Sunday, March 14, 2021

UPDATED: Briefly Noted: Perspective On The Border

An excerpt from Wayne Allen Root's Has Joe Biden Sold America out to the Mexican Drug Cartels? (I linked to FR to avoid all the extraneous "stuff" on Townhall pages.)

Experts estimated the money made on drug trafficking by the cartels at around $500 billion a year. That's half a trillion dollars a year -- "trillion" with a T.

Who quotes that figure? Republican senators. See what Georgia Sen. David Purdue said in 2019: "At half a trillion dollars -- $500 billion -- that makes the cartel business and the drug traffic just in Mexico alone coming across to the United States bigger than Walmart, to put it in perspective. So this is larger than our largest companies."

But that figure is bipartisan. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein quotes a figure in a similar range: "The illicit drug trade is a business, valued at anywhere between $426 and $652 billion."

That was all before Joe Biden's lax open-borders policies.

But that's just drugs. What about human trafficking? Nearly 100,000 migrants crossed the U.S. border in just the past month. Multiply 100,000 migrants times 10,000 ($10,000 is a common going rate for smuggling humans). That's $1 billion for human trafficking in a month. Now add in child sex trafficking.

Follow the link to read the rest. 

Obviously, Root has an interesting--if not entirely original--theory working here: Follow the money. What in the world are the cartels doing with all that money, year after year? Who ever heard of getting fabulously rich and not paying any taxes--taxes or something? Or, to put it in Root's own cynical words: "Who would you pay if you were a Mexican drug cartel kingpin?"

According to Reuters, 'Migrant president' Baiden stirs Mexican angst over boom time for gangs. Lopez-Obrador longs for the good old days of El Presidente--Donald Trump. He knows that this Progressive open borders scam will vastly empower the cartels vis a vis the Mexican government. One can only imagine his inner thoughts when Zhou told him

“We look at Mexico as an equal, not as somebody who is south of our border. You are equal."

Also, we'll respect you in the morning.

UPDATE: Yes, already. From yesterday, from the Epoch Times via Zerohedge: Fentanyl Flowing Into United States At Record Volume. 

CBP [Customs and Border Patrol] has seized more than 5,000 pounds of fentanyl since Oct. 1, 2020, said acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller during a March 10 media call.

“We are seeing a dramatic increase in fentanyl seizures this fiscal year, more than 360 percent higher than this time last year,” Miller said.

“Nationwide drug seizures increased 50 percent in February from January. Cocaine interceptions increased 13 percent, seizures of methamphetamine increased 40 percent, seizures of heroin went up 48 percent.”

Fentanyl is the synthetic opioid attributed to the escalating overdose death rate in the United States. It is most often manufactured in Mexico using chemicals supplied by China. It’s mixed with other narcotics to increase potency as well as pressed into counterfeit pain pills commonly known as “Mexican oxys.”

To put the resulting mortalities in a picture:

Who was it who thought open borders would be a good idea? Does anyone think about stuff like this before they vote?


  1. So...yeah. The Biden administration is all about equity. I think it's one of their main concerns. We changed our energy policies to enrich some of our enemies like China, Russia and Iran so it only makes BETTER policy to provide more opportunities for the drug cartels as well. No surprise here. Can't wait to see what we do to boost Maduro!

  2. Most voters, not all, most, are political idiots. Believing the 'snake-oil' salesmen is so much easier than doing actual research.

    Politics attracts the absolute worst personality types. If someone really, really wants to run to help YOU, take him out back......he's not your friend and never will be.


  3. UK Labor had the policy of changing demographics through importing voters...

    My guess a similar policy in the US.

    Otherwise insanity?

    1. Funny thing happened on the way to importing those new voters. They started voting Republican. At least in the heaviest latino counties in Texas at any rate. It seems that it doesn't take all that long before immigrants legal or otherwise figure out that Democrats are schmucks who will kill the golden goose. (Just because they got here illegally doesn't mean that they want others to do the same...a strange twist on NIMBYism.)

    2. Many of the TX "latinos" have been there for hundreds of years.

    3. Yes, Mark.....but the reference is to Cuellar's district (Laredo) where Trump WON the district in '20 having lost it in '16. The district is dirt-poor; these are not old-line ranchers....

  4. Right now, according to Nancy Pelosi, the "broken system at the border" is --- you guessed it, all the fault of Donald Trump.

    Pelosi's never-ending obsession with Donald J. Trump is curious if not depraved. Since he first took office, she has made it her career to not only demonize President Trump at every opportunity, but to actually create opportunities to advance her sinister, evil agenda to frame him and his supporters.

    Her obsession is costing the security of this nation dearly and has cost the lives of American citizens, such as in her failure to act upon Capitol security when she was well aware of the advanced plans for the insurrection carefully orchestrated by impostors pretending to be Trump supporters.

    While Nancy Pelosi thwarted every move President Trump made to build the wall at our border, she then capitalizes upon the January 6th insurrection to construct a fence of concertina barbed wire that extends some two miles around our nation's Capitol.

    What a cesspool.

    1. Anon - call me crazy but you know why IMHO Pelousy is obsessed with Trump? She’s infatuated with him. Yes - I’m serious. You have to remember that Dimwits are surrounded - & married to - beta males/cucks/soy boys, etc. Dimwit men are all around limp dicks. Would you follow Eric Fartswell out of a foxhole? I rest my case. They’re not used to Alpha males either in politics or the media. In comes the street brawler from Queens with a talent for wooing the ladies & Granny Boxwine can’t handle it/or what it provokes in her.

      Remember being a kid; what did you do to the girl you liked across the room? You teased the hell out of her ‘cuz you didn’t know what else to do with those feelings. Also remember that Dimwits are still basically children - infantile in temperament & feelings - & there you have it.

      Just my $0.02 ;<)


  5. The Democrats don't care what happens to the country as long as they can maintain and increase their power.

  6. Were it all that simple.

    There are border-security and US intel people who will happily tell you that Mexico IS a Narco-State already; that half its government's people (or more) are on the payroll.

    They'll also tell you that the US Government, which can read your license-plate from geosynchronous orbit, cannot find the tunnels constructed into California.

    That tells you that the bribery is sub-Presidential by at least a few layers. Given the success of the current arrangement, why pay more?

  7. And the 25 million that Joe gave to Pakistan for gender studies? Was that some payoff to some DS buddies, do you think?

    Everybody's swimming in payola.


  8. Someone needs to come in and make those jokers account for every effin' penny they spend. We need a TRUE audit of the gov't, the easy way or the hard way. The hard way would be more satisfying.


    1. We, the People, need to defund the parasites.

      If only it were as easy to convince the hoi polloi to stop paying their income tax as it has been to get them to cover their faces with masks.

  9. That was one of the big selling points to me about Ron Paul, his never ending quest to audit the Fed. If it would have happened it would have ended DC and the banks as we know it.

    Fentanyl is another one of those glorious chinese products... None of that industry would be hard to kill off if they really wanted. I'm also not sold on the profits just buying Mexico political support, there's support being bought on both sides of the boarder.

  10. it's common knowledge South of the (former) Border that the cartels made an arrangement to split the USA up in different territories years ago. They are also going to run the same business plan up here, as it's been very successful. They know how to coopt politicians, and get what they want. It takes someone very strong who's already wealthy or doesn't care about money to stand up to them. Or, in the case of many Latin voters, someone who may be less well off, but has fled the horrors of living under such evil people and doesn't want to see their new home go the same way.

  11. You ask whether people think about stuff like this before they vote... like as if they voted for it. I will never believe for one instant of my remaining life that the former republic voted for this.

  12. To correct your last sentence, does anyone think that stuff like this matters when "a well-funded cabal of powerful people" who "were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it" succeeded in achieving "the proper outcome of the election.” Quotes are from "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election" in TIME by Molly Ball February 4, 2021.