Friday, February 21, 2020

Stone Seeks To Disqualify Judge

This can be brief. Stone has already been sentenced, so it's hard to see that he has much to lose:

Alex Salvi
NEW: Roger Stone has filed a motion to disqualify the judge in his case. 
His lawyers allege her remarks about jurors at his sentencing suggest she is not impartial in regard to whether a juror improperly served on his case.

9:44 PM · Feb 21, 2020

Kyle Cheney
JUST IN: Roger Stone is moving to force Judge Amy Berman Jackson to recuse herself because she praised the jurors for serving with "integrity."
Stone says she can't rule fairly on his motion for a new trial (based on juror bias) because of this.

9:31 PM · Feb 21, 2020



    >>Judge Amy Berman Jackson has denied the motion to recuse herself from Roger Stone’s trial.<<

    [Insert "Casablanca" graphic of Bogart and Claude Rains as Rains -- playing the Prefect of Police -- has just announced the "Cafe Americain" is to be closed immediately, and delivers the classic line: "I'm shocked, shocked to learn there's gambling going on in here."

    Just then the croupier approaches and hands the Prefect a large wad of paper money.

    Prefect to croupier: "What's this?"

    Croupier replies: "Your winnings, sir."

    Prefect [sotto voce]: "Oh, thank you very much!"]

  2. UPDATE:

    >>U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson scheduled several hearings for Tuesday in Roger Stone’s criminal case, but the hearing regarding the jury forewoman’s alleged bias is currently scheduled to be sealed from the public, according to a motion filed Monday afternoon.

    Jackson’s order on Monday also revealed for the first time that Stone’s defense team will argue to make the hearing public. Those arguments will take place prior to the scheduled hearing and will be open to the public.<<


  3. HOLY SMOKES!!!!

    >>Robert Barnes
    · 34m
    The #RogerStone judge wasn't mad that a juror lied to get on the jury to rig the verdict against Roger. The judge was mad that press & public -- like @TuckerCarlson & @Cernovich -- exposed it to the world. That is what a #RiggedTrial looks like.<<

    Apparently Judge Amy "TDS" Jackson went bonkers that the Conservative news media pointed out the jury forewoman's PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS as evidence of her bias. Judge lectured the courtroom, attacked Tucker Carlson, about "invading juror privacy," despite the jury forewoman having revealed her identity as the Stone jury forewoman on her own through social media posts.

    I have to seriously ask: what is this Judge trying to hide? She appears to be furiously attempting to change the subject to deflect from something....

    As I opined some time ago, does the judge and the jury forewoman have some sort of undisclosed connection with each other? Did the judge act to sneak this woman onto the Stone jury?