Saturday, February 15, 2020

Lou Dobbs Talks To John Solomon Re Unequal Justice

Another interesting interview--it's about 8 minutes long. Dobbs is upset with our Two Tier "justice" system. He calls it a justice system and a "just for us" system. He's upset with what he sees as the slow pace of the Barr DoJ, discusses the McCabe case, Flynn, and Lindsey Graham's claim that he wants to interview witnesses to the Russia Hoax.

Solomon acknowledges the systemic problems and expands on some of these cases, but he also tries to push back and suggest that progress will be made.

The truth of the matter is, in my view, that Barr probably understands all this but for various reasons feels unable to speak openly about the issues.

No answers offered, but frank discussion:

Here's a good Twitter exchange that's on point with the video--"SCO" = Special Counsel Office = Team Mueller. For those not really into this stuff, Orin Kerr is a very high profile law prof and legal blogger:

McCabe knows--John Cardillo:

Maybe McCabe isn’t out of the woods, knows it, and is trying to get in front of it.
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The Hill
Andrew McCabe: "[Trump's] a vindictive guy and I fully expect that he'll continue to hound me and my family."

Correction: It'll be John Durham and other prosecutors hounding him.


  1. In response to Orin Kerr and Andrew McCabe: Trump makes the perfect bogey man--and Trump knows it. It forces those such as Kerr & McCabe to reveal themselves.

    Kerr as the pompous Queensberry Rules stickler standing in for the "American people," rather than a law prof making an argument, he's virtue-signaling on Twitter.

    McCabe (the former acting Director of the FBI!) playing the "woe is me" victim card (the definition of chutzpah), asserting that Trump's going to "continue to hound me and MY FAMILY."

    Reality stares Kerr & McCabe in the face, and they don't like it--not one bit. They say, while stomping their feet.

    Meanwhile, Trump re-reading the script from "Animal House" hears the pledge (Kevin Bacon being paddled) saying, "Thank you Sir. May I have another?"

    1. Once McCabe appears before a jury he'll make a very poor victim. I'll bet his lawyers know that, too.

    2. I believe McCabe is capable of being a pit viper. Not compatible with victimhood. That family bit was lame. Wasn’t his wife’s political candidacy involved in a campaign contribution scam with Chris McAuliffe, an all-star scammer?

      McCabe knows exactly what he did with his cabal - Strzok, Page and the rest. Knows it so well that he could probably compose his own indictment… An ice-cold cookie...

  2. I know all this is complex and that Barr has not really had much time to deal with it all.

    Thanks, Sessions.

    Anyway, while I am cynical and went on a rant on other threads, I am still hopeful, as weird as it sounds from me, that things will get righted and our system will work as it should.

    The pace is maddening, though, because of our knowledge of this from pretty much the beginning when Trump announced his candidacy.

    I do not expect anything to happen to Obama except a large smear on his legacy. Why? Politics. The rest of the actors? All bets are off.

    1. For me, too, I think that's the big frustration--the lost time.

  3. When the indictments are announced, the MSM will rollout it's pre-written narrative stories about how Trump has politicized DOJ and is using Barr as an attack dog to go after his political enemies in retaliation for impeachment.

    Barr knows this and is trying to establish his standing as an independent AG by letting McCabe skate on the perjury charges. Ultimately, this will just piss off everyone across the political spectrum and reinforce the perception of a DC double standard.

    Nevertheless, he views this as the least worst option and expects that all of this will be forgotten in the backwash of the Durham investigation and upcoming prosecutions.

    Barr has his work cut out for him, because, no matter what happens, a non-trivial fraction of DOJ/FBI are going to be revealed as dirty cops engaged in criminal acts. Most importantly, if the main perpetrators don't do some serious prison time, public confidence will never rebound.

  4. Makes you wonder where all the "whistle-blowers" are in the DOJ/FBI.

    I think most of them are leftist, and believe that Trump needs to go down - he is below the law. 40 FBI agents worked on Mueller's team, and not a whistle was heard.

    I doubt those two organizations can be cleaned.

    1. The FBI draws on the general pool of college educated young people, some who have gone through grad or professional school. What do you expect that pool to provide when filtering for political attitude isn't allowed and most of the people doing any filtering come from the same background?