Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Variant Scare And The Global Reset

Yesterday LifeSiteNews carried an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola regarding the ongoing attempt--using the supposed threat of Covid 'variants' or mutations--to scare the populace into continued compliance with unreasonable and unscientific restrictions of their freedoms. The overarching theme of Mercola's article is that the more freedoms we surrender in hope of an elusive 'safety' to be gained--a 'safety' the date for which continually recedes into an ever more distant future--the more freedoms we will end up surrendering. We will, in effect, wind up neither free nor safe--from a predatory soft totalitarian State.

Over-hyped COVID variants are being used as part of a campaign of fear to destroy freedom

At some stage, you must realize that the more you give in and obey, the more you have to give in and obey. There really is no end to what they can take from you, and holding on to the belief that your government would never [fill in the blank] is becoming more dangerous by the day.

First, Mercola provides a quote from two Yale epidemiologists dating to a year ago--near the beginning of the Covid scare. These two epidemiologists decry the "harmful" use of the supposed threat of mutations to gin up fear in the midst of an epidemic--or, for that matter, in the midst of a disfavored presidency:

“A recent scientific article suggested that the novel coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 epidemic has mutated into a more ‘aggressive’ form. Is this something we need to worry about? No, and here’s why

The effects of mutation in real life are nuanced and generally innocuous. Using the idea of mutation to incite fear is harmful, especially in the midst of an epidemic like COVID-19 …

The genetic material of the virus is RNA, not DNA like in humans. Unlike with human DNA, when viruses copy their genetic material, it does not proofread its work. Because RNA viruses essentially operate without a spell-check, they often make mistakes.

These ‘mistakes’ are mutations, and viruses mutate rapidly compared to other organisms. While this might sound frightening, mistakes during replication usually produce changes that are neutral or even harmful to the newly generated virus. Neutral mutations, which neither improve nor hinder viruses' survival, may continue to circulate without any noticeable change in the people they infect.

Mutations that are harmful to the viruses are less likely to survive and are eliminated through natural selection. Fortunately, when mutations occur that help a virus spread or survive better, they are unlikely to make a difference in the course of an outbreak.

Viral traits such as infectiousness and disease severity are controlled by multiple genes, and each of those genes may affect the virus' ability to spread in multiple ways. For example, a virus that causes severe symptoms may be less likely to be transmitted if infected people are sick enough to stay in bed.

As such, these traits are like blocks in a Rubik's cube; a change in one characteristic will change another. The chances of a virus navigating these complex series of trade-offs to become more severe during the short timescale of an outbreak are extremely low.”

This, even a year ago, was not news. It wasn't some scientific breakthrough that these two epidemiologists were presenting in a CNN article rather than in a peer reviewed scientific journal. They were simply presenting the current scientific consensus--arrived at over many decades of concerted study--and that consensus remains the consensus today. And yet, in the name of science the public is being buffaloed with false scare stories about the danger of 'variants' and 'mutations.' This is, as the authors state, "harmful" to genuine public health initiatives. It has fueled the harmful school lockdowns and continuing ineffective mask mandates--to offer just two examples.

The obvious question, then, is: Why is this going on? Why are people who know better trying to scare us? I think we know about the political motivations, but is there more going on?

Mercola transitions at this point to a recitation of the various false narratives that have been perpetrated to heighten fear and justify restriction of freedoms: The falsification of death totals, using unscientific death classifications; the transformation of the pandemic into a 'casedemic' by means of an unscientific use of PCR results; all this to justify continued draconian lockdowns until our one and only salvation, the only possible safe harbor: vaccines!

But ...

As lockdowns continued and people started to grumble, the “experts” in charge of this global organization (or more accurately, reorganization) warned that this was the new normal. Settle in. Get used to it. The virus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so our only hope is a vaccine. We just have to keep it together until then, and then we’ll all be safe again.

Alas, flies in the ointment appeared in the form of inexpensive treatments that worked just fine, and scientists and medical doctors sharing concerns about these novel “vaccines” that really aren’t and the public health dangers of lockdowns.

This necessitated widespread attacks on effective medical treatments--treatments that were widely documented to be successful. Why? Because the 'experts' are desperate to use their "vaccine that really isn't" on us. But people seem to be catching on. As a result, the authorities are having to resort to various forms of coercion to get more people to participate in the experimental use of "vaccines that really aren't." Even so, there is widespread resistance:

And so it continues. The sky hasn’t fallen yet, but we’re promised that unless we comply, it surely will. Any day now. Just a matter of time. Obey, and the experts will make sure we survive the inevitable pandemonium. Now, vaccine passports are being rolled out, and both private companies and entire nations are considering restricting any sense of normalcy to vaccinated-only. Aren’t you tired of chasing the goal post yet?

Mercola then presents a lengthy quote from a WSJ article (3/18/21) by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who attacks the record of the 'elite' experts. It's not too much to say that DeSantis launches a full broadside against the 'elites':

“The COVID-19 pandemic represented a test of elites in the U.S., from public-health experts to the corporate media. The results have been disappointing. Policy makers who bucked the elites and challenged the narrative have been proven right to do so.

By "policy makers who bucked the elites" DeSantis, of course, is referring to himself and some handful of other governors.


To begin with, highly publicized epidemiological models were as consequential as they were wrongThe lockdowns failed to stop the virus but did a great deal of societal damage along the way — damage that a more targeted approach, seeking to reduce total harms, would have been able to avoid (and did, in places like Sweden and Florida) …

Elites sent conflicting messages about the efficacy of cloth masks, the uniformity of risk across age brackets, the danger of outdoor transmission … Perhaps most damaging to public trust was the public-health campaign urging ‘15 Days to Slow the Spread’ … Going from ‘save the hospitals’ to ‘zero COVID’ represents one of the greatest instances in history of moving the goal post

Think back. Do you remember the initial justification for the lockdowns? It was to--in DeSantis' phrase--'save the hospitals.' The lockdowns were supposed to prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed with dying people. That tidal wave of seriously ill and dying people never happened--except when Dem governors shunted sick people into nursing homes filled with the truly vulnerable. But when the tidal wave failed to materialize, note this well--restrictions were not relaxed. Except by forward thinking governors like DeSantis.


While it was abundantly clear by May that schools represented low-risk environments for the spread of COVID and that the consequences of prolonged school closures were potentially catastrophic, the corporate media did its best to obscure the data and stoke fear and panic among parents and teachers.

Had the media presented the data on schools in a rational fashion with proper context and perspective … millions of students would be in markedly better shape academically and socially.

For months we were told to ‘trust the experts,’ but far too often over the past year those who were most influential in our society — in public health, government and media — proved incapable of rising to the moment … We cannot simply undo the harm caused by flawed policies advocated by our elites, but we can resolve that we never let this happen to our country again.”

Again, the question arises: Sheer incompetence (never to be underestimated) or ... design? Mercola, rightly, focuses on the definition of 'elites'. After all, who thinks Tony Fauci is really a free agent--unbeholden to the influence of higher authority? If you really believe that, I'm here to tell you that, well, that you're wrong. Mercola will tell you that, too:

DeSantis’ definition of “elites” is basically prominent public health and corporate media leaders. That may be appropriate for the critique offered in his article, but even these influential individuals are mere foot soldiers in the bigger scheme of things.

Above them towers a pyramidical power structure populated by globalist entities — nongovernmental organizations, think-tanks, private corporations and billionaire philanthropists — many of which we’ve never even heard of, and who rule without being seen.

And here Mercola sketches out the current situation, where we stand with regard to those who rule without being (for the most part) seen, and what their real objectives are:

The idea being presented, as DeSantis pointed out, is that we now have to reach a COVID-free state before we can start living life again. Meaning, as long as there’s a single specimen of SARS-CoV-2 anywhere on the planet, the whole world is at risk, as it will spread and grow, so no one can live as they please until the virus has been eradicated.

The goal post is now so far in the future, we can’t even see a glimmer of it in the distance anymore. The old saying, “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile,” seems apt at this point.

At some stage, you must realize that the more you give in and obey, the more you have to give in and obey. There really is no end to what they can take from you, and holding on to the belief that your government would never [fill in the blank] is becoming more dangerous by the day.

It’s also important to realize that your government isn’t the ultimate power. Our government officials take orders too, believe it or not, from what is now commonly known as the deep state. It’s not a government at all, but a global, hidden power structure that is accountable to no one, while influencing and manipulating everyone to bring about a new world order.

Conspiracy theory? The fact is, we've seen repeated examples over the last several years of the global elites marching in narratival lockstep--regarding Covid, regarding Trump, regarding Russia. All aided and abetted by a Tech - Social Media Complex. Mercola maintains that this is no longer conspiracy theory, because the Global Elite--the Davos based World Economic Forum (WEF)--has come out into the open by rebranding the New World Order as the Great Reset--Build Back Better, as the Zhou Baiden regime would say. And of course, that's the point--to Build Back Better you first need to tear down what currently exists, right?

Mercola presents a video of Harry Vox from 2014 discussing these issues of a global ruling elite. Listen critically, but do listen. You don't have to buy into everything Vox says to realize that he may be on to something very important. And realize, Vox is speaking in 2014, before so much of this has risen to public attention:

In years past, this shadowy cabal of power brokers were referred to under the term the New World Order. In 2020, the World Economic Forum came out on the public stage and announced the Great Reset, which is nothing but the NWO rebranded. So, it’s a conspiracy no more.

In the video ..., investigative journalist Harry Vox talks about disease outbreaks, quarantines and curfews being essential tools in the ruling class’ toolkit, and how these tools were planned to be used to usher in the next phase of control.

The interview, which took place seven years ago, sounds more than a little prophetic today, as these three indispensable tools for totalitarian control have been part of our reality for the past 12 months. In it, Vox also refers to “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” a document by the Rockefeller Foundation, in which they lay out their “Lockstep” scenario, which details the global response to a lethal pandemic.


  1. Spell check: "'experts' are desperate to use *theiri* "vaccine that really isn't"...."

  2. Your readers should know, that Mercola has long been a favorite target of the Establishment, see e.g. (from 2009), ), and .
    I lack the expertise, to judge the fairness of such charges.

    1. @ aNany,

      "I lack the expertise, to judge the fairness of such charges."

      To be fair, you're welcome to just wing it without disclaimer. That's completely scientific by today's acidemia, media, government and even CDC standards!!!! 🤣😂🤣

  3. What is more amazing? That DeSantis has taken on the Kleptocracy and dared to defy the Kontrol Mekanisms for Florida residents, or that he is one of only a handful of Red state governors to do so?

    This is one of those moments when you reexamine reality. On one hand, you could look at the electoral map from 2020 and see that Trump blew away Chairman Zhou in over half of the states. Indeed, the county results present the same overwhelming sea of red broken only by archipelagos of (densely populated) blue. But then why are there so few governors like DeSantis? Why aren't all of these deep red state governors making common cause and refusing the continuing Kleptocratic tyranny? Perhaps even so called conservative governors are really play acting, winking and taking their share of the Kleptocracy pie on the sly?

    I'd like to imagine that I could move to a red state as a last defense against the Kleptocracy but not even Texas seems safe in view of Abbott's weasel ways and the determined effort to dilute red states with unlimited immigration. Florida seems the only option i suppose.


    1. @ Milhouse

      I would hold praises on Florida, from what I experience in living here there is a lot of "just not doing" vs actually "fighting back"... Hang with me on that for a second.

      Both DeSantis and Abbott are currently having a rash of pro liberty praises being sung about them for recent executive orders against covid passports. But I pose the question of "to what avail" are those executive orders even doing anything?

      Nether state has the legal power to create them under any agency currently. Nether state has anything in the works to apply new statues for their creation. A simple veto would stop it if so.

      If they were... A governors executive order doesn't allow for the suspension of law unless specifically granted. Even more to that point their executive orders would have no impact on federal laws if they were created.

      So, both just banned unicorns in case unicorns possibly exist... It's honestly a strawman argument.

      Beyond that, many cheer DeSantis for not believing the covid farce, fair enough, but that to me is more common sense than it is anything else.

      What he is not doing however is what I am looking at and judging the guy on. Our unemployment and ESPECIALLY under employment rate is astounding, we have a massive pile of $9hr jobs and nothing else. The B2 visa market is destroying tech jobs here. Our biggest industry is tourism, second biggest agricultural, third construction and he refuses to touch both the B2 and illegal labor markets around them.

      We are flooded with illegals, yet not a peep about the state trying to make it difficult for them being here. Or even pushing back about the feds delivering more of them by bus and plane loads every day.

      10th amendment and 2nd amendment, state currency, mail in voting and voter ID legislative conversations are all non starters. He and his staff WILL NOT reply to those issue by mail, email or phone call.

      I don't see DeSantis as being anything "good". I just think we're in such a crappy place as a nation "leadership wise" that someone not doing something incredibly stupid like pushing covid makes them some type of "leader". It's a hell'uva thing to cheer about when you get down to it.

      IMHO he will be another Rick Scott or Mark Rubio in time, I get bashed for saying it but oh well!

    2. @ DM

      Awwwwww sheetz. There goes Florida.

      Anyone know anything about Tennessee? South Carolina?

      -Milhouse von Pantz

    3. Regarding Texas and Governor Abbott ...

      Abbott, in my view, tried to thread the needle and satisfy everyone where in reality he satisfied no one.

      His EO’s had no real force, by design, and this gave the appearance of doing something while not really doing anything.

      The Covid EOs had the punishment of jail and fines for not wearing masks and not social distancing that surpassed a lot of misdemeanor offenses, but the police could not be investigate nor enforce.

      For me, a Texas cop, that was a mixed blessing. I handled calls about people not wearing masks and not being 6’ apart in their own backyards, in stores, and even, at times, in their own home. Yes, lots of Texas folks love to rat out their neighbors.

      Thing was, and I think this was correct, I could not do anything about it. The EOs specifically forbade me to do so.

      Problem is that this never should have risen to the level for me to investigate and enforce. Abbott should have taken a stance and just gave guidance, not something that appeared to be unilateral edicts.

      No, I would not have desired nor liked enforcing an EO that allowed me to jail someone for not wearing a mask. I am as human as everyone else.

      Sadly, far too many people in Texas would love for me to have that power until, in my cynical view, it came to applying it to them.

      Worse, Abbott’s EOs allowed this to turn into a Criminal Trespass issue in which a business could call the police to kick out an intransigent, normally law abiding citizen for not wearing a mask. My plea to these individuals was to just leave and never give them their money again.

      As we have witnessed, some cops and some citizens could not overcome this.


    4. @ devilman

      I am more convinced than ever that the only solutions are not political. Trump's 75 million voters are more importantly CONSUMERS. Purblind libertarianism has always militated against the right using its economic leverage like the left does. It's time to grind wokeism into dust--one target corporation at a time. Let them all relocate their headquarters in China. Every dollar spent is your real vote, and there is no way that Lawfare demons or corrupt Sec of States or election officials can steal them--or coerce you into voting for their preferred recipients of your votes. As Yogi Berra said, "If people don't want to come out to the ball park, nobody's gonna stop them." Just try and stop us from not spending money through Amazon, on pro sports, Nike, Patagonia, Delta Airlines, et al. How many woke corporate bankruptcies do you think it would take to get the message across?

      Other tactics with promise: general strikes, overwhelming government offices with phone calls, emails, and written requests a la Cloward-Piven. I'm sure people more knowledgeable of the specific bureaucratic processes and more clever than me could target government with perfectly legal--yet devastating—physical “DDoS” attacks.

      It's long past time to withdraw our trust from politicians. All we really need is a redundant server, a simple website, and principled leadership to marshal the economic troops. Before long the effort would replicate virally and reduce the vulnerability to counter-attack.

    5. Yeah, Trump's 75 million voters are CONSUMERS, but are zip compared to the billion or so in China etc.
      The big boys will be delighted to relocate their headquarters to China, and never look back.

    6. @ PD and aNany,

      PD I think aNany is correct in the assessment that these boycotts are pretty frivolous. That's something I've posted about several times.

      To toss out a few examples...

      Fox News... Has officially regained all of its lost viewership from Nov 20 to March 2021. So if there's 80 million trump supporters boycotting their doing a very poor job of it. At best I'm guessing 30% even try, 70% never change their habits, very few maintain it.

      Target is still saying happy holidays and not merry christmas 10 years after the Christian boycotts.

      The NBA has 420 million fans...
      The NFL has 400 million...
      The PGA has 460 million...

      There was much "to do" about NBA and NFL "losses" in 2020, but golf suffered about the same with zero political strife. Hence covid, not boycotting. Even NASCAR spited their fan base and the "get'er'done" crowd is still tuning in.

      Though all has losses last year (covid) all gained in value. The NBA picked up and average of 4% per team. That's not shabby from an investment standpoint given the climate.

      Bigger numbers...
      Facebook 3.2 BILLION users
      Coke sells over 1 BILLION bottle of coke a day EVERY day.

      My wife swore off of Coke 2 weeks ago... For about 24 hours.🙄

      There is a big difference in *supporting* vs boycotting. Goya foods and My Pillow are good examples of that.

      Lastly... Few consider services lost (boycotting) vs services not rendered (savings in operating costs). I've personally seen a major digital entertainment / communications company calculate that at a *net zero* and say screw conservatives!! I'm guessing American Airlines is not caring too much about bumping flights not taken.

      I've long wanted to see an economist tear into these things... I'm saying the desired effect of "get woke, go broke" doesn't add up in the math. We are wishing for a Boston Teaparty moment, but looking like used furniture store 4th of july sale.

  4. When the topic comes 'round to variants keep in mind this insight noted by commenter cathyf at another blog, that slow the spread" allowed WuFlu more time to mutate than it would otherwise have had.

    "That's the danger of the "slow the spread" strategy. When a virus moves fast, after a short time there are lots of recovered immune people surrounding every infected contagious person, and it's really hard for the virus to transmit, and the pandemic burns out. If you slow the spread down enough, then you give the virus the time to mutate"

    1. I doubt that cathyf has any knowledge of virology and immunology. Basically, mutation is a good thing with these types of viruses, and will happen regardless. It's a good thing because the variants have a strong tendency to be less and less harmful--as the two Yale epidemiologists explained at the time.

    2. I'll be republishing an interview with a world class expert shortly that should be eye opening.

    3. @Mark and JimMtnViewCa

      Regardless of whether cathyf is right or not, I have wondered whether 'slow the spread' in hindsight was a helpful strategy.

      After over 12 months of effective lockdown we have done untold damage to our economy. The GDP and unemployment figures don't begin to tell the whole story of the damage which has been done, which will slowly unfold and be exposed over the coming months and years.

      In hindsight, and knowing what we know today about who is most vulnerable to death from covid, shouldn't governments have kept businesses and schools open while protecting the elderly and comorbid...and wouldn't this have resulted in earlier herd immunity across populations and a burned out virus?

      Instead, by 'slowing the spread' and locking down we are still at risk for flareups and spikes and our economy, our political system and our social fabric is still at unjustifiable and disproportionate risk...

    4. "Eye opening.."

      Ugh. So much eye opening going on the last year the $^#&@ orbs have popped out and roll around underfoot. Damn nuisance, those eyeballs.


    5. @ Cassander, that's essentially what I meant by saying that mutation is basically a good thing in a virus of this sort. These coronaviruses are very much known quantities, and it's meaningfully 'novel'. It's important to realize, as Yeadon says in the post that I just did, that what we're being told is 'demonstrably false.'

  5. O/T

    A friend sent me an email this morning that contends that there were only 133 million registered voters in November 2020, but that a total of 159 million people voted.

    Can this be true?

    It would seem to be a contention which could easily be 'fact checked'...