Sunday, February 23, 2020

Highly Recommended Read Re The Sanders Candidacy

But before we get to that ...

Emerald Robinson 
Lots of liberals are stunned that a communist like Bernie Sanders is now the Democrat front runner. 
Really? For the last 30 years, our colleges taught kids cultural Marxism & relativism & identity politics.  
Who hired these radicals to teach in our schools?
Liberals did. 
9:05 AM · Feb 23, 2020

That's right. The Left deliberately dumbed down the kids. Now they're reaping the whirlwind--the dumbed down kids are now old enough to vote, and they're really stupid.

But here's that really good article--and you'll quickly see how it fits in with Emerald Robinson's tweet:

Bernie Sanders Will Be The Democratic Nominee.
No amount of “quality control” will save establishment Democrats.

The author, Chris Barron, goes through a detailed analysis of what's going on, then concludes:

Four years ago, Sanders’ policy positions may have been considered far outside even the Democratic party mainstream. But today there is absolutely no daylight between him and Elizabeth Warren— even the Democratic “centrists” have lurched far to the left. Why should Democratic voters have to settle for the imitation (Warren) or Bernie-lite (Biden, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg), when they can have the real thing? 
Sanders has the money, the motivated base, and a message that resonates with the Democratic rank and file. And just like with Trump in 2016, a handful of washed-up Democratic establishment hacks like Hillary Clinton and her cronies will refuse to endorse Bernie. But they won’t be able to stop him. Heck, I don’t even think Barack Obama could stop Bernie right now. 
Some believe that Democratic superdelegates will save them from Bernie. There are almost 800 super delegates who cannot vote on the first ballot. If no nominee is chosen on the first ballot, however, super delegates will be free to vote on subsequent ballots. As much as the idea of a contested convention is a dream for the media and political nerds, the truth is that if Bernie comes into the convention with the most delegates, it would be absolute electoral suicide for the Democratic Party to deny him the nomination. While I expect there will be an effort at the convention to stop Sanders—in the same way that there was an effort in Cleveland in 2016 to stop Trump—no political party is going to light itself on fire and refuse to bend to the will of its base. 
No one can save Democrats from themselves. Bernie Sanders is going to be the nominee.


  1. Make Gulags Great Again.

  2. -->the truth is that if Bernie comes into the convention with the most delegates, it would be absolute electoral suicide for the Democratic Party to deny him the nomination.<--

    What's the saying, "six to one, a half-dozen to the other."

    It's electoral suicide either way.

    If Bernie doesn't have the nomination locked up on the first ballot, despite a plurality of delegates/votes, and the party chooses someone else to be the nominee in subsequent ballots, well, that's the process.

    This is little different than disputing the Electoral College, by claiming a preference for a popular vote total. Presumably, the rules for counting the vote is agreed in advance. Just because the outcome is disagreeable doesn't mean it was stolen--or unfairly rigged.

    Bernie is an avowed Socialist--he's not even a Senator under the Dem party label--with a record of high praise for the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. He can't easily tack to the center for the general election. If the Democrats are taken over by the progressive/socialist/communist wing of their party, that's on them.

    The Dems looked pathetic in 2004--that didn't stop them from regrouping in 2008. This alarmism seems overwrought to me.

    As it is, there doesn't appear to be a hair's worth of difference between Bernie, Biden, Buttman, Bloomie, Liz and Amy--they essentially all agree on the central policies of the Dem party. Why the surprise or anguish...

  3. The only thing that can save the Dems from a Bernie candidacy is another heart attack.

  4. There is a small, growing chorus that due to Trump's election, Sanders should not be discounted.

    I agree in the sense that any political opponent needs to be treated as serious.

    However, it needs to be recognized that for Sanders to have mass appeal, he will have to convince the flyovers, bitter clingers, deplorable hinterland that his communist/socialist/authoritarian way is the future.

    Trunp won on the promise to make America again. It's happening.

    What's Sander's platform?

    There ya go.

    1. I'm not buying that small, growing chorus--although I've also taken note of it. It seems to be coming in part from GOPe NeverTrump types who are flirting with the notion that they and the Dems can control Crazy Bernie.

      My view, FWIW, is that a huge sector of the populace really doesn't know what Bernie is about--that's borne out by the poor primary turnout, the low interest in the Dem debates. Once they find out they'll be horrified by the total incoherence of his platform.

      And now he's just given Florida to Trump.

  5. Dems problems are beginning to mount:

    Biden latest gaffe in a speech in South Carolina may well do him in.

    >>After a series of gaffes in his long tenure in the government, this one is really sticking. Many pundits, news personalities, Democrats and Republicans were left scratching their heads.<<

    “You’re the ones who sent Barack Obama the presidency,” said Biden.”And I have a simple proposition here: I’m here to ask you for your help. Where I come from, you don’t go very far unless you ask. My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United State’s Senate. Look me over. If you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden. Give me a look though, okay?”


    Seriously Joe? US senate? Vote for the Other Biden?

    Let me add some speculation; Biden seems to have a perpetual tan, and a knack for making increasingly bizarre claims, or forgetting what state he's in, or making a hash out of recollections he claims to have, and incoherent, inexplicable statements (like calling a young college student a "dog-faced pony soldier.")

    I think there is a medical diagnosis that fits these symptoms, and it isn't dementia.

    I suspect Biden is suffering from "hepatic encephalopathy," caused by liver failure. The "permanent tan" is one of the side effects of a failing liver, which can no longer filter out of the blood various toxins and waste products. It is a fairly common complication of alcoholism.

    The cognitive effects of the condition are exactly what Biden has been doing: false memories, a decline in cognitive ability, memory failures, and a propensity to become easily irritated.

    The cause of the neurological symptoms is believed to be ammonia in the blood stream, which is the byproduct of the metabolism of protein, and is no longer being filtered by the liver. When the ammonia gets into the brain via the blood stream, it raises havoc with brain cells.

    I have personally known two people who suffered this medical condition. The more I see and hear Biden, the more I suspect this is the explanation for his increasingly bizarre behavior and his perma-tan™ skin coloration.

    Anybody know what Biden's reputation was for alcohol consumption?