Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Polling Hoaxes

When a regime needs to rely on hoax polls to gaslight the public into--hopefully--believing that everyone supports what's going on, you can bet they're in trouble. The goal is to suggest to people that they're all alone in being unhappy, isolated from family, friends, neighbors, community, nation. There's no point in beefing to them about how bad things are and--above all--there's no point in voting against the way things are. This tactic works less and less, as public distrust of the MSM and politicians reaches higher and higher levels. The wide availability of fact based information on the internet to counter the fake news is another huge countervailing factor. 

And so, if like me you read the Pew Poll with wonderment, you were probably thankful to be enlightened about what was really going on. All in one tweet:

Right. If you believed that 59% number you probably also believe that the mRNA are 95% effective with no side effects.

Liz Peek at Fox has an overview of recent polling:

Biden's weak poll numbers – here's why many Americans unhappy with president, radical policies

Deeper dive into the numbers suggests support for the president is lukewarm

Basically, what Peek's deeper dive tells us is that, even in polls that show Zhou Baiden with his head above water, the real story is in the discrepancy between "strongly approve" and "strongly disapprove." The really key point in the article is: "Lukewarm doesn't get people to the voting booth." Not everybody in America votes in every election, and that's especially true in midterms, and that's why that discrepancy matters--a lot.

To set the context for her discussion, Peek notes that, in Gallup's most recent polling on satisfaction with the way things are going in the country, the results split 32% satisfied and 67% dissatisfied. The thing about those numbers is that they're actually quite typical for recent years--a lot of Americans are not at all satisfied with they way things are going. On the other hand, what was very atypical (including by Obamaite standards) was when that satisfaction number hit 45% under Trump--and by all historical standards that strongly suggests something was fishy about Election 2020.

What Peek finds in the recent liberal polling is that the current satisfaction numbers are typical--i.e., much lower than during the Trump administration--and trending lower. This is very bad news for the House Dems in particular:

One of the polls cited by NBC is by Quinnipiac, which shows 48% of respondents approving of the president’s job performance while 42% disapprove.  

But a deeper dive shows only 34% of the sample "strongly approve" of Biden while 36% "strongly disapprove." Among all-important Independents, 27% approve "strongly" while 38% disapprove "strongly."  

Those tallies suggest support for the president is lukewarm. Lukewarm doesn’t get people to the voting booth, especially in off-year elections. 

Meanwhile, the trends of these ratings are not favorable. The "strongly disapprove" category among registered voters has grown steadily from 32% in February to 38% last week while the number "strongly approving" dropped from 38% to 35%.  

Moreover, since he was inaugurated, Quinnipiac reports that Biden’s ratings on honesty and leadership have fallen, and the number of voters who think (rightly) that the president is dividing the country has jumped. 

Bottom line: voters are tepid on this president, as they always have been.

NBC also cites a Marist/NPR poll that just came out showing 52% of registered voters approving of Biden while 41% disapprove. Again, the number "strongly approving" is 26% while 31% "strongly disapprove."

IN OTHER NEWS (h/t Jim):

Director Christopher Wray has formally appointed Scott McMillion as the FBI’s first chief diversity officer. In this role, Mr. McMillion will direct the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which the FBI established in 2012.

You can read all about this exciting development at the link. 


  1. I would think the credibility of all pollsters everywhere and all political prognosticators everywhere are completely obliterated by their countenancing of the fraud. How anyone with even a modicum of acquaintance with historical voting patterns let alone so-called expertise in the matter or possessing a veritable storehouse of historical polling data could even PRETEND away the "anomalies" of 2020 is beyond me and, I think, beyond most observers. To propose that "the voters" are so gullible as to "buy" all the coverup measures as legitimate action, from the stopping of counting on election night to the USSC rejection of the Texas suit, is to propose that we are all children, and are therefore too naive to yet understand how power, especially political power, works in the real world. But every adult DOES intuitively adn therefore comprehensively grasp how power works. Period. Mark A

    1. Polling? Is anyone still buying any of it, besides gullible GOP pols seeking to excuse their latest betrayal based on the 'latest numbers'?


  2. McMillion, eh? No picture...methinks he must then be Irish, black Irish perhaps?

  3. I'm seeing the narratives being painted by both sides become bigger and more far fetched by the day... There seems to be an all out push to run the train off the nearest cliff where the public is concerned.

    I'm also starting to convince myself this is the result of intentional craft and trade of a particular intelligence skill set.

    I feel slightly crazy for thinking it, even more nuts saying it out loud but the buckets of gasoline being thrown are getting hard to ignore.