Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Briefly Noted: Paul Sperry On Fire, Developments

Raw tweets from today:

Paul Sperry‏


NYT & WaPo knew of "govt investigator" Strzok sent to spy on Papa-D w Halper since at least May 2018. They know "Aza Turk's" identity just like knew Halper's & won't divulge not to protect them but FBI handlers/leakers. Just like knew Steele's ID & HRC behind dossier. #CorruptMSM

#SpyGate What did Vice President Joe Biden know and when did he know it?

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Burr: “I think when we get through with our report (set for end-of-summer release), there won’t be any room for anybody to make these wild accusations about collusion.”

MYSTERY: Mueller Report states Joseph Mifsud interviewed Feb 10 2017. Yet no citation of an FBI 302 for interview. Mueller also states he has docs proving Mifsud made "false" statements to investigators. Yet he never prosecuted him for lying like Papa-D. Why was Mifsud protected?

DEVELOPING: Congressional investigators are looking into "a number of false statements" made by Mueller in Volume I of his report where he misrepresented the underlying evidence ostensibly to mirror the FBI's stated pretext for opening investigations on Trump campaign figures

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