Saturday, April 3, 2021

MAJORLY UPDATED: This Gathering Is Unlawful

Rather than rewrite this post, I'll insert an UPDATE up front.

Lifesitenews has an extensive article on this incident--described initially below on the basis of a very partial Twitter post by Jack Posobiec. We now have a 6 minute + video that shows:

As initially speculated below, this is a Polish church in London.

The police enter the sanctuary and traipse around with no visible display of respect--although, in fairness, that's SOP in many if not most New Order churches.

The priest cooperates, telling the reluctant congregation "Please leave now or you'll be fined, and they say they'll call more police."

Lifesite contacted the Metropolitan Police, who tried to deny that any threats of fines were made--but that's documentably untrue.

Some jerk called the police on these people--"grassed them out", as the English say.


Read it all here: 

Police invade legal Good Friday service, dispel worshippers. China? No—ENGLAND

Police stop Good Friday Catholic service threatening worshippers with a fine if they did not immediately leave.

And here's the full video from Youtube:


This is the face of the Great Reset. Police taking over the sanctuary of a church to tell people worshipping God to go home or be fined 200 Euros (or pounds or whatever). Events like the one below have taken place in other countries, such as Canada, that worship the Great Satan or whatever the religion of the Great Reset worships. Clergy have been jailed and even kept in solitary confinement for violating the New Order of the Great Reset and its Covid regulations.

Jack Posobiec posted a portion of the video:


This liturgy was not a "mass". Mass is not celebrated by Catholics between Holy Thursday evening and the Easter Vigil. So this was a Good Friday liturgy, but not a "mass".

My initial assumption, based on the accent of the priest, is that the priest--and possibly much of the congregation--is Polish. The UK has a sizeable Polish population.

I'm unaware--and this may only be me--of videos of police taking over mosques and sending the Muslim worshippers home. I'm open to correction on this point.

Re the Great Reset generally, last night I read a nice piece by Mark Steyn: The Reset Jet Set Revisited. Steyn is always quotable, and this fits in with the video of the official thugs crushing worshippers of God in London:

Nobody's cooing over the "borderless world" beloved of brain-dead big thinkers of the day before yesterday. Unless you're a Davos jetsetter, a "Syrian" "refugee", a Covid-positive Mexican or member of some other approved group, there are borders everywhere now - around your home in many jurisdictions, five kilometres from your home in the Irish Not-So-Free State, between Australian states...

Underneath the lofty generalities of the Davos set, this is what the Great Reset boils down to as a practical matter. "Each and every one of us has a vital role to play," says the Prince of Wales. His vital role is to think big thoughts, your vital role is to stay indoors on pain of a $5,000 fine unless given permission to leave for approved purposes during daylight hours.

That distinction between the rulers and the ruled has sharpened during the last year - and the very acceptance of that distinction by the overwhelming majority of western citizens does us no credit whatsoever.

On the assumption that this unlawful Catholic gathering in London was a substantially Polish gathering, I'll share an email that I sent that covers another recent event in the UK--one which has a certain ironic bearing on the UK state shutting down Polish gatherings.

This took place in the UK's Wembley Stadium, with the Polish National Soccer Team. Paul Mirengoff also ran a post on this event: POLAND’S NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM SAYS NO TO THE KNEE.

And just to show that the Poles never forget ...

The English team did take the knee, however, leading to many online jokes in Polish suggesting that the English players were apologizing to Poland for perceived historical slights and betrayals during the Second World War.  

One popular internet meme showed a photograph of the English players kneeling amidst the standing Polish players and the caption: “March 2021, London, 11 English representatives apologize to the Polish delegation for September ‘39, Tehran, Yalta, and the Post-war Victory Parade.”


Prior to Germany’s Lighting-War against Poland, Polish athlete Maria Kwaśniewska refused to join in the universal Nazi salute at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and a picture of her standing stone-faced on the winner’s podium has also been making the Twitter rounds.


The reference to the Post-War Victory Parade is to an event that sticks in the craw of all Poles. Churchill--on the insistence of Stalin--refused to allow the Polish Armed Forces to participate in the victory parade in London.

Most British allies took part in the parade, including Belgium, Brazil, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Luxembourg the Netherlands and the United States. The parade arrangements caused a controversy surrounding the lack of representation of Polish forces.


The parade caused political controversy in the UK and has continued to be criticised because of the lack of representation of Polish forces. During the war, more than 200,000 members of the Polish Armed Forces in the West had fought under British High Command.

The Polish forces fighting with the Western allies were the 4th largest army in Europe--larger than the Free French forces under DeGaulle.

I don't know how much you know about the contributions of the Polish military to victory over Nazi Germany. They were considerable and you can read about them here: Polish contribution to World War II. The Polish contributions via Enigma/Ultra were arguably the single most important factor in ultimate victory over Nazi Germany--bearing in mind that Ultra intelligence was also shared with the USSR. Without that intelligence contribution it's doubtful that England could have been victorious in the Battle of Britain or the Battle of the Atlantic, in both of which Enigma/Ultra was crucial.

The contributions of Polish pilots to the RAF in the Battle of Britain are fairly well known, as also the Polish role in the North African campaign and the capture of Monte Cassino. There were many other instances in which the Polish military played key roles. One tied to the Normandy Campaign was the heroic role the Polish 1st Armored Division played at the Falaise Gap. And of course there's much more.

Another 220K Poles fought in the Soviet armed forces, including at the final Battle of Berlin.

How many of the people laughing at "Polish jokes" when I was growing up knew this history?

UPDATE: Steyn makes another important point in his article, namely that "the people--or 'chaps'--who matter" in the world (just as gals can now by 'guys', I suppose they can be 'chaps', too) are mostly people you've never heard of. These people are not the people that the MSM blathers about--Zhou Baiden and the other 'omnipresent pygmies'. So I've embedded this video that Steyn also includes which features your real masters, well, blathering. They may not be omnipresent, but they're still pygmies. Let me know after you watch this Klaus Schwab guy blather whether you come away with the same impression I'm getting--that the National Socialists may have finally won, having rebranded to Global Socialists. Interestingly, these deeply creepy people apparently want you to see them blather:

... most of the chaps who matter in this world are people you've never heard of - by which I mean they are other than the omnipresent pygmies of the political scene: ...

A lot of those chaps you've never heard of turn up in this video from the "World Economic Forum" - ie, the Davos set. After five months of Covid lockdown, you'll be happy to hear that all the experts have decided that 2021 will be the year of "The Great Reset". 

I see my chums at the Heartland Institute headline this the "World Leaders' 'Great Reset' Plan". But, if by "leader" you mean an elected head of government accountable to the people, there is a total dearth. Indeed, it's a melancholy reflection on the state of "world leadership" that the nearest to anyone accountable to the people in this video is HRH The Prince of Wales, in whom one day in the hopefully extremely far distant future the executive authority of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc will be nominally vested but which cannot be exercised without the consent of the people's representatives. Yet even that token accountability is, as noted, in the future. So right now he's just another guy who's a "world leader" because he gets invited to Davos and you don't - and, even if you were minded to show up anyway, you'd need a private jet because all the scheduled flights have been Covid-canceled and the world's airports are ghost towns.

Anyway, Happy Easter--or Wesołego Alleluja!



  1. I have been grateful to the Poles since 1683 when John III Sobieski sashayed down to Vienna to clean up the neighborhood, so to speak. I remember "Polack" jokes growing up, but they made no sense to me since I didn't know any Polish kids. However, looking back I remember some kids in my neighborhood with names ending in "ski" that were difficult to spell much less pronounce. Had no idea they were Polish at the time, just needed them to catch the ball when I threw it to them...sheesh, what a different time.

    And, then it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) there is Karol Józef Wojtyła who will always be the Papal benchmark for me...God bless him and Poles everywhere (especially those in Katyn) - the world is a better place for their contributions.

    Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych as Dr. Jill would say

    1. Sorry, I can't share your enthusiasm for Wojtyła. When you look around at all the faux leaders of the flock, ask yourself: Who appointed them? Who advanced them? He was repeatedly warned that he was promoting perverts and he did it anyway. 1978 - 2005. Just as Trump has revealed so much of the corruption of our political order, Bergoglio--in a more sinister way--has pulled back the curtain to reveal the enablers of the many decades of corruption in the Church.

    2. Very little in this world happens just by accident. It may be the result of complex processes and developments, but it's not by accident.

    3. If you can please provide more info. I am very interested in what you have discerned.


    4. Regarding the police coming in a breaking up the celebration. It reminds me again of a very prescient Codavilla essay, “The Police and Us”. I have it marked in my personal reference library.

      The Police and Us - American Greatness (


    5. Mark, I can't disagree with your observations about the upper (and lower) echelons of the Church, sigh. I was more speaking about the triumvirate of Thatcher, Reagan & the Pope leading the way towards the end of the Cold War. That being said, I think Wojtyła was an outsider in much the way Trump was and once you take charge, whether it be in Rome or DC, how do you staff important positions? With people who know the system or those who don't? My experience as a life long bureaucrat showed me that a true outsider cannot grasp the workings of a department for months at least and perhaps never. Those who know the system can game the system beyond the knowledge of the newbies who will eventually go away as administrations change.

      Ultimately, I have no answers to such's just a shame that we can't figure out a way to recruit and retain good priests who can resist temptation and corruption and perversion. God only knows how we figure out the way forward, sigh

      Happy Easter to all who read here

    6. Wojtyła was very much an insider at V2 and identified strongly with the Nouvelle Theologie of his 'doctrine' chief, Ratzinger. Wojtyła--an intellectual wannabe--was an exponent of Kantian 'personalism'. I don't have space here to go on, but what you're seeing now is very much the result of all that. Whether Wojtyła and Ratzinger still harbored some residual nostalgia for their traditional upbringing is beside the point.

    7. As the great philosopher Roberto Duran may have once said: "no mas"...I know when I'm overmatched, sigh
      I lurked your blog for years for insights different from what I get from the Catholic Herald and I bow to your perspicacity and erudition about all things Catholic. As another great philosopher once said: "a man's got to know his limitations" and I know mine (though some times I'm a bit late to the game) Please carry on and I will refrain from any further thrust and parry of which I am incapable :o)

    8. I'm sorry if I've seemed brusque. These are complex topics that are difficult to present briefly. I'll provide a link to something written by a political philosopher, Robert Kraynak, called:

      The influence of Kant on Christian theology: a debate about human dignity and Christian personalism

      Very briefly, Kraynak is speaking of the trend of Modernism in the Church that goes back, in essence, to the Enlightenment, but very much to the late 19th century. This movement essentially took over the Church at V2. Kraynak acknowledges that there are many currents of thought in Modernism (for example, the Hegelian inspired gnosticism of Teilhard de Chardin) but they largely all trace their way back to German post Enlightenment thinking that is rooted in Kant's agnosticism. Kraynak argues, and I agree, that no matter how you twist and turn Kantian agnosticism is incompatible with Christian faith. Wojtyła and the rest of the modernizers tried to fit the square Kantian peg into the round hole of Christian faith, and we're living with the consequences of their hubristic attempt to reconcile Christian faith with modernity and, now, the Great Reset (same philosophical origins). In fact the translation I did of the book by Etienne Gilson on Thomist Realism (1939) is very much about just how impossible this attempt at "modernizing" Christian faith is.

      Here's Kraynaks intro--and I must state that I would wish to clarify much of what he states here in a very condensed form:

      "Christian theology is a synthesis of revelation and reason. It seeks to combine the revealed Word of God with knowledge derived from unassisted human reason, especially from philosophy and science. ...

      In the early church, theologians equated reason with Greek philosophy, specifically with Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophy. Hence, the theology of the early church fathers (Athanasius, Saint Augustine, Gregory of Nyssa) could be called "Platonic Christianity." It predominated until about the twelfth century when the works of Aristotle were rediscovered in the West and incorporated into Christian theology. The influence of Aristotle's works led to a new school of theology known as medieval Scholasticism that could be characterized as "Aristotelian Christianity." Its leading figures (Albert the Great, Saint Thomas Aquinas, as well as the later Neoscholastics) predominated until about the seventeenth century when the Protestant Reformation and modern currents of philosophy led many theologians to look for alternatives to Scholasticism. The search has continued with various attempts to combine Christian revelation with the philosophies of Descartes, Locke, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Husserl, Scheler, Whitehead, Bergson, and Heidegger. While recognizing that modern Christian theology has many strands, I argue in my book Christian Faith and Modern Democracy and in an edited volume, In Defense of Human Dignity, that the most influential modern philosopher on Christian theology is Immanuel Kant. (1) I therefore claim that the best description of modern theology is "Kantian Christianity."

    9. Naah, Mark..."brusqueness"? I eat it for breakfast! The problem with the Internet is the difficulty of strangers to ascertain jocularity...or the lack of it. Had we indulged in this conversation in person somewhere, I woulda played the part of Monty Python's Black Knight and jousted with you until all appendages were lopped off, so to speak. As always, carry on - ya didn't lay a glove on me!

    10. @HH and Mark
      "Those who know the system can game the system beyond the knowledge of the newbies who will eventually go away as administrations change."

      As hilariously demonstrated 40 years ago in the timeless "Yes, Minister".

      Here's a link for readers who don't go back quite that far:

    11. Which is exactly the comedy I was channeling from the get-go...YM & YPM - by far the funniest series in the history of the telly the box sets and watch them every year. Never gets old to an old bureaucrat! Seriously thought it should be watched by every outsider tapped by Trump for his administration to get some kind of idea of what they were going to be up against when it came to the Deep State. It's just a shame that Trump's adversaries were not as likable as Sir Humphrey who I never considered as being evil, per se...he was just trying to protect the institution he grew up with (and the realm to some degree). Now Sir Arnold OTOH...

  2. I don’t laugh at Polish jokes. I lived in Poland for 1997 to 2000 for work and lived in Warsaw and Krakow. Many scenes from “Schindler’s List” were filmed in my neighborhood. My place of work was 15 miles from Auschwitz.
    My in-laws were Polish refugees from WWII. Both recently passed. My mother in law was in Galicia at the start of WWII. Her most vivid memory was her brother was standing on a fence looking at the ME109’s going overhead. One broke formation and strafed him. He lived by jumping in a ditch. They were on the Russia side of Poland’s partition. February 1940, the NKVD came in the dead of night and the family was deported to the gulag around Murmansk to chop wood for the glory of the state. In 1941, when Stalin under duress allowed the Poles to leave to form an army to fight the Nazi's. The Polish Army came for her brother and told the family to start walking south. And south they went. Sailed down the Volga, walked through the Steppes around Stalingrad where they almost starved to death, rode a camel in the Azerbaijani desert and ended up in what is now Tanzania for the balance of the war years.

    After the war, she married a friend of her brother who also was in the Gulag and fought with distinction at the Battle of Monte Cassino. They moved to America, got married and had my beautiful wife. Her husband died early before I met my wife and my mother in law re-married another Polish War Vet. He fought in the Warsaw Uprising and was allowed to surrender as a POW. Norm Davis Rising ’44 is a great description of what happened. My father in Law saw I was reading it, then read it and told me lots of stories about being out-gunned and desperate. How one time he left a shell hole to retrieve a gun from dead partisan and a shell hit the hole he just left 5 seconds ago and killed everyone in it. He spent the balance of the war filling in bomb holes in German airfields.

    I could never get them to really talk in detail about their lives. It came out in bits and pieces over time. A lot of it came out when we moved her to a nursing home and pictures and articles she had stashed in a drawer came out and we got to discussing what they meant.

    No, I don’t laugh at Polish jokes. I honor them and all the victims of Totalitarianism.


    1. In my working years I spoke with many, many people like that, who had similar stories.

    2. Also, re The Police and Us, while we need police we should not mistake them for our friends. Be wary is my advice. After decades in law enforcement I have no desire to be unfair, but it's reality.

    3. It is the old adage "follow the money". Whoever has the gold rules. I appreciate you response to Old Hippie. I will research, ponder and pray about it.


    4. @Spartacus

      "No, I don’t laugh at Polish jokes."

      I wonder who, really, brought the Polish joke to the U.S. Must have been someone with a sense of inferiority who had to make themselves feel bigger by making fun of someone else.

      Never a good look.

  3. No country is perfect. Poland was part of the German success in WW2 because she broke her treaty promise to join with other small countries to defend Czechoslovakia, the first of Hitler's conquests. Karma, unfortunately.

    1. Of course no country is perfect, but "Poland was part of the German success in WW2" is a pretty unhinged statement. Moreover, I believe you've got your "facts" mixed up: "poland broke treaty to defend czechoslovakia"

    2. Mark in my "Origins of WWII" class at OSU I remember the Cieszyn Silesia Pocket part of Czechoslovakia. A reason for the Poles not coming to the defense of the Czechoslovakia. This was the "time of the Coronals" who took over after the death of Jozef Pilsudski who contemplated invading Nazi Germany in 1935 much to the world's regret.

      "On 1 October 1938 Zaolzie was annexed by Poland following the Munich Conference. On 1 September 1939 Zaolzie was annexed by Nazi Germany after it invaded Poland. During World War II Cieszyn Silesia was a part of Nazi Germany. Immediately after World War II, its borders were returned to their 1920 state. Poland signed a treaty with Czechoslovakia in Warsaw on 13 June 1958 confirming the border as it had existed on 1 January 1938. The Czech part of Cieszyn Silesia continued to be part of Czechoslovakia until the latter's dissolution in 1993 and since then has been part of the Czech Republic."


    3. Right, and in the rest of śląsk there were other disputes--including armed conflict--re the German/Polish border due to the mixed population.

  4. At another Polish church - in Calgary, a different outcome:

    “Get Out, Nazis!” Calgary Pastor Shouts Down Police Interrupting Church Service During Holy Week (VIDEO)

    Now this is how a real man handles the Covid Nazis.

    Artur Pawlowski, the Pastor of the Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada shouted down police officers who interrupted his church service during Holy Week.

    “Please get out – immediately get out of this property… I do not want to hear a word!” Pawlowski shouted, demanding they provide a warrant.

    “Out of this property you Nazis! Gestapo is not allowed here!” he shouted. “Out, Nazi! Out! Nazis are not welcome here! Do not come back here you Nazi psychopaths!”

    More here including a video - blonde female officer resisted; Pawlowski kept at her/them and prevailed. They left.

    1. Yep--hopefully the resistance will spread. This has nothing to do with science.

      LE has a difficult job, but citizens need to understand that LE works for and obeys the people who cut their checks. It's like government teachers. They have "teachers" unions. Those are for the benefit of teachers--not students.

      Time for people to wise up.

  5. Spirit Airlines ...

    Family with a 2 year old without a mask “caused” a male Karen to complain. The flight attendant forced the issue and the entire flight had to deplane. Everyone got back on, including the family with the 2 year old. The Karen did not and supposedly, the Karen was an employee of Spirit.

    I deal with such stupidity all the time. What should have happened is the Karen being to to shut up and deal with his issues.

    Instead, this ...

    For what it’s worth, my wife and my youngest child, 4th, was accosted last year by a Karen. They were riding their bicycles on the street with no one else around and were maskless. A lady comes out of her house and yells at them.

    I blame media and the government, including under Trump.

    1. Madness. Sh*theads. The other day on my walk I saw someone riding a bike--with a mask on!

  6. I love (well, I don't) seeing folks fully masked up driving around town in their own car with the windows rolled up.

    1. Right. What do these people think they're protecting themselves from? Bizarre.