Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Who Knew The POTUS Has A Private Army?

President Trump is sending Federal LE personnel to, among other cities, Chicago in order to protect federal government facilities (such as courthouses) and to enforce duly enacted laws of the federal government. Which prompted this response:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents. 
6:02 PM · Jul 21, 2020

"Donald Trump's troops?" Is she referring to the President of the United States? And when did civilian law enforcement become part of the US military?

To which a puzzled Jack Posobiec responded:

Jack Posobiec 
Replying to
Is this a parody account? 
8:41 PM · Jul 21, 2020

Perhaps another question might be, Has the Left over the course of the last several generations turned the US into a parody republic?

Meanwhile, via Red State:

The description of Chicago’s latest mass shooting is something you’d expect to find written in The Babylon Bee. Nearly two dozen people were shot last night in the city, with 14 of them coming in one act of violence that took place at a funeral home. 
Yes, you read that correctly. People are becoming shooting victims while attending funerals for shooting victims. Life is imitating parody in Chicago now.

I will say this: The gangbangers are becoming ever more efficient.

Interestingly, WGN radio in Chicago actually reported that residents of the area are happy that President Trump is sending extra federal LE personnel to Chicago. The residents in question are, of course, Blacks. They appear to be unterrorized by the prospect of additional law enforcement personnel coming to Chicago.

I just can't imagine that this craziness will end well for Dems.


  1. It will not end well. Even Biden has come out to support violent rioters in Portland. The Dems just cannot help themselves from playing the part Donald Trump made for them on this issue.

    1. It really is almost as if Trump cast them for this part in a reality TV show.

  2. -->that residents of the area are happy that President Trump is sending extra federal LE personnel to Chicago. The residents in question are, of course, Blacks. They appear to be unterrorized by the prospect of additional law enforcement personnel coming to Chicago<--

    Well, residents of Chicago, whatever there race or ethnicity, have suffered at the ineffectiveness of Chicago police long enough. Murders exceed that of NYC, a city the multiple of size of Chicago, and the closure rate on murder cases is abysmally low.

    No one need mention corruption and Chicago in the same breath, as it is understood to co-exist as if in the water, the air, and the ground, not to mention the blood of Chicago's pols.

    1. "suffered at the ineffectiveness of Chicago police".

      There's only so much cops can do, when so many folks in City Hall are in the pockets of the gangbangers, who are destined to solidify a total hammerlock on the biggest US cities, if Biden wins.
      That's the real Dem platform.

    2. Funny, the only "residents" who risk being "terrorized" by federal agents enforcing federal laws are those out violently rampaging in the streets and terrorizing residents who aren't.

      Seems pretty clear what "residents" the mayor has in mind.

  3. As Stalin is supposed to have said, "It's not the votes that count. It's who counts the votes."

  4. Two thoughts:
    I live right here just north of Chicago.

    1st) It's a pretty common occurrence to have retaliation shootings at funerals and at cemetery's. In fact it's very common here amongst the locals and local media just not across the national media I guess. Drugs, guns, and money rule the south and west sides. I was even surprised to here the CPD had 1 officer at the funeral. Wonder what happened to that cop during the shooting that left 60 shell casings.

    2nd) Most residents and alderman are in fact of sending federal officers to the city to assist. Aldermen are on record that they have conditions though. No illegal immigration raids / arrests, no scare-mongering etc... Mayor Lightfoot makes it sound like these Federal officers are going to be walking the beats in the various neighborhoods. what a joke. More scare-mongering. She's driven by fear now. Fear of losing control. Fear of Chicago becoming another Seattle or Portland. Heck the Columbus statue gathering by BLM and Antifa last weekend showed how her Police force was completely overwhelmed by the rioters and many suffered injuries. They weren't wearing helmets, riot gear, protective shields or anything and had objects hurled at them. Plus the fact that the Mayor hired the former Dallas Chief of Police who's only been on the job about 60 days and he's been mostly AWOL IMO.

    These leaders need to toughen up and take back the streets and quit being ruled by social conscious. Driven by fear they make make a mistake or two and end up on the news or worse. The black on black violence is the worst in my life time in this city and where is BLM? Absent because this doesn't fit their agenda.

    1. Yes, and unicorns need to spread their rainbow love everywhere which is about as likely as your advice to the Mayor.

    2. @AmericanCardigan: I appreciate the informative comment. While I agree with Tschifty's basic sentiment that so-called leaders like Lightfoot are wholly impervious to any sort of common sense suggestions for improvement, it's still nice to get perspective from people who are actually on or near the front lines of all this insanity.

    3. AmericanCardiganJuly 22, 2020 at 6:23 PM

      @Tschifty; pretty enlightening thoughts.

    4. AmericanCardiganJuly 22, 2020 at 6:37 PM

      @Brad; it’s called stubbornness. Mayor Lightfoot is a green new Mayor one year into this role and hell bent to do things her way. She doesn’t seek input from anyone not even JB. He consults is other here not the other day ay around. Besides he’s too busy spending weekends at his farm and the Mars resort up in Lake Geneva.

  5. I'm surprised the democratic party's messiah, Barack Obama, has not volunteered to return and solve the urban gun violence massacres occurring weekly, if not daily. He could speak in lofty sounding prose at the funeral home where the latest killings occurred where his angelic face would cause the gangsters and thugs to cower in shame and guilt, then rush to turn in their illegally obtained weapons to Chicago police and admit their sins. Imagine how much Biden would gain politically from such a magnanimous and selfless act by his former boss, Barack.

    If this god-like man could lower the seas, then taming Chicago's wild west street battles seems a small request. Biden could publicly ask for such a benediction at a press conference - where no questions would be entertained...


    1. Anyone else recall that Obama suggested that he would like to have a "civilian army" to rival that of the US military?

      Apparently, Obama got his wished-for troops. They call themselves Antifa and Black Lives Matter, although they are mostly composed of violent, virtue-signalling whites.

    2. No Anne, some are called the FBI, the DOJ and the IRS amongst a much longer list...

    3. AmericanCardiganJuly 22, 2020 at 6:33 PM

      @DJL; no we’re fortunate here to have the likes of Jesse Jackson, Congressman Bobby Rush (did you read what he had to say today about Trump?), Mr reparations himself Willie Wilson amongst others.

      Obama never really cared about Chicago. It was a place to put his hat at night and to carry his coattails. He’s got very little political capital left here IMO.

  6. Since the Mexican Cartels have been operating in Chicago for years...and they follow 'plata o plomo' as a core strategy for governmental issues, what makes anyone think any living Chicago pol isn't receiving 'plata' from them?

  7. This is a bad idea. Dem mayors were burning themselves to death, and here comes Trump with a water hose.

    1. I have mixed thoughts. The Dems are in a hole and digging furiously, so why interfere? OTOH, Trump is POTUS, he took the oath of office, and he's an honorable man who intends to fulfill his oath. Also, while there is a potential downside, the upside is HUGE. He continues to be the law and order president against the Dem party of social dissolution.

    2. Maybe it’s a big IF, but if the feds can make the worst-suffering of Chicago’s residents feel palpably safer by ratcheting down the violence there, & if some of those residents actually say so or even (God forbid!) express gratitude over it, this will be a big deal.

      And if terrorized residents and/or police forces of other lib city wastelands ask Trump to send help to them, too, it will be a bigger deal still.

      As far as the IF part, all it would take would be Trump asking Barr if he wouldn’t mind making something along those lines happen, and voila. Barr is more than sharp enough to know how to use the resources at his disposal to take out some bad guys, and in a politically astute way. All he’d need would be the authority.

      I realize the feds are probably being sent to Chicago just to deal with rioters and that this would have little or no effect on the gang violence getting so many killed and causing so many more to live in fear. But gang violence is drug trade violence, which is a federal matter all day long - the point being the opportunity is there for the taking if the President will only wish it.

    3. I guess I should probably throw in that the gangs could certainly react to what I suggested above by launching all-out war on the people and LE, cartel-style, and of course watch Trump get blamed worldwide for every last bit of it. And while I still think there are opportunities to help the people of Chicago in ways that shouldn’t risk such a thing, I can definitely see how this close to the election the risk-reward simply might not be there.

      So there’s the other side of my late-night food for thought contribution to the discussion :)

    4. This is now an old-ish post and so I realize my comment here will probably never be seen or read, but just for the record I want to include this link from twitterer @CatesDuane.

      While he can and often does take the "Trump is playing 4D chess" thing way too hard for my tastes, and while he may be completely wrong in his contention here that all these federal LEOs being sent out are part of a careful plan begun long ago, the below-linked thread does at least give a good flavor of this popular argument.

      I think that whether it really is some genius plan that will work like a charm, or some ad hoc band aid solution that will go nowhere, is one of the $64,000 questions heading into election crunch time.

      Here's the link:

  8. "living Chicago pol isn't receiving 'plata' from them?"
    Them, and black gangs.