Friday, May 24, 2019

Chris Wray Is On Thin Ice At FBI

It's pretty clear that FBI Director Chris Wray got slapped down by AG Bill Barr when the FBI tried to hide the Kathleen Kavalec material regarding her interview with Chris Steele. Judicial Watch has been trying to obtain disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's text messages. Jucidial Watch has been met with what Devin Nunes likes to call "the usual stonewall" from the FBI. Late last night Trump retweeted Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton's slam at Wray and the FBI:

Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Tom Fitton‏
Verified account

BIG: @realDonaldTrump authorizes AG Barr to declassify #Spygate docs from all agencies!  Coming up!

FBI hiding transcripts that could exonerate @RealDonaldTrump and implicate Comey-Obama FBI? Plus @JudicialWatch catches FBI in yet another Clinton email cover-up.  All this and more on the Coup Cabal…
FBI refuses to search text messages under FOIA. Director Wray needs to step up and stop this stonewalling that protects corrupt former FBI officials Comey. McCabe, Page, Strzok....
FBI still hiding Andrew McCabe's text messages. …

It's clear from the president's declass order that Trump and Barr are totally on the same page. It's also clear that Trump has no respect for Wray and his Deep State coverup attempts. The nice talk about Wray from Barr? It means nothing. Wray is on very thin ice.


  1. Oh, the "nice talk" from Barr, re: Wray? Isn't that the same approach as keeping your enemies closer...

    It's just like the "vote of confidence" handed out--which usually means the person in question is about to be fired.

    1. Yep. If he wants a long career, there he's going about it the wrong way.

  2. As will be revealed in the upcoming SpyGate/RussiaGate scandal, the FBI has enormous power and means to spy on US citizens. Despite what the IC agencies publicly state, they have access to virtually all electronic data streams moving through the electro-magnetic spectrum, fiber optic cables, landlines, and other communication conduits. And these data streams comprise both the transmission identifiers and root content; all of which can be decoded and read by humans. Wray should be intimately aware of this capability by virtue of his experience managing the FBI investigations. And yet, he behaves as if he personally is immune and not subject to the same scrutiny. Wait until Tom Fitton submits a FOIA request for his texts and emails. Oh boy!

  3. "The nice talk about Wray from Barr? It means nothing."

    Straight from Donald Trump's playbook. And very refreshing as we finally, after decades, begin to get to the bottom of the Intelligence State.

    Have to believe Wray is a dead man.


    1. He's shown he's not a team player--or that he's playing for a different team than Trump or Barr are on.

  4. Wray reminds me of a bunch of other nominal Republicans who should probably do a little soul-searching about the nature of loyalty and team play, especially in time of (political) war, which is essentially where we are...

    Paul Ryan
    Jeff Sessions
    Mitt Romney
    Richard Burr
    Jeff Flake
    Lisa Murkowski
    Rex Tillerson
    John Kelly
    Rod Rosenstein
    Jim Mattis
    HR McMaster
    John McCain (if he were alive)

    1. You left Jim Comey and Robert Mueller off your list.

  5. Let's hope that Wray skates to the part of the ice where it's the thinnest.

    1. Perhaps he should just take himself out of the game--concede that he is the Peter Principle, promoted over his level of competence.