Sunday, February 9, 2020

UPDATED: Too Big To Jail?

That's the title of one of CTH's latest attacks on AG Bill Barr--the implication being that Barr regards some of the Russia Hoax plotters as "too big to jail." Evidence? It's a long post, typical at CTH, but the only hint at presenting evidence comes at the end in a Paul Sperry tweet:

Paul Sperry
BREAKING: Carter Page revealed on John Solomon Reports podcast that special Spygate prosecutor John Durham's team has not contacted him for an interview or asked him for any docs or records, even tho Durham is believed to be investigating FBI officials who illegally spied on Page
12:06 AM - Feb 7, 2020

Sundance thinks that if Barr/Durham were serious about the whole Russia Hoax--especially including the Wikileaks/Assange angle--then they would have interviewed Carter Page.

But ask yourself: Why? What would be the point in interviewing Page?

The FBI is now admitting that at least some of the FISAs on Page were "illegal." The FISC agrees. That part of the investigation is in the bag.

How did they come to that conclusion of illegality? Easy. They looked at internal FBI files and records. The proof is in writing, in FISA records, in emails, in FBI asset files, etc. There was no need to ask Page anything to arrive at the conclusion of illegality. After all, what would Page know? The FBI was spying on him--that means what they did was done in secret, without Page's knowledge. By the very nature of it all, Page would have no information of value. Which is pretty evident to anyone who has listened to one of Page's many TV interviews. Page had no personal interaction with any of the main players at the FBI or DoJ. He has no records that would shed light on what was happening at the FISC.

Sundance is wasting our time with this stuff. If we don't see results by summer, as promised by Barr, we'll know we've been had. Till then, I'll be patient.

UPDATE: In another recent post sundance suggested strongly that AG Barr is burying all Ukraine related investigations and will ignore the evidence that Rudy Giuliani has collected:

Unfortunately along with Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, the Senate finance and Senate Foreign Affairs committees refuse to review [Giuliani's] information due to the sensitivity of the politics. Additionally, Attorney General Bill Barr has told his lawyers that no investigations of political corruption will be permitted without his direct approval.

This, too, appears to be nonsense. Time is reporting:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Attorney General William Barr told him during a conversation Sunday that the department has “created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it’s verified.”


  1. Agree, Page comes across as a useful idiot for the FBI.

    And with his lawsuit, the Justice Department would be stupid to reach out to him.

  2. Interviewing Page is akin to interviewing a victim of identity theft--the victim doesn't "know" anything about the criminal act until after the fact. Whatever the repercussions of the crime, the victim (generally) cannot provide witness testimony of direct evidence of the crime.

    Page was essentially a victim of identity theft, as they "used" his identity in the FISC warrant narrative as an agent of a foreign country. He learned this after the fact through leaks to media by LEOs. A Page interview adds nothing to the falsity of the narrative supplied in the warrant application.

  3. Trying to bring justice to this situation is a really difficult needle to thread. The scale of the scandal alone is only now coming into focus. Fortunately, POTUS's adversaries are incompetent and his reelection looks probable. Sundance should chill until late November 2020 for justice.

  4. As strange as this may sound, the biggest scandals have yet to be revealed, and have not even received much speculation in the conspiracy theory press. There is a common denominator that connects all the players and all the skeletons hidden in all the closets around DC. And it explains why the insanity of a never-ending coup has been inflicted upon us for nearly 3 years now. Trump could not be blackmailed or entrapped, so impeachment was the last desperate act of these scoundrels.

    National security and military sensitive technology and proprietary information were sold to foreign entities by persons in a position of trust within the DC establishment. And lots of money changed hands. Once the dam bursts, the normal DC exemption for federal employees and Congress goes out the window. The stakes couldn't be higher.

    1. It seems notable that a line is being drawn in Ukraine, meaning: we know politicians of both parties were pulling in lots of money through Ukraine and defensive barriers keep being set up against investigation into connections to Ukraine.

      And yet we also know that the Bidens made exponentially greater amounts of money off China, yet that remains in the shadows. It stands to reason that if the Bidens made so much money from China, other politicians did as well. There's a tradition involved, going back at least as far as the Clintons.

    2. It seems some have forgotten--and many are too young to know--the 1996 Clinton campaign finance scandal starring Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, John Huang, James Riady, and Maria Hsia. Good times...

    3. And the MSM isn't helping anyone remember.

  5. still do not understand why the investigation takes so long. What does Durham not know now that he will learn by continuing to investigate?

    1. I would expect that the amount of documentation involved is beyond huge--that's the reality of modern investigations. He can't afford to switch to prosecution mode until he's sifted it all and followed all leads. He can't afford to miss any people or avenues of investigation. And all that takes time.

    2. "And all that takes time."

      And he isn't aiming to just bring charges, but to convict. And that also takes time to build a solid case.