Tuesday, February 4, 2020

UPDATE: The Iowa Hoax

First off--credit where it's due: My wife offered me that label first thing this morning.

Yes, the Dems are the party of hoaxes. First they gave us the Russia Hoax with it's Steele "dossier", complete with hoax investigations and hoax prosecutions--let's pause for a shoutout to Mike Flynn!

That worked so well that ...

After the Mueller Dossier they gave us the Ukraine Hoax, featuring hoax jobs for the Bidens and a hoax "whistleblower" to go with a hoax "constitution" that empowered something called The Interagency.

That moved seamlessly into a Hoax Impeachment (aka Impeachment Theater), with its hoax "articles of impeachment--but REAL clowns: Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, the MSM.

And now it's the Iowa Hoax. Hoax candidates (Warren, Harris, etc.), hoax issues, and hoax vote counting. And most ominous of all for the Dems--hoax turnout!

Iowa's presidential caucuses were expected to draw record turnout Monday, but early data from the NBC News entrance poll show a big dip in ...
Iowa Democrats say turnout is "on pace for 2016," when just 172000 turned out -- way down from the 239000 who participated in 2008.

It's lookin' like hoaxes all the way down:

UPDATE: Monica Showalter points to the big winner in Iowa: In Iowa, Trump triumphs.

Trump won 97% in Iowa last night. Think that doesn't matter?

Better still, the participation rate in Iowa, with more than 30,000 caucus tallies, tops that of President Obama at his peak, who won about 25,000 in his heyday.

Trump is shadowing the cavalcade of Dem hoax candidates through the swing states, looking to wrap them up ... NOW. His message?

“The good people of [fill in the State] have had a front-row seat to the lunacy and the madness of the totally sick left.”

And, as usual, he was quick to claim the indisputable triumph:


  1. Mark, tweets that you posted run off into the bookshelf at the right side of your site.

    It is pretty clear now that the company that was supposed to report the Iowa tallies is connected with HIllary Clinton. The fix was definitely in last night.

    In my less than humble opinion, the Iowa Caucuses should be swapped out for regular primary elections, just like every other state. We watched a little yesterday and it looked like a low-energy, everyone standing around, kind of exercise. The opportunities for tinkering, hacking, fraud, seems very high… What’s the point?

    1. I've put a post up to query readers re the display. As far as I can tell this problem is unique to you. I suspect it must have something to do with whatever browser you're using.

  2. 'Inconsistencies' with an app that was supposed to track the results of the Democrat caucuses in Iowa threw the vote into chaos overnight - with zero per cent of precincts reporting early Tuesday.

    The app was created by Shadow, Inc., a technology firm that was created in January last year after data and messaging service Groundbase was acquired by Democrat non-profit ACRONYM.

    Finance records show the Iowa Democratic Party paid $60,000 to Shadow, Inc. for website development at the back end of last year which was spent on the app, according to Huffington Post.

    Shadow's CEO Gerard Niemira, product manager Ahna Rao and COO James Hickey all worked on the Hillary for America campaign which was defeated by Donald Trump in 2016.

    What could go wrong? /s