Sunday, May 5, 2019

Michael Caputo - Undercover Huber Comments

Byron York did an hour long interview with Michael Caputo a couple of days ago: Hey, Was That Russian With The FBI?  Caputo, of course, is another Trump campaign alumnus (and associate of Roger Stone) who was bankrupted by Mueller in an atrocious attempt to set him up. (Psst! Don't tell Jack Goldsmith that Mueller isn't the most upright of guys!) Caputo goes through his whole story with Byron. If you don't know the story, it's worth your listen.

Caputo, famously, after being grilled by the Senate Intelligence Committee, closed it with this pithy statement:

“What America needs is an investigation into the investigators. Forget about all the death threats against my family. I want to know who cost us so much money, who crushed our kids, who forced us out of our home, all because you lost an election. I want to know because God Damn you to Hell.”

Undercover Huber has weighed in with some pithy tweets. Here are some selected quotes:

Caputo also reveals a few other interesting details:
—That his Mueller interview was with two FBI agents and Mueller Prosecutor Zelinsky. The FBI agents only wrote their 302s and never said anything
9:41 AM - 5 May 2019

I like that one, because it illustrates what I keep saying about how investigators (FBI) now being joined at the hip with the prosecutors (DoJ), and how unhealthy that whole dynamic is. Does that sound dishonest to you--FBI agents claiming to have conducted an interview, when they were only note takers, at best? Because, for all we know, Zelinsky may have also been the one who actually wrote the 302. Yeah, that sounds dishonest to me.

Believe me--it didn't use to be like that. I never did investigative interviews with an AUSA. Never. Can you see how wrong it is to have a prosecutor interviewing a subject before indictment? The prosecutor is supposed to be judging the sufficiency of the evidence that's been gathered--not creating it. And this is one of the reasons why I think it's such a bad idea to have had a string of former (and ethically challenged) prosecutors as Directors of the FBI. People keep talking about reforming the system, reforming FISA, etc. How's this for starters: Don't put Deep State operatives like Mueller and Comey in charge of the FBI!

Do you think I'm being harsh, when I refer to "creating the evidence"? Read on, to see what happened to Caputo and Stone. They tried to create evidence, but had to back away when they figured out that the FBI informant was a liar and Caputo and Stone could prove it. But did they prosecute the informant for lying to the FBI, like they would have prosecuted Caputo or Stone if they'd been able to pin anything remotely like an inaccuracy on them? Well, I won't spoil the story:

Hank Greenberg (HG) approached Caputo in June 2016 offering dirt on Hillary 
Caputo says he only spoke to HG on the phone and put him in touch with his best friend Roger Stone, who met him instead 
HG was interviewed by the FBI and he testified that Caputo was *physically present at the meeting with Stone* 
But, Caputo confirms that Mueller not only had Caputo’s denial of meeting HG, he had a text message that Caputo sent to Stone just after the meeting asking “How did the meeting go?” 
Stone replied saying HG wanted money for the “dirt” and Stone rejected the offer 
Given Caputo’s testimony to Mueller, the contemporaneous text evidence (and Mueller probably has access to Caputo’s electronic location metadata as well), that means it is highly likely “Greenberg” **lied to the FBI and Mueller’s team**
Why wasn’t he charged, like @GeorgePapa19? 
A plausible explanation is that “Henry Greenberg” was instructed to make that offer to Caputo/Stone by the FBI, who he’d worked as an informant for already
And that instruction was given in May/June 2016, before “Crossfire Hurricane” was opened on July 31


  1. Grand juries will resolve this. Greenberg isn't Mifsud and Halper overseas- he is here and available.

    1. More and more I suspect Mueller will rue the day he took that job. One more person cursing Rosenstein.

  2. This is a perfect example of why Barr cannot afford to coverup this kind of DOJ/FBI malfeasance. If nothing is done to right this wrong, and punish the rogue prosecutors, then the only rational course of action for all citizens going forward is to utterly refuse to cooperate in all future FBI investigations. In this event, all citizens should be advised to shun any interaction with the FBI and remain mute no matter the circumstances. If enough people do this, then Wray will finally get the message that FBI misconduct comes at a steep price.

    1. You have to wonder whether the FBI has encountered a growing reluctance to cooperate. It's understandable.