Wednesday, May 1, 2019

UPDATED: Criminal Referral? Whoa, Nellie!

It's being reported that Rep. Mark Meadows is working to "finalize" a criminal referral on Nellie Ohr--Clinton oppo researcher and wife of top DoJ official and key Russia Hoax conspirator Bruce Ohr. John Solomon has the story, but a good launching pad, that includes a link to Solomon's story plus additional background, is at Zerohedge: Nellie Ohr Criminal Referral Being 'Finalized' According To Jim Jordan. The criminal referral would be based on discrepancies between Nellie's testimony and a trove of emails that Judicial Watch has obtained.

Nellie strikes me as a hardcore, leftist extremist who hasn't outgrown the extremism of her younger days, when she defended the Stalinist government sponsored famine in Ukraine as just the price one pays for "progress":

As analyzed in 1994 by anti-communist historian Walter Laqueur, these “revisionists” included American academics who “downplayed the human cost of forcible collectivization of agriculture.” 
Did I mention Nellie Ohr’s Ph.D. thesis is titled “Collective farms and Russian peasant society, 1933-1937: the stabilization of the kolkhoz order”? 
“Kolkhoz” order means “collective farm” order, so Ohr’s subtitle refers to the “stabilization” of the collective farm order. The phrasing alone is suggestive of some silverish lining after the six million or more people were killed by Stalin’s state-created famine, mass deportations, and general war of “de-kulakization.” 
Speaking “revisionist” lingo, Nellie Ohr turns the millions killed by Stalin into “excesses,” which, in Ohr’s words, “sometimes represented desperate measures taken by a government that had little real control over the country.” (Poor Stalin.) She depicts purges as representing “to some degree a center-periphery conflict in which the ‘state-building’ central government tried to bring headstrong local satraps under control.”

Jordan and Meadows, in the light of the recently obtained emails, believe Nellie lied to the House. My own impression of her testimony was:

Nellie is, when compared to any of the previous witnesses, tight lipped. She volunteers virtually nothing, constantly asks for questions to be rephrased, and generally professes ignorance on most matters that she's questioned on.

Here is a link to past posts that featured Nellie to some significant degree:

UPDATE: Confirmed:

John Solomon‏

Breaking: Criminal referral filed against Nellie Ohr concerning congressional testimony after emails surface showing election-year contacts with DOJ

5:19 PM - 1 May 2019

And in a total non-surprise, CTH is also reporting:

Not coincidentally, Fusion-GPS owner Glenn Simpson is also being reviewed for lying to investigators about his contacts and activity in connection to the dossier.  Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion-GPS and it would appear Fusion is at the center of the effort to construct evidence to support the 2016 election operation against Donald Trump.

CTH has lots of background.


  1. Looking at the reactions lately from Democrats in Congress, they do not seem to be people with a strong hand to play?

    1. They're spinning furiously but, as you say, don't have a strong hand to play.

  2. Nellie's conduct while being questioned makes perfect sense if you factor in her enormous criminal liability exposure as a result of her central role in RussiaGate (much more so than has been reported in the media or revealed in the emails exposed by Judicial Watch).

    Brennan was tasked with devising and orchestrating this covert OP, but he is none too bright or original, so he asked the Brits for help. They suggested that he try something similar to their Clockwork Orange operation from the 70s, which he gleefully accepted.

    Because of the extreme criminality, no one at CIA could be used directly, so he did the next best thing and hired a contractor psuedo-employee in Nellie Orr. She has been central to the whole operation from the start and was instrumental in passing information and instructions between the US conspirators and their Brit counterparts. Her involvement and direct personal knowledge can put a lot important people behind bars in both the US and allies.

    In addition, if Barr is unwilling to flip her and open Pandora's Box, she is still at extreme risk should other intelligence agencies choose to release audio/video of her interactions with her British handler in DC. Not even the Deep State can protect her if that happens, and it would badly embarrass Barr to boot.

    The next few months will be very interesting.

    1. "Nellie's conduct while being questioned makes perfect sense ..."

      Yes and no. She was actually in an excellent position to make a deal, when the investigation was still in its early days. She had valuable information and, while important, she was at the lower levels of the conspiracy and could implicate bigger fish. As you say, she "can put a lot important people behind bars in both the US and allies". She may still be able to make a deal, but her leverage is shot.

      "The next few months will be very interesting."

      I hafta say, it does look like important pieces are starting to fall into place for Barr.

    2. I expect Bruce, McCabe, Page and Baker to flip, at a minimum. Comey and Clapper are candidates, too. Probably Lynch, as well.

      If we're wrong, I will be eating humble pie with you.

    3. I think Baker and Bruce Ohr have already cooperated--which is why they were allowed to hang on to their jobs for a while. Page may also be in that category. McCabe, no. Or not yet. But McCabe will probably lose motivation to cover for Comey and Yates. McCabe, of course, is guilty as sin, and can't expect much of a deal.

    4. Indeed. She knows things that would relegate the finding of Jimmy Hoffa's body to the back page.
      If she is invited for a moonlight walk in Ft Marcy Park I would recommend demurring with extreme prejudice.

  3. This is likely to go the same place all the other referrals Congress has made over the last two years. Yes, I think she lied, but she has a D after her name. It isn't like she is Roger Stone.

  4. "This is likely to go the same place all the other referrals Congress has made over the last two years."

    That would be DoJ. And the criminal referrals are a recent thing--they don't stretch back over those two years.

    The Mueller inquisition was used to thwart any possibility of effective action in the past. That's been shut down, and the GOPers are now rushing ahead with referrals. Who's in charge makes a big difference.

    I expect indictments and convictions.

  5. I liked the following comment (antitechnocracy at 10:24 PM) in the CTH article.

    ... wouldn’t a criminal prosecution against Ohr deprive the opportunity for them to run the “outrage” scam (i.e., anything goes, including lies, in a counterintelligence investigation)? Because Ohr was not part of any counterintelligence investigation, her defense can’t use this scam. Unless they choose to admit that she’s actually CIA, which I doubt they’d do, because that would make the larger cabal look evil guiltier.

  6. McCabe lied repeatedly during the leak investigation carried out by the IG. A year later and nothing but the sound of crickets.

    1. You're right. I suppose that he was protected by Rosenstein, but that protection is gone now. There's no reason to assume Barr will behave the same way, and many reasons to suppose that he'll behave very differently. I will, not gladly but sadly, eat humble pie if McCabe somehow skates.

    2. Yes, it has been one year, but as Mr. Wauck says, the Russian Hoax is over and there's a new sheriff in town.