Sunday, April 25, 2021

Briefly Noted: Not Everyone In The FBI Was Nuts

But they were afraid to speak truth to power. So to speak. Plenty of people in the Bureau knew this was complete BS, but they probably understood at some point that this was being driven from the top--that nothing they might say would make a difference. Check this out--Brian Auten was, AND STILL IS, the supervisory analyst who was in on all aspects of Crossfire Hurricane:


  1. I have worked with the FBI. One instance was not good. The other times were even though I and many others thought they and us had the probable cause to bust down a door, but the FBI supers in charge erred on extreme caution. That last one was a Mexican cartel issue that found its way to my jurisdiction.

    The FBI, like all organizations, have good and bad. Oddly, several years ago, I was talking to a FBI agent about my college degree and experience prior to being a cop.

    I was a software developer on projects that went wold wide and wrote stuff that scoured websites for text. He stated I should apply. Problem was, I was over 40, fat mainly due to achilles tendon tear due to SWAT, and I didn’t think I would be able to pass the minimum physical requirements.

    I am 50 now, have dropped 50 pounds of weight and working on a lot more.

    I would have been proud to be an FBI agent just as I am proud to be a municipal street cop now.

    And, no, this is not sucking up to Mark.

  2. So...was Brian Auten 'nuts' (or perhaps ignorant :-) )? Or was somebody telling him what to do? I would have thought Mr Durham would have an answer to that by now...

    FWIW, I'm thinking indictments are less likely (its hardly ever in the prosecutor's best interests to delay bringing charges...especially to this extent) and a report is more likely. I don't think he'll just shut down the investigation, lock the doors and go home. If he were going to do that he would have done that I say, FWIW.

  3. Honest individuals in large organizations of cultural corruption generally figure out they have two options. Ignore it, or leave.

    Looking back at the way dozens of FBI whistle blowers have been mistreated, abused and even criminalized, can you blame them?

    I've learned my lesson on systemic corruption... Bail, because in the end the only person you can possibly change or control is yourself.

    1. Hayek wrote about the choice an honest public official face in his book, "The Road to Serfdom"; either keep your mouth shut or leave. Those who stay and want to get promotions for go along with the corrupt. Once a person is compromised, they are stuck in a no-win situation because the organization will go after them if they expose the corruption and protect the guilty.

  4. Again, I refer to Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals Rule #4: make tbe enemy play by its own rulebook.

    IF defund or abolish the police continues to gain traction, then that obviously includes enforcement within ATF, and FBI and a host of other FEDERAL Democrat Party pet law enforcement agencies.