Thursday, February 6, 2020

Investigate Eric Ciaramella?

Paul Sperry has an interesting take:


  1. Mark, unfortunately the embedded tweet is "bleeding over" to the right side of my screen.

    As to its content, I'm completely in agreement with Sperry. In my opinion, Burr's conduct during the Russia hoax indicates cowardice or complicity. Consider what the SSCI has done (or not done) while Burr has held the reins:

    -James Wolfe leaked the Carter Page FISA warrant yet wasn't charged with leaking it.
    -The SSCI "investigated" the Russia hoax and gave their stamp of approval to the ICA conclusion that Russia interfered with the intention of helping Trump and harming Hillary.
    -The SSCI subpoenaed Trump Jr. after the Mueller Report was published to "follow-up" on his previous testimony.
    -The SSCI failed (as far as I am aware) to submit any criminal referrals as a result of their "investigation".
    -The SSCI refused to approve of Ratcliffe's nomination as ODNI.

    In light of the above, and other examples, I have no faith that Burr will pursue a serious inquiry into Ciamarella or anything of significance as far as the Russia hoax/Spygate are concerned.

    Oh, and Lindsey Graham is hardly better. He's made promises about subpoenaing Brennan and his ilk, but has yet to deliver.

    1. Re the embedded tweet, I can only refer you to Reader Poll: Do Embedded Tweets Run Into Right Margin?. Most people have no problem, so I can only assume this is a browser problem or possibly bad interaction between certain browsers and the Blogger platform. I have yet to hear from anyone who uses a Chrome/Chromium derived browser who has a problem.

      Burr is hopeless. Graham has made himself useful in things like confirmation hearings, so he gets some slack from Trump. But I'm sure Trump knows that at the end of the day Graham is Deep State. That's why I was interested in Sperry's take. Trump does have leverage over McConnell. McConnell's fate is tied to Trump.

  2. Burr said that 2016 was his last election, so supposedly he will retire in 2022.

    Mitch has to play nice with Trump, and you can see that in the Senate Vote on impeachment. Mitch could have gotten more votes against Trump, but chose not too. The support / popularity for Trump is a huge force in the Republican Party.

    I am surprised at Romney's vote. It ranks up their with McCain's broken promises on building the wall, and his thumbs down on repealing Obamacare. At one time a Republican could say one thing to get elected, and vote another after being elected. Now it's gotten a lot harder to do that. Trump is actually keeping his election promises, and that is forcing a huge change in the culture of voting by Republicans that want to keep their office.