Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Briefly Noted: The Dems Went Down To Georgia

Here's my bottom line on the MLB and Corporate cave--cutting away from the who struck John of it all to the larger implications. Kama Sutra told us at the height of last years riots and insurrections that this stuff wasn't going away--it would continue under the Zhou Baiden regime. Well, here we are. Cancel culture is the new normal, and it's a great look--most likely, for the Republicans in 2022. It largely boils down to Metro Libs and BLM expressing their hatred for America. And themselves--there were 8 dead and 34 shot over Easter in Chicago. As we've seen over the past few years, in Liberalism self congratulatory virtue signaling easily morphs into self loathing and self destruction. Keep it coming--there's nothing that helps electoral turnout like a clear choice.


  1. Agreed.

    Would only add that the MLB 'All Star Game' has long since ceased being a game. The players (none of whom anybody has heard of) play for an inning or so, if that, and nobody is remotely trying to win. The tv commercials between innings are about five minutes long...long enough to forget you are actually supposedly watching the game.

    And forget trying to actually go to the game, even if you live in the city where its held. The tickets, with nominal $250 face value, are all parcelled out to corporate insiders and scalpers, who can resell them for $750 up in the nosebleed section. Forget box seats...they go for several grand in the corporate resale market. This has nothing to do with Normal America.

    Its not a game. Its a marketing event for Corporate America. Produced by the Woke Elite for the Woke Elite.

    1. Mirengoff says the real moving force behind this was Tony Clark, former player now head of the players union. He pushed it on the Commish and didn't even try to get a vote from the players. If the players are "stakeholders" maybe they should assert themselves. They're like everyone else in American these days--they want somebody else to make a stand for them.

    2. The irony is, the All Star game is going to Colorado which has similar laws as Georgia.

      Rob S

  2. I've said it a few times before but...

    I'm still waiting for an economist to give a financial run down of the effects of majority league sports, coke or airlines or whatever subject when it comes to this leftist vs rightist boycotting movement.

    I also say there is a massive variance in supporting vs boycotting a company. The two just don't work the same way (Goya Foods, My Pillow for example)

    I'm still betting these companies and organizations have internally analyzed the the financial impacts of pro vs con. Where it comes to thinking their nose at conservatives comes into play and simply decided the impacts are minimal at best.

    People are addicted to their habits, and like Fox News most will maybe curb their participation slightly, or be right back tomorrow at worst. Or like Facebook who has some 3 billion users world wide, simply don't care about .003 of their user participation. The NBA is an international organization that's vacuuming dollars out of China for example... I'm betting the math says the loss of a 30-50 or so million US conservatives vs the chinese market audience is a net gain.

    I have seen first hand where these decisions are made with networking, media and corporate entertainment are concerned. Clients lost vs clients gain vs provider costs of services not rendered was a net 0.

    Target is still saying "happy holidays" and not "merry christmas" all of these years later.

    I think we're VERY naive about these things and let our little egos run amuck. We all wish to be the Boston Tea Party, but the economics are no longer the same.

  3. Funny DM mentions the Boston tea party at the end there. That old, er...tea party thing was quite distinct from anything else you mentioned, ie boycotts. The tea party was, how shall we say? illegal and violent to boot.

    Conservatives love to wear their patriotism on their sleeve,,, 1776 and all, but it's strange that the only demographic that looks anything remotely like those tea partyers of 1773, what with the forcible entry onto to docks and boats, destruction of private and govt property, burning, spoiling and such, are i don't know, the BLMTIFA soy boys that conservatives love to mock. We may deplore the aims and purposes of that crew but they have the force of conviction. Meanwhile a few Trump supporters take an unguided tour of the Capitol and conservatives routinely denounce them as morons, knuckleheads, criminals, etc...No one talks about legal defense funds or the wider context.

    -Liberty Not