Wednesday, February 5, 2020

On Tearing Things Up

Constitution, Truth, ...


  1. The fake attempted handshake (after Trump was turning), and tearing up the sotu were planned by Pelosi to make Trump seem as petty.

    Such a Wile E Coyote, super genius move!

    Fortunately it blew up in her face.

    Amazing how Trump causes such an over reaction by the Democrats.

  2. To Acosta and the rest of the occupants of the clown car called CNN, Limbaugh's alleged "history of disparaging African-Americans" in fact consists entirely of deriding lifelong race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton who have done more to hold black Americans back than the democrat-founded KKK could ever have hoped. CNN.

  3. Bo Snerdley may have a point of honor and truth for challenging Jim Acosta, but it is CNN after all, which is simply a propaganda machine. People watch it to be entertained, to have their opinions and biases confirmed--not to be informed with news, or even "news."

    He'd be better off asking Jim Acosta when did he stop beating his wife.

  4. When I saw Pelosi tear up Donald's speech, my first thought is that she was confused and thought that he handed her the Constitution.

    I can see campaign ads showing Donald talking about what he has done for blacks and then a cut to Pelosi tearing up the paper. Then Donald talks about what he has done for Hispanics and she tears up the paper.

    It was a childish display. And.....I would not of shook her hand, either.

  5. A lot of times I make a comment before I read your article and find out that someone beat me to the punch. So, I am in great company with Victoria Toensing. Although the way I phrased it was a little more humorous.