Friday, May 10, 2019

Briefly Noted: Final Three FISAs Obtained "Illegally", Papadopoulos Framed By FBI

Joe DiGenova is stating publicly that the conclusion that IG Horowitz has come to--which DiGenova is stating because of the Kavalec revelations--is that the final three FISAs were obtained "illegally." The only thing left to determine is whether the first, original application, was obtained illegally.

DiGenova states that the FBI hid the Kavalec material from Horowitz and that that is the reason Horowitz has thus far been unable to come to a conclusion regarding the original FISA application. Now, the Kavalec material, in all its damning detail, is "out there."

Jim Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andy McCabe--and many more--call your lawyers' offices!

Watch the video here.

Toensing and DiGenova also confirm what we've been maintaining all along, that the business of Papadopoulos being braced at Dulles, searched for $10,000, was a an FBI sting. Simply put, the FBI doesn't routinely do airport searches for customs violations. Toensing adds:

“This is what happens when you work for Donald Trump.”


Toensing and DiGenova have been busy making the rounds. They were also interviewed by Sebastian Gorka:

I love DiGenova's summary opinion of FBI Director Chris Wray. Toensing straightforwardly states that Wray is corrupt (with a specific example) and Joe adds that all Wray cares about is his next job. In fact, here's a transcript of that portion:

Sebastian Gorka: Barr's gonna get to the bottom of this stuff, but there's an institutional problem here [at the FBI]. 
Joe DiGenova: There has to be accountability for all this, and the only way you have that is with a gigantic investigation into how it all happened, which means Grand Juries, indictments if necessary, ... 
Gorka: But that doesn't change culture. 
DiGenova: Then you have to have a public accounting, and you have to have leaders. We have one now with Barr. The FBI however is rudderless. Chris Wray is a disaster. He's an empty suit. Not only that, he's disingenuous. He has never given the big speech that you have to give when you come into an organization like that: "We're gonna fix this, we made some bad mistakes." He has never said that. How can you lead an institution back to credibility when you don't address the problem frontally?
Victoria Toensing: We took him evidence of corruption during the Bush administration when he was the Assistant Attorney General for Criminal, over all the US Attorneys, when we took him specific information and evidence about a US Attorney and he refused to do anything. 
DiGenova: He's a very bad person for the job, he's the wrong person, because the only thing that Chris Wray has ever cared about is his next job. 
Gorka: That's DC, that's DC. The tyranny of mediocrity and those without a spine shall be promoted. When have we seen that before? 

Gorka also points out that Barr, in his testimony, has not only fingered the DoJ and FBI as needing to be cleaned up, he has also stated that "the Intelligence Community troubles him."

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