Monday, May 6, 2019

Briefly Noted: Papadopoulos Promises To Publish Emails

It looks like things will continue to happen, new revelations. This evening George Papadopoulos is promising to publish emails between himself and Erika Thompson, whom he characterizes as "Alexander Downer's Australian intel handler"--highly unlikely to be the actual situation, IMO, but, whatever. Erika Thompson, of course, is the Australian "diplomat" who contacted Papadopoulos in London and arranged for him to meet with the top Australian diplomat--and FBI/CIA informant--in London.

George Papadopoulos‏

I will be publishing emails between myself and Alexander Downer’s Australian intel handler, Erika Thompson, over the next few weeks detailing the extent the Australians were actively seeking to sabotage Trump and his team with fake stories.
4:31 PM - 16 Mar 2019

This will no doubt be a further embarrassment for the Australian government--our "allies". It will also move Barr's whole "spying" narrative further along in the public consciousness, while Dems play their games in Congress.


  1. The dynamic in the media war will change characteristically after Rosenstein leaves office later this week. He was the backstop protecting a lot of Deep State operatives within DOJ and his departure will chill any further covert action to undermine Trumnp. This marks an important transition for the Deep State, as they will now be largely on the defensive rather than proactively working to remove Trump from office. As such, look for lower level participants and whistleblowers to make new revelations and begin to drive the news cycle. Every time the Deep State offers up a faux justification for the coup activity, there will be a countervailing declassification or expose´to refute it. Should be a fun time.