Thursday, February 20, 2020


Why in America are the rulers able to lie with impunity to the American people about things that really matter greatly, but the subject population is given the Stone treatment if they fib about matters of no importance whatsoever?

Media have rewarded leaky Adam Schiff for his leaks and lies, in which he falsely claimed for years that he had secret evidence that Trump was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. He did not have such evidence.
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Maggie Haberman
Trump was furious that briefers gave the House intel committee information, saying Schiff would weaponize it.… 
4:09 PM · Feb 20, 2020

Maybe it has to do with the fact that anyone telling the truth to the American people would have to expose the fact that at the end of the Cold War our rulers realized that America was now an Empire, and could be sold to the world--influence, trade, immigration, technology, military hardware. It was all up for auction. They make the rules, they control the investigations, they control the news flow.

US leaders have sold out America to China
Many of America’s most influential leaders have betrayed their country for pay, Tucker Carlson said in a scathing segment.

No wonder Trump is Public Enemy No. 1. By demanding fair trade with China, by trying to tighten our security against the China threat, Trump is costing the ruling class a LOT of money. Just ask Mini-Mike. Or Biden. Or any number of GOPers too. Elaine Chao could probably explain it, if anyone asked her. As commenter EZ points out, the rulers are getting hysterical, because Trump is looking unstoppable and unbribable:

Coup plotters are going full mass hysteria tonight trying to tie Grennell's appointment to a larger nefarious plot by Trump to aid and abet Russian assistance in the upcoming election. NYT is flailing away in support with a breathtaking fake news story about Russia trying to support Trump's re-election, that has no actual evidence to support that central claim. 
But what has most caught my attnetion is this tweet by brenanan tonight: 
>>John O. Brennan
We are now in a full-blown national security crisis. By trying to prevent the flow of intelligence to Congress, Trump is abetting a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow’s interests, not America’s.< 
Got that? A "national security crisis," no less, says the main suspect in the conspiracy to commit coup on a duly elected POTUS. 
This is the most persuasive evidence I have seen to date that suggests the coup plotters think indictments of them and/or their minions must be imminent.
Such nauseating and full-blown hysteria exhibited by Brennan, with coordinated MSM support, is thus a welcome omen that good things are about to happen.

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson offered an excellent commentary on Judge Amy last night. I can't embed it and don't have a transcript, but it's only about five minutes. Watch the video clip here--Tucker Carlson Calls For Roger Stone Judge’s Impeachment: ‘Democratic Activist Wearing Robes’.


  1. While James Clapper was the Director of National Intelligence, Hillary Clinton made a political issue about all 17 Intelligence agencies assessing that Russia was meddling in our 2016 election.

    Clapper knew that, in fact, all 17 Intelligence agencies had NOT participated in any such assessment. On the contrary, the assessment was made by a few specially selected analysts from only three agencies.

    Clapper refrained from correcting Clinton's false statements about all 17 Intelligence agencies, because Clapper figured that Clinton's statements were helping her to defeat Donald Trump.

    Instead of serving the entire US public as the Director of National Intelligence, Clapper became a political hack, striving to help the Democrat candidate defeat the Republican candidate.

    Clapper remains a political hack to this day.

  2. Apropo my comment embedded in the post above:


    >>Catherine Herridge
    · 1h
    #BREAKING Source close to matter tells @CBSNews NSC staffer Kash Patel tapped to serve as senior adviser to Amb. Rick Grenell, acting Intel chief (DNI.) Source said mandate is to “#cleanhouse including “top to bottom” review DNI operations that expanded dramatically since 2005.<<

    That helps explain the hysterical panic we are witnessing in response to the Grinnell appointment as acting DNI.

    Patel was Nunes' staffer who was instrumental in uncovering much of the wrongdoing of the Obama administration that they hoped Trump's administration would never learn about.

    If he's a senior aide to Grinnell as DNI, and has a mandate to "CLEAN HOUSE" inside the IC, I suspect there are people quaking in their boots... not the least of whom should be IG Atkinson.

    This ties into a theme I have mentioned previously: someone from another forum on the web, whom I respect enormously, and who has had professional contact with various entities in the IC, said shortly after Trump took office, and it became clear there were many holdovers who had worked to undermine the Trump campaign and new administration, that firing them all at that point would be a bad idea. He opined the best thing to do is leave the conspirators in place, so they can be monitored, and their network of co-conspirators with whom they were working against the administration could be identified. Only after mapping out the full extent of the conspiracy would it then make sense to remove them, once they were no long useful to the investigation.

    The fact that NSC and now IC are BOTH going to get a fumigation and house cleaning to remove the bugs and vermin suggests the investigators have collected everything they need from these people; their metadata has been analyzed, the networks mapped, and the co-conspirators identified.

    The House-cleaning could thus be indicative of imminent indictments, IMHO.... and that helps explain why people like Brennan are foaming at he mouth like "mad dogs in the midday sun."

    [also cross-posted on the Grinnell thread]

    1. "Patel was Nunes' staffer"

      Actually he was far more than a "staffer." He's a lawyer, former terrorism prosecutor for DoJ, was counsel for Nunes' intel committee and lead investigator in exposing the Russia Hoax. Major target of the left, subject of false accusations during Ukraine Hoax.

    2. Just read this article from 2018. They really have tried to dirty Patel up, haven’t they. Vindman went after him. The NYT. He really must be very good at what he does and will be an asset to Grenell…

    3. You can imagine that Schiff was behind a lot of that.

    4. Also, if you read up on that judge at Wiki, it's more than a bit hypocritical that NYT relies mostly on him to criticize Patel.

  3. I don't read the Times, and can't access it, so I was unfamiliar with the Maggie (she's a piece of work) Haberman story, but today it's making the rounds.

    The Russians are still at it, according to Shelby Pierson, trying to steal the 2020 election for Trump. She was appointed by Dan Coats. The Deep State daisy chain. Again, not a shred of evidence is offered.

    I have to force myself from calling someone like Pierson a complete moron. One of the problems with the Deep State is its incompetence. Elites have always run America. And I don't mean that in a negative sense. Washington and Jefferson were elites.

    The problem with today's elites is they're not up to the job. It's impossible for grade A hacks like Brennan, Clapper, John Kerry, et. al., to hide their inability.

    Members of the Deep State should take a close look at what precipitated the French Revolution.

    1. Actually there is evidence ... "sources". So maybe that should be "evidence".

    2. Matt Stoller tweeted in response to accusations of Russian 2020 interference:

      "First Putin installed @TomPerez as DNC chair. Then he hired ACRONYM to build an app for the Iowa caucuses ominously named Shadow. Then he got Bloomberg to spend $400 million on ads. Then he made sure Democrats has no agenda...

      That's some Russian interference!

  4. John Brennan tweeted:

    "Trump is abetting a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow’s interests, not America’s."

    That is, the former Director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency said in public: "Trump... is... abetting... a... Russian...covert... operation... to... keep... him... in... office... for... Moscow’s... interests,... not... America’s.

    He offers no evidence. Whatsoever.

    He has certainly lost his mind.

    We are all free to speculate why.

    1. I'll freely speculate: He is so convinced that he has no real defense that feels compelled to fall back on the Big Lie.

  5. "Why in America are the rulers able to lie with impunity to the American people about things that really matter greatly...?"

    Because we do not have a functioning, adversarial free press. We have gutless, mindless Deep State-subservient propagandists posing as "journalists" while attempting to indoctrinate the public and move the country closer to their Government-as-God dystopia. That necessarily requires concealing the truth—and discrediting or destroying anyone who attempts to reveal it. In the later stages, that includes being "disappeared" with a bullet to the back of the head ... to keep us safe.

    1. That's a big factor, and a major factor in the outrageous judicial abuses that Amy Jackson has been allowed to perpetrate. And what a scandal that no higher court has had a word to say. The CJ is a scandal in and of himself. But going through a trial is hugely expensive, and appeals the same. And we as a country claim we stand for justice for all?

    2. Yeah, going through a trial is hugely expensive, esp. if a judge can gag you, to hinder your chances to appeal to the public, to raise $$.
      Maybe the current super-fame of Stone's case will make up, for his being blocked from making direct appeals to the public?

    3. And, I still don't get, why Stone couldn't get the Circuit court to issue a stay, vs. the gag order.

    4. He waited too long to appeal:

  6. Trump is sending a very strong signal on cj (criminal justice) with his recent pardons.

    How Trump Made the Federal Courts Blink

    I would not be surprised if in his second term, if the gop gets the house, you get something similar to deregulation in cj. The fact most people commit 3 felonies a day says the cj system needs to be rebuilt and simplified.

    1. IMO, probably the biggest problem with the CJ system is the prohibitive cost of defending yourself.

    2. Yes! MediCare for all? Let's have LegalCare for all. Tell the lawyers the gov't is goinh to regulate their fees and hold them accountable for losing. Listen to the howl.
      Tom S.

    3. IMO, probably the biggest problem with the CJ system is the prohibitive cost of defending yourself.

      Amen to that.

  7. Agree on Cost!

    In Ca we have something called the Unrah act. Somebody I know got sued in federal court on discrimination, they have Apartments, and luckily it was covered by insurance, and so far I think the legal tab is over $100k with a huge discount. They won (hopefully appeal does not change this), but it was 2 years out of their life, and being deposed was a horrible experience, plus all the stress from being sued. Other parties had nothing, so counter suing is a waste. Other side lied through their teeth in court, but had nothing to lose by lying.

    Most civil cases are just settled. To just show up at court is $20k, do often it’s cheaper to just pay off the other side, excuse me on the non PC words, to settle.

  8. They hold the electorate in contempt. They are the American Bourbons.

    Rob S