Saturday, April 10, 2021

Very Briefly Noted: How The Intel Community Sees Things Circa 2040

Stu Cvrk has an interesting takedown of ODNI's new "Global Trends" document:

Every four years since 1997, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence produces a document entitled, “Global Trends.” The document provides a best-guess projection of the US intelligence community’s assessment of major items that will shape the future strategic environment – in this case, in the year 2040. It also provides a window into the strategic priorities of the US government. While the document was largely developed during the Trump Administration, it would not have been published in March 2021 without approval by the Hologram et al. if the document had contained anything deemed “controversial” from a socialist Democrat ideological point of view. See if you can pick some of that out in the below excerpts from the executive summary. My comments are provided in brackets [ ].

In other words, the strategic priorities of the US government are firmly governed by a "socialist Democrat ideological point of view." And Cvrk proceeds to document that.

The post is a heavy slog and I'll be honest--I mostly skimmed it. So I'm not gonna even provide excerpts. However, I recommend a look at it. It gives you some idea of how deeply the Deep State has bought into generalized Leftism. This doc is very heavy on Global Warming (aka Climate Change), Globalism (aka The Great Reset), and Environmentalism (aka Green politics on a wide range of issues--economic, demographic, etc.). This is what the Zhou Baiden regime is all about, and it's what they're trying to push on the rest of America--whether or not Americans are paying attention.

If you ever had any doubt that the people who produced a document like this would stop at nothing to get Trump out of the White House, this should put all doubts to rest. Realize, too, that these same people--in the grips of fanatical Leftist ideology and possessed of only a tenuous contact with the real world--are the members of the "Interagency" that develops policy with regard to Russia, China, and the rest of the world. I want to guarantee one and all: Vladimir Putin, among other world leaders, does not suffer from those delusions.


  1. Not to hijack this but it goes alongside the same lines.

    Drinking my AM coffee today and reading the news I made my way through The Gateway Pundit which is always a love hate read because of the way the Hoft brothers spin and manipulate their base.

    I happened into an article that sat me back titled... Time to Begin a Second American Revolution - A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.

    What I found striking was that for once, someone was saying the quiet part out loud in a semi popular right-wing news piece.

    No sooner than I posed a comment was the article deleted from the sites feed leaving the page 404 reaffirming why I often have a serious distaste for TGP.

    The truth was almost discussed, probably by a JR writer that got caught by the Hoft propaganda machine and quickly snuffed out.

    So close... Maybe tomorrow we'll get there. 🙄

    1. This seems to work:

    2. It’s Time For Americans to Wake Up – A House Operating Behind a Razor Wire Fence from the People Cannot Stand

    3. The headline has been changed from what dm posted. The revolution part removed.

    4. IKR...I'm reminded of the police chases we've seen on TV over the years where the perp drives like a maniac, endangering innocent bystanders, then finally hits something immovable. At which point, he jumps outa the vehicle (stolen usually) and attempts to run away from the cops, but is usually caught in the end. How on earth these cops, for the most part, can resist beating the perp into a bloody pulp at that point is beyond me...such restraint is admirable. In any event, I'm beginning to feel the same way about some of my fellow "Americans"...when I catch them, somebody better stop me, sigh

  2. Yep... I guess I wasn't the only one complaining because it's now back after being gone for 2+ hours.

  3. My guess is revolution is a banned word for the right.

    Unless you don’t mind a visit from the fbi.

    It bothers me my cynicism is probably pretty accurate.

  4. What a worthless review on important global trends.

    No mention of China’s merchantilism that is almost neo colonial. What China is doing with its new Silk Road, and in Africa, and using debt with bribes to grab assets is huge.

    No mention of how China has subsidized the digital infrastructure of most of the world, and has huge back doors to all the Internet and television each country. Plus is helping build internet Walls, do they can control and monitor internet in and out of the country.

    No mention what the use of drones in Armenia / Azerbaijan war means.

    No mention of danger of huge nuke proliferation due to letting Iran get the bomb.

    Or danger with reduction in capability of us navy.

    Interesting the priorities.

    I’m surprised they left out the danger of discrimination against T, and the increase in Nazi / White Russian / White Supremacists. And how done are daring to question the competence of the elite ruling class.