Thursday, May 9, 2019

Surprised? Doug Collins Says Mueller Won't Testify Next Wednesday

Appearing on Fox News Rep. Doug Collins had a lot to say about Jerry Nadler's contempt theatrics, emphasizing the point that Jonathan Turley made--that treating the subpoena power itself with such contempt undermines the authority and credibility of the House. However, for me the interesting part came during the last two minutes of the interview when Collins was asked a number of direct questions.

The first question was, yes or no, will Mueller testify to the House next Wednesday? His answer: No. Maybe yes or maybe no, or a flat no? His answer: I would say a flat no. This doesn't come as a surprise. The GOP Reps would be well prepared for Mueller and I don't think he'd want to--or even be able to truthfully--answer those questions.

Collins closed by stating that the real story coming up is the IG report, which will leave little to hide behind.


  1. This is not good it will portrayed that Trump is keeping him from testifying. This serves the interests of Democrats and the media.

    1. That occurred to me, but I strongly suspect that it won't work out that way.

    2. Here's the thing. Trump raised no obstacle to Mueller testifying--he only raised the issue of fundamental fairness. Is Mueller afraid to talk about his report? Barr told him it was fine, if he wanted to. But Mueller knows that he's burned ALL HIS BRIDGES with Barr.

  2. I would ask Robert Mueller about his meeting with President Trump on the day before he was appointed as the Special Counsel.

    * When that meeting happened, did Mueller know that Rod Rosenstein had proposed to wear a wire when talking with Trump?

    * Did Mueller know whether Rosenstein was wearing a wire during that meeting?

    * Was Mueller himself wearing a wire during that meeting?

    * Did Mueller's cell phone have a special recording set-up?

    * How did it happen that Mueller left his cell phone in the Oval Office when he departed from that meeting?

    * Did Mueller leave his cell phone there deliberately in order to record Trump's remarks during and right after the meeting?

    I would start the questioning of Mueller along those lines.

    1. Yes, and here's another one, following the lines of Barr's "predication" inquiry:

      Did Rod Rosenstein explain to you the predication for the investigation that you, as Special Counsel, would be taking over? When did he explain that to you?

  3. Here's an article by a Dem lawyer. In the article he asks: What has happened to the Dem party. That's pretty simple--they've embraced totalitarianism and rejected a constitutional order.

    Democrats' demands that Mueller testify are all wrong – They know he can’t discuss his report

    Demands by Democrats that Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify before Congress about his report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election show a complete lack of respect for the rule of law and the constitutional provisions of the separation of powers.


    The special counsel process, ill-conceived from the start, is over and Congress has the Mueller report to pore over. Mueller and his views regarding the subject of his investigation are both factually and legally irrelevant now.

  4. If he doesn't testify, it would not be a surprise. What can he possibly add to the report? He couldn't contradict any portion of it, and the inconvenient questions he could be asked are too obvious.

    1. I think it would be a foolish thing for him to do, at this point.

    2. I'd love to see him testify. I'm sure that he doesn't want to. As you stated, there will be so many chances for him to commit perjury.

      Maybe good ole Bob will see what it's like to be on the receiving end of US Government prosecution.

  5. I'm going to bet Mueller does testify, because his plan was to drag out his "investigation" for 4 years. Problem is, Barr came home, looked at the mess, and asked "what are you doing here, exactly?"
    So Mueller has been invited by Democrats to come "testify" and provide excuses for Democrats to continue Mueller's "investigation".
    To top it off, Mueller won't be alone when he "testifies". He'll have a lawyer sitting behind him (provided by Wray?) interrupting whenever a Republican asks an uncomfortable question.
    The charade continues...

    1. It's not that simple. As I said on another post, Mueller knows he has burned all his bridges with Barr. I assume Mueller will have a lawyer with him, but since he would be talking about matters that occurred while he was a prosecutor for DoJ, that lawyer will be provided by Bill Barr. Barr will have NO problem with Republicans asking Mueller uncomfortable questions.

      Personally, I sorta hope he does testify. But it would probably be somewhat foolhardy at this point.