Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Where Are New Covid Cases Coming From?

Steve Bannon interviewed a very prominent epidemiologist on just this topic--Harvey Risch, from Yale, who has also been an exponent of the early use of HCQ to treat Covid. An excerpt of that interview is available at LifeSite: 

Yale public health professor suggests 60% of new COVID-19 patients have received vaccine

'Clinicians have been telling me that more than half of the new COVID cases that they’re treating are people who have been vaccinated,' said Dr. Harvey Risch.

I've come up with a complete transcript of that excerpt. What Risch has to say shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's moderately well informed. While most people almost certainly believe they're getting jabbed in order to save themselves from a deadly viral infection--and, secondarily, to save others--the reality is quite different. For starters, the shots don't prevent infection nor, as has leaked out slowly, do they necessarily prevent reinfection. Here's Risch and Steve Bannon:

HR: I think that the American public has been sold on the vaccines by the research that shows that they reduce the infection--of mild to moderate symptomatic infection--by somewhere between 60-90% depending upon age and vaccine and so on, and that is pretty good performance for an individual who wants to take a vaccine to protect himself. 

However, that's not the measure that the public health infrastructure, administration, and Dr. Fauci are using to look at the efficacy of the vaccine. They're looking at, Do the vaccines prevent the spread of the infection? And for that the vaccine companies provided no information. We have to look at when the vaccines were actually used, and the best place so far has been the mass rollout in Israel where the Pfizer vaccine was given to more than half the population now. And in Israel, the studies there show that it reduces the spread of the infection by somewhere around 50-60%. 

So, that contributes to herd immunity, but it is not an overnight shutting off of the spread. It is a slow and continuing benefit to the society to do that, but it's totally different than each individual’s protection of, say, 90%. And so, for that reason, giving the individuals a vaccine that they think is going to free them up from all restrictions in the society is not true, because what they're really doing is getting a vaccine that only cuts the transmission by a half. 

And, in fact, we even know this now because the people, clinicians, have been telling me that more than half of the new Covid cases that they're seeing to treat are people who've been vaccinated. And what this means is, that the vaccines are having ...

SB: Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! Rewind! Give me that again!

HR: Somewhat more than half--they're estimating at 60%--of the new cases that they're treating, new Covid cases, have been people who've been vaccinated.

A couple of observations. The medications being injected are narrowly focused on the "spike protein" of the virus--as provided by the Chinese Communist Party. Beyond that issue, according to well regarded vaccinologists, the Pfizer and Moderna medications may--at least temporarily--suppress in some way our natural immunity to the virus.

Now, It seems clear that if 60% of people currently being treated for Covid are people who have been "vaccinated," then there are even more people who have been both "vaccinated" and subsequently infected--but whose infection is either asymptomatic or mild enough (in their opinion) that they didn't turn themselves in to medical authorities who would report their situation. In other words, just as expected, this medication that doesn't prevent infection may be enabling a wide spread of infection. It certainly isn't preventing the spread from continuing.

An issue that has troubled professionals in the vaccine development field is whether these medications--narrowly focused on only one protein--may be steering the virus toward the development of variants or mutations for which those who have been jabbed by Pfizer or Moderna will have virtually no resistance unless their natural immunity has somehow kicked in again. By comparison, those many, many people who have a natural immunity will be equally resistant to all variants and, therefore, should not be vaccinated, in the opinion of many vaccinologists. This scenario depends on timing but, since mutations occur far faster than these medications can be developed and rolled out, many immunologists believe this development is a matter not of "if" but of "when"--that it's inevitable.

Now you understand the instruction to the "vaxxed" public to continue distancing and masking--for whatever dubious worth those measures may have. You will also understand the scare talk about "variants" and statements that "boosters" at very short intervals--I've heard estimates as low as 90 days--will be necessary. Ordinarily, this normal viral process of mutating would be good news, because it would signal the weakening of the virus. It presents a problem only in the specific situation that the Pfizer and Moderna medications have created. 

This is a huge experiment in which we're all playing a role.


  1. With $500 billion and more at stake for Big Pharma with new jabs in perpetuity, it's not likely that we're ever going to get the straight story on how this all started (Fauci-to-WVL-to-WHO... I don't know ... third base) and how it was pushed. Was it akin to the election fraud, where many motivated and like-minded schemers worked as a loosely organized team without explicit communications?

    One year ago I would never have believed that the US could so quickly descend into tyranny. It appears that the acceptable operating range of our politics had evolved to handle only a certain amount of corruption, chaos, and criminality. The Dems did not widen the Overton Window, they threw a brick through it. Like an ungoverned engine, the US political machine quickly went unstable. Now half the country wants to let it continue in runaway more, to spin out of control, and to overheat catastrophically. I personally think that we're going to throw a rod or two, or, see the engine block seize irreparably.

    1. The movie "Plandemic" is an excellent guide. Fauci is more criminal that his dopey ways convey.

  2. The vaccines do appear to blunt severity of cases, though. You seem to be arguing that natural immunity from infection is superior to the protection of the vaccines. I could see how that might end up being the case. But then the vaccines are doing what we need--preventing deaths and stopping the health system from being overwhelmed. In the meantime, more people are infected with mild cases that end up boosting their natural immunity to the virus.

    1. Is it really too much to ask that you read what I post before you comment?


  3. I'm still stuck questioning the accuracy of PCR (especially) and really, all covid testing.

    Let's not forget, we've damn near cured influenza!

    There are so many ironic things out there it's hard to keep track of them!

    1. Exactly.. there's a youtube vid floating around on our Health Minister speaking the truth...accidentally I believe.. stating that PCR testing has a 50% to 100% false positive rate.

  4. I keep returning to just how pathetically lame this virus seems to be. It took the most diabical mass hypnosis job to convince the public that a coronavirus (a variant of other coronaviruses our immune system deals with each year) poses a cataclysmic risk when the vast majority of Americans have a 99% chance of recovering from it with no, serious effects. Why anyone would trust anything from the Panic Porn Purveyors when they've lied every step of the way is inconceivable. What about all those people who died, you say? We have no idea how many died as a direct result of the CCP flu vs how many simply had it because they conveniently don't keep those statistics. And even then we don't know who has it or who had it because the tests (until recently in some places) has been rigged to find a positive even if you're a trash can. There is nothing about this Scamdemic we can trust, so putting your life and health in the hands of these fraudsters for an injection of an experimental drug is bonkers.

    -Tenements R Us

  5. ...By comparison, those many, many people who have a natural immunity will be equally resistant to all variants and, therefore, should not be vaccinated...

    Which begs the question, how would you know what state your immunity is?