Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Gullibility: Its Dangers And Uses

The biggest advantage the Dems have is a base of low information, highly suggestible voters: The Gullibles. This is a category that cuts a wide swath across the general population. The Gullibles are people who are disposed to replace the hard work of analyzing facts with the relatively easy and self-satisfying ego trip of imposing an ideological narrative upon reality.

We could go on and on about the openness of The Gullibles to one hoax after another, but two relatively brief items illustrate the uses and dangers of gullibility for the Dems.

The first I found in a much longer post by Steve Hayward, which contains many interesting charts and graphs. However, this graph jumped out at me as encapsulating gullibility in our age of Covid:

That's pretty stunning, considering how dodgy Fauci's record has been over the decades. These results scream "gullible."

Dangers? Obvious, right? Look at the multi-faceted harm that has been done to the American population and the country as a whole that could not have been but for this gullible trust that ignores all data.

Uses? Just as obvious as the dangers. The willingness of a broad sector of the population to actively embrace hoax pronouncements that effectively place them in a prison camp, and of much of the rest of the population to submit, serves as both 1) confirmation of totalitarian theory and 2) a lesson in tactics going forward. This is all fundamental to the Great Reset. And of course this "use" is a danger to us "normals."


The next item is an article by Shipwreckedcrew. The title alone illustrates the danger:

Does the Trump-Russia Hoax Have Us Closing in on a Possible Armed Conflict With Russia Over Ukraine?

For our purposes, we can ignore all the geo-strategic speculation. The gullibility angle is brought out by SWC's discussion of a point that Glenn Greenwald made in speaking with Tucker Carlson. Again, for our purposes, SWC's summary and elaboration works. Note, of course, the overlap between The Gullibles in both instances--Fauci hoaxters and Russia hoaxters, while not a strictly coextensive demographic, show a remarkable uniformity when you look at the most fervent propagators of the hoaxes:

The Russian Hoaxsters who created from whole-cloth the ridiculous collusion narrative needed to demonize Russia and Russian foreign policy in order for the Trump-Russia hoax to constitute a “threat” to American democracy. Putin had to be evil incarnate, with Trump playing the role of his American stooge, in order for the Trump-Russia hoax to constitute an existential threat. That justified the attempts to stop the Trump administration in its tracks by calling into question its legitimacy from the very start.

But there never was ANY collusion.  We know this because the cadre of very smart and talented prosecutors — Democrat partisans all — that Robert Mueller turned loose on the Trump campaign and the Trump Administration almost IMMEDIATELY abandoned the Steele dossier and the Carter Page FISA, as well as any bona fide national security investigation of Gen. Michael Flynn or anyone else who joined the Trump Administration, and within less than 90 days focused all their attention on the question of “obstruction” on the part of President Trump and the Administration in their response to the baseless investigation.

But the characterization of Putin’s Russia as the great threat to Western Democracy took root in both the gullible Democrat partisans — and more importantly in the “C” squad national security bureaucracy that Joe Biden has brought back to Washington.

Dangers? War with Russia would be a danger--IMO. It would be pointless of course, but a slide toward war is the kind of thing that can take on a life of its own. Beyond that obvious danger, we've already seen that the propagation of hoaxes like this--with the active complicity of the MSM and Big Tech--poses a true existential danger to our constitutional order. And in that perspective works quite well with the Covid hoax and the Great Reset--the US military devolving into the Armed Forces of the new Globalist World Order.

Uses? The great use--and I'm sure there are others--is to keep the Deep State in the driver's seat for US security and national defense. Greenwald himself points out that, with the Zhou regime installed, Lloyd Austin was brought straight from the board room of Raytheon to run DoD--is that Deep State enough for you? But sundance gives another example today: 

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, specifically Presiding Judge James Boasberg, has hired former DOJ National Security Division head, Mary McCord, as amici [sic] curiae advisor to the court.

McCord, as we know, is a veteran of the Russia Hoax. That appointment is like putting a vixen, if you will, in among the hens. One assumes that pretty much anything will go when it comes to the Zhou regime targeting of political dissent inside the US.

The lesson for conservatives? Stay engaged, stay informed. Read widely, read deeply.


  1. The suggestion is that many of these folks are not intelligent. Make no mistake, many are, including MENSA members. Personally observed, for what it’s worth and I am not saying I belong to MENSA or am very smart.

    In my opinion, the very smart are very gullible and susceptible to propaganda if it all purports to their beliefs and wold views, just like all of us.

  2. Yeah, the very smart are very gullible and susceptible to propaganda, just as enough of the "best educated" folks in the world a century ago (Germans) were snowed by Adolf.


    2. On white liberal women:
      Joel Kotkin argued, that deplorables don’t fit in to such womens' world, because they mostly come from the Yeomanry (or laboring classes), while the Wokes came mostly from the Clerisy, see .
      And, blogger Whiskey argued, that such women come disproportionately from the Professional class, see .

  3. Speaking of Russia hoax and gullibility, I've just come across the following regarding Sergei Magnitsky, which rather convincingly demonstrates that Bill Browder's tale of Magnitsky being a whistleblower and dying for it was worse than false and worse than a cover-up. It was spun out of whole cloth as cover for a huge theft that Browder pulled off.

    Normally I would assume that you're well aware of it since it's almost four years old, but the documentary has been effectively suppressed in the west, so I leave links to it and an article below.

    The Magnitzky Act Documentary

    Consortium News: A Blacklisted Film and the New Cold War

  4. It's not just the Dems, lord hang out in the comment section of TGP for a spell. Talk about half wit conspiracy run amuck... It's painful.