Saturday, April 24, 2021

UPDATED: What's The Incentive For Big City Cops To Stay?

There's a chilling article in the NY Post about the rate at which cops are bugging out--retiring, taking disability, leaving for greener pastures where they'll be appreciated and will be able to do their job without Leftist harassment: 

Are NYPD officers rushing to retire amid city’s anti-cop climate?

The answer to that one is a total no-brainer. Of course they're rushing to retire--or, if not yet eligible, to find some other way out. Wouldn't you? This should give an idea of how bad things are:

More than 5,300 NYPD uniformed officers retired or put in their papers to leave in 2020 — a 75 percent spike from the year before, department data show.


The departures and planned departures of 5,300 officers represents about 15 percent of the force. Already, as of April 5, the NYPD headcount of uniformed officers has dropped to 34,974 from 36,900 in 2019.


"Cops are forming a conga line down at the pension section and I don’t blame them," Giacalone said. "NYPD cops are looking for better jobs with other departments or even embarking on new careers."

Who thinks the situation is any better in Chicago, with its Soros State's Attorney Kim Foxx? It's not. Or in Philadelphia, with its insane Soros DA, Larry Krasner?

You know the chilling statistics. Philadelphia had 499 murders last year, the most in three decades. And it wasn’t because of the pandemic. The city’s murder rate has steadily risen in each year of both Jim Kenney’s mayoralty and the tenure of District Attorney Larry Krasner.

This year, though, we’ve jumped the shark. We’re on pace for over 600 murders—the most ever. An Inquirer story last week laid out some even more disturbing findings.

More disturbing? Really? Really:

Since Krasner took office, the number of gun crime arrests has nearly tripled, but the conviction rate for gun crimes has plunged from 63 percent in 2017 to 49 percent in 2019. In January, I reported that, under Krasner, homicides have jumped a whopping 58 percent; just 21 percent of shootings since 2015 led to criminal charges, and less than one-tenth of those resulted in convictions.

And Dems want you to believe that we should disarm the law abiding portion of the citizenry!

Anecdotally, one of my sons witnessed a local hearing in which the defendant was being set up to get off with community service. He had been arrested for possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Community service--that'll stop him from doing it again! But there was a bit of a problem arranging the next hearing because, as the lawyer told the judge, his client had a federal hearing that same day!

Here's the view from New York--what the Left is doing:

Giacalone expects a "long, hot summer ahead," — with the City Council vote to remove qualified immunity from the NYPD — making it far easier to personally sue a cop and turning "the job [into] … a minefield."

Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch told The Post, "The Mayor and City Council are absolutely trying to abolish the police. They’ve kept our pay absurdly low. They’ve ratcheted up our exposure to lawsuits. They’ve demonized us at every opportunity. And they’ve taken away the tools we need to do the job we all signed up for, which is to keep our communities safe.

"Now the NYPD is spending money on slick recruiting ads to replace the experienced cops who are leaving in droves. City Hall should just admit the truth: police abolition-through-attrition is their goal. They won’t stop until the job has become completely unbearable, and they’re getting closer to that goal with every passing day."

As it is, you can bet that most cops who can't bug out are largely going through the motions, avoiding anything that looks like it could cause them trouble. They should risk their lives and freedom for people who elect officials like DeBlasio? If the next election doesn't change things big time, the Big Apple and similarly situated cities could be going down the tubes.

UPDATE: As I understand this, the message is, Get out while the getting is good:

Lawmakers in New York introduced joint legislation Saturday that would ban police officers who are forced to resign or are fired over disciplinary issues from being rehired in another jurisdiction in the state.

"Accountability is a must," state Sen. Brian Benjamin, a Democrat who is proposing the bill, told CBS News.

Police officers must be held to a higher standard because of their "power and the privilege to enforce the law," he said.

Don't wait till you're accused of something--bug out now!


  1. Same thing's happened in Atlanta, after the Mayor to the BLM side in a couple cases. Was clear the cops were going to get fired and charged with murder if they did their job properly. Patrols went way down, crimes gone way up, and lots of cops have got jobs in smaller dept's outside the city where they make as much or more, without the aggravation. Now we have lots more murders, violent crime, and a lot more street racing, etc in main thoroughfares, with impunity. Just last week, the Mayor announced a program for the City to hire a bunch of the bottle boys for jobs to try to stop their shenanigans (they;re like the old windshield cleaners, but they sell bottled water at streetlights and harass motorists who don't pay them). Crazy times!

  2. People need to get the government they vote for, and get it hard. Apparently nothing ever learned is ever retained.

    1. When crime goes wild and criminals are released after a Soros DA is elected, why would anyone reelect that DA? Your choice, people, but don't look for sympathy if you make that choice.

    2. @yance

      Are we so sure the people really voted for this? November 3d exposed a shocking level of corruption in our elections. It's possible that we have fallen for an information op that NYC and other supposed Blue jurisdictions vote for this madness. Sure, undoubtedly there will always be a number of useful idiots and true believers who vote for the insane neo marxism but the reality *may* be that the Democrats have been rigging the vote for decades while sensible voters naturally move away and remaining voters lose hope or give in to the lie. I'm not saying that New Yorkers are conservatives by any means but they would vote in another Giuliani if they could given the obvious slide to chaos.

      I suggest, then, that our attitude towards "Blue" cities may be mistaken. The Americans there may be veritable hostages whose only real choice is to stay or leave their careers and family, since voting long ago ceased being a way to effect change. Perhaps we could blame those who choose to stay but that's both callous and cowardly-- giving up once great American cities to a criminal autocracy.

      -Pushkin Pullyou

    3. @Pushkin
      "Are we so sure the people really voted for this?"

      Yes. In this vein I have found it hard to believe that the largely working class, largely Hispanic voters in New York's 14th Congressional District actually knew who or what they were voting for when they overwhelmingly 'voted' for AOC.

    4. Whoops!

      Looks like I may have agreed with an ignorant comment!

      What happens next?

    5. "Democrats have been rigging the vote for decades"

      Then how did Giuliani get elected?

      "New Yorkers ... would vote in another Giuliani if they could"

      If that were the case another version of Giuliani would run.

      Ignorance explains a lot. For example: Pushkin Pullyou.

    6. I think there's a veneer of plausibility to Anon's comment. However, that veneer quickly disappears when you consider that these blue city dwellers flee to red sanctuary and immediately turn their new homes into blue hellholes.

      I agree they should "get the government they vote for, and get it hard." I would only add that we need to build high walls around those hellholes and force them to live with their choices.

      Red states need to start patrolling their borders,
      issuing passports and visas, e.t.c.

    7. @Cassander

      Not to rub it in, but reread the comment you seem to think you agreed with. You're actually disagreeing with it. Unlike you, Pushkin, as he has in the past, is maintaining that those people didn't vote for AOC--it was all rigged. Except when Giuliani was elected.

    8. @mistcr

      Yes, the veneer is very thin and disappears when you start looking at reality instead of insisting that everything was rigged. I don't deny election fraud, but the reality of the American electorate is more complex than fraud.

    9. As a native New Yorker and Senior Citizen I can tell you the Democrat always wins, unless crime gets really out of hand or we teeter on bankruptcy at which point temporarily we get someone competent and then go back to politics as usual.

    10. @Mark (and Pushkin)

      Not to prolong the disagreeable disagreement, but...

      I still kinda agree w Pushkin and so I can't quite agree his comment was ignorant.

      I certainly agree with you that there was no need for Philadelphia-style vote rigging in the NY 14th. AOC was always going to win.

      But the rigging I perceive (and I'm a native New Yorker) is that the corrupt urban political machine simply brings out (harvests?) the vote for the Dem, regardless, in this case, of her true politics. It is in this sense that the election is 'rigged'.

      I simply can't believe that the portion of the electorate in the 14th which is/are citizens, of Hispanic heritage and blue collar and hard-working and Catholic (and many of the residents of the 14th are this) would knowingly vote for a crypto-Communist nutcase like AOC.

      But I reserve the right to be, if not ignorant, completely wrong.

    11. That's not at all what Pushkin means. I have the advantage on you in that I disallowed an earlier comment by him in which he basically called me ignorant--re the rigging of it all in the very literal sense.

  3. One of my closest friends and his wife, both Sheriff officers packed it in at the beginning of the BLM takeoff and both retired out of Florida. They got the message early.

  4. New Dispatch From The Brady White Files: Why Risk Your Life if You're A Cop?

    And with what is happening to the officer for shooting Ma’Khia Bryant, the exodus will increase.

    Even if it’s the right decision, do you need your reputation destroyed?

  5. The reason the Soros DA’s are elected and re-elected is money. Both for the candidate, and to the establishment to support that candidate.

    Since the Soros DA’s are in Blue areas, the GOP is MIA.

    And there seems to be a huge effort to turn a blind eye to any Soros Funding by the press. The narrative is it’s a myth and bugaboo dreamed up by the far right. And it’s anti-Semitic to mention it! It’s another elder of Zion conspiracy! I had a hard time figuring out which DA’s were funded by Soros, how much, and what their opponent spent. And nothing on what the increase in the murder rate has been fir Soros DA’s. Make a nice article / blog post.

    In LA, George Gaston (Cuban heritage) outspent Lacey (Black female). There is a recall in the works.

    1. I think "money" is an oversimplification.

    2. Campaign Spend LA DA Race;

      $12 million Gascon
      $7 Million Lacey

      Gascon had endorsements of:
      - Soros - funding
      - Netflix ceo - funding
      - Kamala Harris
      - BLM
      - Gov. Newsom
      - LA County Democratic Party
      - LA Times
      - SF Chronicle

      Police unions were backing Lacey. And she got the LA Mayor.

      Spending on Gaston may have been higher, due to hard to trace dark money contributions.

      Lacey had huge issues with Black Lives Matter and tried avoiding confrontation, and was seen as the establishment candidate. Gaston actually got the majorities of Black and Latino vote. He was portrayed as a reformer.

    3. Ray, I'm not discounting the importance of funding, but look at 2016: Trump was wildly outspent (but got tons of free publicity). IMO, Lacey had enough money to win, but ran up against other factors. LA is a real outlier demographically for major metro areas--Black population in LA (9.8%) is LESS than Black proportion nationally

      IOW, she had no game changing demographic base in the way that Black candidates in other major metro areas do.

      I'm guessing, but my guess is that there was a reflexive vote-for-the-non-Black aspect to the Hispanic, Asian, and part of the White vote--in total ignorance of what a vote for Gaston would mean.

      That's what I mean about the weaknesses of democracy--ignorant voting. Yeah, I know I'm getting in trouble for using that word today, but if anyone can come up with a better explanation ...

  6. Those tourism dollars, foreign and domestic, are going, going, gone with the increasing mayhem on the streets of these democrat run cities, and will eventually spread into the ritzier neighborhoods where private security and 'walls' will not be enough.

    It may be time for a new Law and Order TV series spin off - Law Versus Disorder - where the remaining cops are facing off against not only the criminals but the corrupt district attorneys and politicians as the city collapses into anarchy. The backstory would be the old cops counting down to retirement or a disability injury with the young cops seriously questioning why they should care about public safety anymore - just go in after the bloodshed and collect evidence.


  7. The problem is when policing ceases to be a calling and becomes a career. You want the salary and benefits, generally including early retirement, and go through the motions not expecting to accomplish much of anything. This is what has happened to teaching in the inner cities. Don't be a hero. Play it safe. All the more so given that any perp you bring in will likely be released immediately without bail.

  8. "the young cops seriously questioning why they should care about public safety anymore"

    And I would expect a lot more cops to go on the take, adding yet more corruption.