Tuesday, April 20, 2021

BRIEFLY NOTED: One Jab And Three Brain Surgeries Later ...

The good news is that 18 year old Emma Burkey--one jab and three brain surgeries later--is no longer suffering seizures, is out of the induced coma, and is off the respirator. She still has a tracheostomy tube in place though--which impairs her ability to give a big shout out to J&J--but is "recovering slowly." Which presumably beats the alternative. It's the risk you run when you participate in a medical experiment:

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine recipient in Nevada undergoes 3 brain surgeries following jab

People my age will remember the great polio scare. This article is deeply interesting:

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa

And this one makes some pretty good points:

The big lie: How COVID-19 became a disinformation operation wrapped in a virus

The CCP pulled off the greatest deception in modern history


As I write this I hear that there's a verdict--c'mon, you know what I'm talkin' about. I presume that means 'guilty' of something.


  1. Completely OT but something that is bugging me greatly...

    Article on CFP...
    Woka-Cola to raise prices… (Because they’re selling less Cola after you got pissed)…

    I've debated the effectiveness of the boycotting movement because I don't see the numbers. To me they seem to be a play on ego + lack of education to the point of being a very poor joke.

    The articles title alludes to boycotting hurting Coke under the guise of "Yay were winning" but all of the data being presented is showing that Coke is absolutely exploding in growth. It's really a "in your face" zero effectiveness result. I believe Cramer is correct where in his analysis he says the stock and growth are "on fire".

    Coke sells a billion bottles per day world wide... their stock is claiming like mad.

    I am trying to grasp what's up here, is this a joke? Is it irony? It's propaganda THAT easy today?

    I posted a comment on CFP asking this exact framing of the above... Instant deletion. I go back looking and any comments questioning like narratives are all deleted.

    I'm speechless...

  2. The problem with this boycott is too many targets.

    One company needs to be made an example of.

    Coke seems to be back peddling, they did not sign that ny times ad.

    1. @Ray

      I'm more shocked about being Zuckerberg'ed by CFP than anything else.

      I honestly thought the post was a underhanded zing. It just makes no sense!!!

  3. Well, my hopes for a hung jury went nowhere. And this was fast, so it doesn't look good for Chauvin. His life is ruined, which is the price he has to pay for an utter lack of situational awareness (which now needs to be taught in police academies). What's the over/under on riots?

  4. Today Denninger has a long post, w/ many charts, about 2019 & 2020-21 death rates, incl. for major co-morbidities, concluding that it was clear that HCQ etc. were likely quite effective, and that covid death numbers were goosed.
    See , for a vivid exchange about spike-initiated clotting, between him and a reader

    "So these charts are of (e.g.) cancer-plus-covid deaths? So if someone died of cancer and (supposedly) covid at the same time, they would show up on these charts? I'm trying to make sure that they don't pull the purported covid/cancer combo deaths (for instance) off of these charts and put them elsewhere on a covid chart. I think that is what someone would ask me if I forwarded this to them. They would say, "Well, of course cancer deaths didn't go up; people died of covid instead; look at the covid chart, and you'll see."
    I do think that covid itself is causing real clotting issues; I know a couple of people who were very healthy, and had no personal or family history of clots, getting clots as a result of catching covid.
    That actually makes me far more concerned about the vaccine.
    I wonder whether the "some weird ****" deaths will be the vaccines, a variant that is due to evolutionary pressure for the vaccines, or something else new that is going unnoticed because of those.

    @Kareninca - Yes. They would show up as "Cancer" in these charts; I deliberately ignored the "Covid" entries because the rule change means they're not required to be in the causal chain; Covid is PRESUMED causal if you had a positive PCR test within the previous month.

    So take my late mother; she died of colon cancer. Let's say she lived into 2020 and then got the Coof and died.
    She'd be counted in both lines; Covid-19 "death" (whether it really got her or not, as long as she was positive) AND the "Cancer" line.
    The heart attack and stroke increase is perfectly explained by the spike protein causing clotting. The really, really ugly part of it is that by the CDC numbers that 7-8% elevation in risk, which was statistically identical, is only across the 10% of the population that got Covid. That's VERY BAD as it implies that risk across the ENTIRE population could easily DOUBLE.
    If the spike is responsible for that on its own, then mass-vaccination with the spike could EASILY cause a wild escalation of heart attack and stroke risk.
    This is where I got my 10% "guess" in my previous article, but that's actually pretty damned conservative -- depending on exactly how ugly that risk is (and the science is very, very new on that right now, all you have is an educated guess) it could EASILY be double that.
    We could easily be talking another ~60-70,000 dead a YEAR, and another 150,000 permanently disabled EVERY YEAR INTO THE FUTURE from the vaccines.
    That will make what Covid killed look like a Girl Scout picnic within a couple of years, and it will NOT STOP either, since that risk is almost-certainly a lifelong elevation, as the usual mechanism of clot-dissolution was noted NOT to work for spike-initiated clotting.
    In other words, if it's in there, the odds are it will eventually mobilize and get you -- the only question is, where it winds up as to how bad it is."

    1. Yes, as you say--it's a very vivid explanation of what these guys (Vanden Bossche, etc.) fear could happen. It's why we normally don't do a population wide human experiment--duh! But re HCQ, since taken in the early stage it appears to attack the virus directly, it would short circuit the spike effect. Theoretically. Again, this is why these vaccinologists warn against doing vaccines when effective treatments are available. Also why the entire concept of mRNA injections is questionable.

  5. This was a new one (to me)... Shingles as a result of the Pfizer jab, not fun and Ouch!

    1. Did you see the one about Herpes being a side effect? That report is coming out of Israel.


    2. Here's the correct link:

    3. Yeah, so one jab then: shingles, herpes, and a stroke. Live dangerously, get the jab!

    4. Just coincidence that a few years back wasn't it a shingles vaccine they were pushing?

      Meanwhile, Derek Chauvin, an innocent man, is hung on three trees with the blessing of the "Fraternal Order of Police" (Freemasons perhaps?) while Bill Gates gets filthy rich engineering black genocide disguised as benevolent vaccines.

      God help us. When justice fails we appeal to heaven.