Monday, February 10, 2020

FWIW: Rubini Isn't Backing Down

He's still saying "this week will be epic." And I will say this--he gets the significance of what Barr told Lindsey and so on just right. This should scare the pants of the Dems:


  1. Although I wish otherwise, it seems Rubini and DeGenova are only right about 50% of the time.

    Time will tell.


    This is pretty epic.

    I don’t expect arrests for a while by Bart, unfortunately. We are waiting for Durham.

    It would be righteous, if the twins were court martialed, but I don’t think the military leadership has the needed guts, unfortunately.

    1. It's natural for us to assume that Barr focuses on Russia Hoax matters 24/7, but there are so many other things to deal with at DoJ after those 8 Obama years.

  3. A bit off topic, but I'd be interested in your take on Sundance's entry about Jessie Liu. She let Wolfe walk. I know the thinking is that Barr is moving her to a position where he can keep an eye on her.

    Or so it is said. From my point of view, insiders like Liu beat the system like a drum. I want her fired! Not moved laterally to what could be a higher paying slot.

    Anyway, is Sundance being too vehement?

    1. I agree with you entirely. I don't know offhand who her sponsors are but she's no conservative.

  4. Another tangent:

    I have just spent a few days with my Trump-hating Democrat sister again and we couldn't avoid 'The Subject'.

    According to her:

    1. Trump has had a number of one-on-one meetings with Putin without advisors or witnesses present. This proves he is 'colluding' with Russia.

    2. Peter Schweizer's theories about Clinton corruption have been totally 'debunked' and therefore the Clintons are not guilty of trading political favors for 'charitable' contributions. Also, Schweizer is therefore discredited and nothing he has written is true.

    3. John Huber's 'investigation' into Uranium One corruption and wrong-doing ended with Clinton's exoneration by Huber because no charges have been brought.

    4. James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton of wrong-doing in connection with her emails and basement server and therefore she did nothing wrong.

    5. James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton of wrong-doing in connection with the emails found on Huma Abedin's laptop and this proves Mrs Clinton did nothing wrong.

    6. Horowitz found the FBI's investigation into the Trump Campaign to be properly predicated, so therefor the entire investigation was 'legal' and proper. What FISA abuses?

    7. Trump is an idiot and he is also a racist, homophobic, white nationalist and therefore he should have been impeached and convicted by the Senate.

    8. Nobody will be arrested or charged by John Durham (who's he?) because nobody did anything wrong except investigate a terrible man for likely wrong-doing.

    All of this saddens me because, in the end, she is my (68 year old) sister and we have never disagreed so strongly about anything. But perhaps sadder is that tens of millions believe all of the above and more.

    1. I'd not waste my time/ effort on her, but instead aim at moderate liberals (e.g. like my daughter), who can be, at least sometimes, open to key facts, e.g. Horowitz/ Boasberg findings that the last two applications were "invalid".
      I'm with Dersh, that getting moderate liberals to face key music, is doable, and crucial.

      Your sis is symptomatic of the intellectual, emotional, and moral collapse, of so much of the MSM, and the upper-middle class, esp. since Obummer came to power.

    2. I don't blame you!

      But I don't think my sister's views are very different from millions of other Americans.

      Even if (when) Durham issues indictments, he (we/they/Trump) will have a mountain to climb to persuade millions of Americans that everything we know has happened has actually happened. The damage the MSM has done is immense.

  5. "a mountain to climb to persuade millions".

    Of outright Lefties, yes, unless Dersh's hope, of getting moderate liberals to face music on Lefty derangement, leads these liberals to start fighting Lefty tyranny, to the point where "being Left" loses some of its social luster.
    If, say, Barr's busts can lead to either an overthrow of Baquet, in favor of a Dersh type at the NYT, or to liberals abandoning the NYT (toward, say, sites like Prager's & Greenwald's), major change could quickly ensue, rather like Awoken-ness took the Left by storm in the Obama years.

  6. With respect to the Cassander/Mouse discussion and persuading moderate lefts, let's examine the Oscar ratings. They were the lowest ever, I believe. The Emmys and the Grammys tell a similar story.

    I can't speak to who usually watches these programs but many "ordinary" Americans are voting with their remotes. To me reading the tea leaves, these are more good signs.