Thursday, May 16, 2019

"Christopher Wray Is Becoming A Very Big Problem"

I've been on FBI Director Chris Wray's case for some time now. You can review past posts here. The quote in the title, "Christopher Wray Is Becoming A Very Big Problem," is taken from an interview with Joe DiGenova on Monday, May 13, 2019. DiGenova touched on a number of Chris Wray related problems:

Wray was behind the illegal classification of the Kathleen Kavalec memo; 
The decision requiring Wray to declassify that memo was taken by DoJ; 
Wray's Congressional testimony in which he disagreed with AG Bill Barr's use of the word "spying", or at least distanced himself, was "badly received throughout the Trump administration;
Wray was recommended to Trump by Chris Christie.

I have in the past pointed out Wray's close association with Andrew Weissmann in the notorious Enron case (Weissmann's theory of obstruction was rejected by the SCOTUS 9-0, but only after Arthur Andersen was destroyed and ten thousand people lost their jobs). DiGenova adds to that and sketches out Wray's Deep State connections by relating that Wray is close friends with Robert Mueller and James Comey, terming Wray "an acolyte [altar boy] of Comey," adding that Wray "worshipped" Comey.

Wray can't be gone soon enough for me.


  1. Yes, Wray is (and always has been) a Deep State operative. And yes, he has been working quietly behind the scenes to protect other Deep State operatives that could be in legal jeopardy as a result of their complicity in the prior criminal acts associated with SpyGate and RussiaGate. And he is very cagey about his treachery, hence the low profile and facade of blandness. But he, like Comey before him, has arrogantly assumed that he is immune to personal surveillance because he commands the FBI surveillance operation. No one is immune to surveillance. Everyone is spied on; by NSA, by foreign intelligence, and even by private entities. Wray has exposure he doesn't know exists, and it will be his undoing.

    1. Barr has to be a nightmare for Wray. And the classification stunt he pulled--Barr won't forget and he won't forgive.

  2. Hopefully Wray is the last Deep State pick that the establishment is able to get past the President.