Sunday, February 9, 2020

Fascinating Dynamic

In a recent comment I pointed out that most of Trump's legal advisers--certainly the most prominent--are conservative Catholic lawyers. To include his longtime political adviser, Kellyanne Conway, to whom to little credit is given. Also Mick Mulvaney. Other names on that list? Try these: Don McGahn, Leonard Leo, Emmett Flood, Pat Cipollone, Bill Barr. I don't doubt that there are others. At least several of these folks are associated with Opus Dei. They're all super competent and have served Trump as well as if not better than any other group in the administration.

Who else has heard that Jorge Bergoglio--he dresses in white and lives in Vatican City--supported Hillary Clinton against Trump in 2016? Not just with words, but with cash infusions. I've been hearing that all along. So now Greg Rubini--yep, that Greg Rubini--has a long thread that starts out like this:

1. by the way:
not just the Italian Government,
also the Vatican was involved in the SpyGate on Trump.1. by the way:
not just the Italian Government,
also the Vatican was involved in the SpyGate on Trump.

There's not much of actual news in the thread--it's mostly about Obama connections to former Italian PM Matteo Renzi, a favorite of Bergoglio. Still, people like Ciaramella and Comey enter in, which is interesting. They both attended a big do that Obama threw for Renzi in October, 2016. Obama has since met with Renzi (also in retirement) in Italy, and of course John Durham has been earning frequent flyer miles traveling between the US and Italy.

Note that Bergoglio is not a fan of Opus Dei and, if anything, even less of Donald Trump. So you can count on it that he has no use for any of those Catholic lawyers who are or have been employed by Trump.

With all that in mind, here's an interesting video titled: DONALD TRUMP: Vatican Public Enemy No. 1. The guy in the picture next to Jeffrey Sachs is a cardinal named Marcelo S├ínchez Sorondo, a great favorite of Bergoglio who is notoriously anti-US. The first 20 minutes of the video are of general interest regarding conservative Catholic attitudes toward Trump. But the the Vatican attitude toward Trump is front and center at about the 14:50 - 18:50.

I have no doubt that Bill Barr is aware of all of this.


  1. Pink Mafia, Child Abuse Scandals, control of Seminaries (who becomes a Priest), Liberation Theology origin in Latin America, and an Latin American Pope?

    These are all related, and they seemed to influence the last election of a Pope, and the retirement of the previous Pope.

    And a cherry on top of this mess, the current Pope is kowtowing to the Chinese Government on Catholic Priests in China.

    My 2 cents, The Catholic Church should allow for married Priests, as they already do in some groups (Eastern Catholic Priests for example). That would increase the amount of priests, and clean up a lot of corruption in the Church.

    1. But that wasn't the point. Now opposed to all that you have what looks like the most Catholic WH ever, with a core of very Catholic conservatives and a POTUS who is clearly reaching out at every opportunity to Catholic conservatives. All over the heads of the institutional Church, over the heads of the bishops and even the Vatican, and with confrontation shaping up. All conservatives on SCOTUS are also Catholic--I include Gorsuch who was born such and who studied under the most prominent Catholic moral and legal philosopher at Oxford--whose thinking is also rejected by the Conciliar church. Catholics in the Rust Belt probably gave Trump his victory and he's doubling down. Others also like that appeal to traditional thinking. Including on judges.

    2. I believe we are in agreement. The institutional church has become very Left, due to the reasons above, where the majority of the laity are conservative. Trump is exploiting this, while the hierarchy attacks him, and I would not be surprised if they were involved in Spygate.

      The Heretics of St. Possenti is a fun read, it's polemic fiction and covers some good issues.

  2. Donald Trump is married to a Catholic, too.