Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Wisdom From GK

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G. K. Chesterton
Every high civilization decays by forgetting obvious things. 
6:07 PM · Jul 20, 2020


  1. Can't go wrong with GKC, as serious a Catholic thinker as you're going to find. His like doesn't exist now.

    One of the obvious things we forget is to control your inputs. The news these days, well, for years, is wall to wall nonstop hysteria. There's nothing rational about MSM. They're crazy. What's worse, they're so crazy they don't even know what it's like not to be crazy.

    The news in unrelentingly depressing. Seems to me the entire western world is coming apart at the seams, much if not most of it from self-inflicted wounds. This does not mean our external enemies aren't licking their chops and waiting to pick through the bones.

    Here's a question, Mark. I've spent some time today looking at various economic "indicators." I'm starting to worry that we are heading for a depression, a big D event, like the 1930s--only worse, because the social bonds and mores that kept people in check are gone.

    What's your take?

    1. To be honest, I haven't been following it. I used to try to figure it out but I'm simply not sure what to think.

      One explanation for the pre-pandemic period was that there was a huge amount of slack in the US economy, so danger was over hyped. I do believe like you that the social implosion, difficult as it may be to factor into economic terms, is troubling nevertheless for the economy.

    2. Soon as the Election is over, the Economy will miraculously recover if Trump is re-elected.

      If we get Biden, we will get an Obama Recovery at best.

      Same thing happened in the 2008 election, lots of doom and gloom.

      Trump is doing structural changes to the economy, which will have a huge long term impact including:

      - Deregulation
      - Tax code
      - Decoupling from China
      - Immigration
      - Conservative Justices
      - New NAFTA - this is huge
      - Building of Pipe lines
      - Exporting of LNG
      - Support of Fracking

      To name a few.

      Due to the nonstop hysteria being pumped out, it's hard to not become negative. I am worried about the huge increase in debt. The Depression went on much longer, because of a lot of the measures taken supposedly to cure it.

      Areas to Worry:
      - Debt
      - Crash of International Tourism
      - Commercial Office Building Market Collapse (telecommuting is here to stay).

      What seems to be happening, which is insane, is Blue State Governors are deliberately destroying their economies, as a way to defeat Trump. As Covid 19 is being used as an excuse to keep everything closed.

    3. "If we get Biden, we will get an Obama Recovery at best."
      Rather less likely, than that we get crisis after crisis, locking down everyone (but antiFa/ BLM), so that the Deplorables can be progressively extinguished, once and for all (e.g. by the gangs)!

      Even if DJT wins, he'll have his hands full with Debt etc., but at least he'll give a damn, enough to conscientiously try to manage the likely worldwide flight from the hugely-obsolete $IMF system, which had been in Russian Roulette mode since at least '08.
      Whereas, a Biden win would have the $IMF system run by pseudo-educated brats, whose cluelessness is likely well-understood by Smart Money holders, who will move their funds, to wherever the funds can be best hidden from DS hackers/ prowlers.

  2. The latest programming into the chip in his brain:

    Biden: You Know What We Need? More Islam in the Schools

    1. Yeah, I saw that, too. How do you think that will play across the fruited plain?