Thursday, May 23, 2019

Does Trump WANT To Be impeached?

Nancy Pelosi said so today, but I'm not sure that's just part of the Dem "impeachment theater" schtick. However ...

There are some more serious voices who are suggesting that that is, indeed, what Trump wants. Don Surber rounds it up, inimitably: Trump's fear about impeachment. Surber argues that Trump's real fear is not that he will be impeached but that he won't be impeached--and that's why he's goading them.

President Donald John Trump wants them to impeach him because this is the best way to penalize Democrats for trying to frame him and remove him from office in a Deep State coup. 
Justice calls for a few Deep State divas to go to prison. Jimmy the Weasel Comey heads that list. 
But a defeat at the polls would show Democrats that years of lying carry a price. 
He has drawn a line in the sand. Democrats are running to cross it. 
Quicksand is on the other side of it. Oops. 
His fear about impeachment is that they won't. That meeting at the White House made impeachment more likely because Democrats will show him they won't be shoved around. 
Nancy said, “We believe no one is above the law, including the president of the United States.” 
Hillary walked. Lois Lerner walked. Hunter Biden walked....

And Surber quotes the freshly pardoned Conrad Black in support:

"The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. They must put up or shut up, impeach or back down. The president has called their bluff and the game is about to end, either an embarrassing defeat for the Democrats or political annihilation. Speaker Pelosi is no galvanizing leader, but she is a cagey veteran. She has tried to warn her more-furious caucus members of what they are getting into but is obviously having trouble controlling her partisans. 
"I assume contemplation of what awaits will induce the House Democrats to opt for a trip to the woodshed over the political gallows, but it would be impetuous to bet a five-cent cigar on their collective judgment. Their attempt at regicide has failed completely; it’s still a bit of a long shot, but they might just manage suicide, not from justified conscientious shame, but out of witless antagonism. 
"One way or the other, the papier-mâché Damoclean sword of impeachment will disintegrate just as the prominent Democrats who grievously abused their offices in trying to destroy Trump get ready for their own trials. Both sides come to bat in this legal game, and the Democrats have struck out."

It makes sense to me. Who's the boss of Reality TV--Donald Trump or nutnfancy, er, Chuck and Nancy? Why not?


  1. I used to play a lot of poker. To me, Trump looks like someone holding literally the best possible hand, and the Democrats look like they are holding jack high. If the information being held for declassification is as damaging as some claim, then the best forum for releasing that would be a Senate trial.

    However, I think the Democrats are completely full of ****, and will not call Trump's raise.

  2. I would welcome an impeachment. Bring it on!

    The public will be watching and learning.

    And then much less than a majority of the Senate will vote to convict him.

  3. Yes, they'll be learning. But they've already been learning, if the polls are any indication. Despite the Deep State's concerted efforts to pull the wool over their eyes.