Thursday, February 6, 2020

Babysteppin': "Illegal"

Yep, this is progress, one small step at a time, slow but sure--FBI Director Chris Wray confirms that the Carter Page FISAs were "illegal." It's important to use the proper word. Now conservatives can tell the whole world--Trump was spied on ILLEGALLY:


  1. They're even more concerned about the first one being determined to have been without sufficient probable cause — or, as those of us outside the District of Corruption like to call it: "illegal".

    1. Absolutely. And I don't care what anyone else says, I say it was illegal.

  2. Baby steps are the right word. I have been surprised by how Wray has been slow walking the corruption in the FBI. I'm not sure if corruption is the right word. Political bias, illegal activities, hiding of wrong doing with attempts to use training and weasel words as a way hide the scope of the wrong doing.

    All the while the reputation of the FBI is getting worse, and worse. This reminds me of Nixon's impeachment, with a constant drip of reports that corroded his support. The same thing as more and more facts come out, is happening to the FBI, and associated anti Trump resistance.

    The problem is the facts are taking so long to come out, stuff is still being held back with the latest excuse by the Durham investigation.

    I wonder if the Durham results are going to be pushed out until after the Presidential Election, which is only 9 months away, so the election is not unfairly tainted. Along with all the other declassification that should happen.

    1. Barr seems to be a man of his word. He says late spring or early summer, and I'll accept that. However, I'm hoping that he can gin up some surprise indictments based on leaks during the Impeachment Theater. I'm not close enough to the facts to know, but I wouldn't be surprised if some laws were broken.

  3. An aside; Wray admitting the surveillance of Page was "illegal" has serious implications for Page's likely civil suit for damages. Wray is for all practical purposes saying: "Yes; we illegally surveilled Mr. Page."

    That's tantamount to not contesting a civil suit by Page for damages arising for the illegal surveillance, and associated leaks to the MSM, to his business prospects and reputation, and since Wray stated it under oath in Public testimony, Page can cite that in a civil suit, which he only needs to prove by a preponderance of evidence.

    Typically, bureaucrats weasel-word answers precisely to avoid giving away the store to people itching to file a civil suit; Wray conspicuously did the opposite, admitting the FBI screwed up.

    This is a tacit admission that Page should sue, and will collect damages. It's the first decent thing -- other than the Horowitz Report -- done by the FBI/DOJ that has been fair to Page since the beginning of this fiasco.

  4. My bet is that Wray receives close supervision and is on a tight leash.

    Trump is liberated and he's not going to stand stonewalling my Wray. Barr won't tolerate it either.

    Things are taking time because of the enormous complexity and sheer volume of wrongdoing.