Monday, May 20, 2019

UPDATED: Rep. Doug Collins Releases Nine Transcripts Of Witness Interviews

Follow the link for a launching pad to all the transcripts: TRANSPARENCY.

Separately, there are reports that House Dems are placing enormous pressure on Pelosi to start impeachment ASAP.

Desperation. They see what's coming and can think of nothing else to do.

UPDATE: Rep. Matt Gaetz is predicting bombshell revelations--probably via declass--within days.

I assume that the impeachment NOW hysteria gripping Left/Progs in Congress is a function of two--no, make that three--things:

1. The steady drumbeat of damaging revelations--with the promise of MUCH MORE to come;

2. The patent futility of their efforts to slow AG Barr down or phase him;

3. The realization, based on Barr's latest interview that, as I said, Barr has bigger fish to fry than the texting duo of Strzok and Page--and one of those fish is named Barack Obama.


  1. Sundance has picked McCabe as the first to read, so that is what I will do tomorrow morning. Of course, I think we will have good summaries of all nine by the late afternoon- lots of interested readers out there- one of the truly powerful aspects of the internet.