Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Briefly Noted: Reminder--There Are Two Houses Of Congress

Recent comments, usually counsels of despair, fail to take into account the fact that legislation passed by the Dem House doesn't become law unless it's also passed by the Senate. And, except for revenue items (please don't ask me to explain this), the Senate filibuster remains a likely insuperable obstacle for the Dems before 2022. This is explained nicely at Red State:

Democrat Broken Promises are Mounting Up As Party Infighting Begins Taking Center Stage

The Democrat wish list is pretty much that, a wish list, and won’t be anything more than that due to the filibuster which disallows the Senate to pass legislation based on a simple majority vote. They need at least 10 Republicans to vote for the bill as well, and Republicans aren’t budging. What’s more, some Democrats aren’t going to help either.

The way to fix this would obviously be to kill the filibuster, which is fairly high on the Democrat Party’s wish list, but not on all of theirs. Both West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema have no plans to help anyone kill the Senate filibuster rule, with Manchin making it clear in a very angry way.

(READ: “NEVER!”: Sen. Joe Manchin Angrily Barks at Reporter That He’s Not Going to Kill the Filibuster)

The filibuster is the dam holding back the tide of leftist legislation that would flood America with every bad idea a government could come up with. As such, Biden’s campaign promises are now withering and dying off with Schumer seemingly resigned to the fact that there’s nothing he can do about it. When asked about when the Equality Act was being passed, Schumer could only give the roundabout answer of “at the exact right time,” which in politician speak means “never.”

This means no H.R. 1, no $15 minimum wage, no passing bills in order to find out what’s in them.

I'm not ready for despair, despite everything. Please note that it's not just Manchin--Sinema spent her first two years voting for Trump judges and is also not budging on the filibuster.

This likely means that, with the two year window slammed shut, there's a lot riding on 2022. Everyone advocating assembly of a circular firing squad--via a third party--please reconsider. Trump is smarter than that, and we should all know what's at stake. 


  1. "Everyone advocating assembly of a circular firing squad--via a third party--please reconsider. "

    Right. The time for fighting is primary season, but then vote for every R in the general election, even if you have to hold your nose because our guy did not succeed in the primary. We might not win every primary battle, but we are likely to win at least some of them, and that will have an effect on any who survive a Trump supported primary challenge.

    We want--and need--a functioning political party that Trump reshapes. Third party or letting the Dems win is a recipe for failure.

  2. I am not a fortune teller, but there are a few very real signs that not all is doom and gloom for the Republic - certainly not for a legitimate reformed conservative political body. And while I don't think She will look the same after the 2020 Junta.

    1. The DemTards are not remotely done over-playing their Marxist hand. Like a roving gang of zombie walking-dead crack addicts, they simply do not understand the level of their own addiction to POWER and will continue their march of the dead in search of 'fundamentally transforming' the U.S.A. - they can't help it, and they ain't stopping.

    2. States are at the same time making inroads to righting the election wrongs of last November. IF the Supreme Court continues it's path of kicking election 'fixes' back to the States (as they should), and IF the states involved in the 2020 debacle actually* remedy the illegalities rolled out last November, we may* be back to 'fair'...

    3. There has been significant blow-back - globally - to the tech Oligarch 'in-your-face' flex of power, and the camel nose is under the tent in a few. Countries like Australia/France are now demanding Google pay them to run news (i.e. steal their content). I think this goes global and fundamentally changes the power structure of the tech oligarchs - they too have overplayed their hand, IMO.

    Smash those together, I don't see how it ends well for the Democrats or their Fascist task-masters in 2022. The people have repeatedly rejected the bizarro-left policies of Obam...I mean Xiden.

    1. All good points, Dave. To those I would add that, after initial disarray, there are signs of the GOP starting to get its house in some semblance of order. It's never going to be totally united, but ...

      I think the blowback from overreach could be significant.

    2. all I say is AMEN - God is in Charged!!

  3. I can't buy into the Repub vs Dem mantra anymore. Yes both have their bases and base leaders of old and of new talking points but over all to me is just one party in lockstep. The "deep state" issue has just been replaced with "the democrats" and I know that is not an accurate statement of the problem. It's more misplaced blaming than anything else.

    I'm personally disappointed in Trump for not decimating the Repub party. I do understand some disagree with my views but I think any advocation of the "business as usual" or let's "get back to voting for our favorite idiots" is more aspirin for cancer. All of this is reminiscent of the 2006 John Boehner era of blaming select RINOs and attacking the leadership... I've seen this Tea Party, party within a party movie already.

    I personally like the RINOs, I see them as the only honest Repubs in DC. I know EXACTLY where they stand and why.

    Further, I see much of the Repub media pulling for this idea of getting voting laws back into shape with the standard of "pre 2020" laws. Georgia for example with voter ID for absentee ballots, but Im seeing no teeth in the bills. I'm seeing advocation for more signature matching in other states, with no standard of the actual match. Apparently, lessons not learned.

    Texas is at least making some overly obvious election related arrests but very few others are bothering. Without enforcement what's the point of new or old laws on the books?

    Also, if we're cheering for "pre 2020" election standards wow did we lower the bar!!!

    No one seems to want to touch the big picture, corruption at the federal level. If Trump was still in office we would still be watching the same obstructed disaster. It's like saying we must just keep repeating the same ole, same ole, so that's again our new standard, advocating for the old standard.

    I want to see someone(s) stop dancing around all of these things and give a big picture plan for dealing with / decimating the actual issues. That was my attraction to Trump and I'm feeling like he's just lowered himself into the new standard and I'm not at all cheering or excited about it.

    1. Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. They are being slandered and placed somehow beyond the pale, Wood maybe comes off sometimes as too much of a baptist preacher, but these people are not crazy right wing nuts or conspiracy sellers. Dominion and smartmatic and the election infrastructure regarding how results are reported and to whom gas to be secured/reformed. It would seem obvious to me to set up a non partisan highly transparent election reporting system that takes the news organizations out of the pipeline. Why are repybs including Trump, shying away from that discussion? Mark A

  4. Attempting to find any Senator with a decent amount of integrity is refreshing. Manchin is exactly that. Thank God for him and Sinema. I'm sure this is because these are fairly deep "Red" states, however it's nice to see as I stated integrity.

  5. News outlets get higher ratings when they act as alarmists and messengers of impending doom.