrasses/hurts himself going off book is the real story here.

      That and the fact that his handlers haven't established enough rapport and/or control over him to prevent him from doing stupid s**t like this. Donald, god bless him, knew his age and wasn't too proud to grab a generals arm when he was going down a slippery ramp. Think about the number of military aides and senior government officials that travel with the POTUS at all times. The fact they cannot get physical control over a dementia patient means either that Joe has more lucidity during the daytime than we give him credit for (I'd flip a coin on that) OR that they are fecklessly or purposely allowing himself to embarrass himself in that fashion.