Monday, July 27, 2020

Two Recommended Reads - Polling, The Power Of Trans

The first is about polling. What's going on won't be news to you, but I found this article insightful and well written--not a dense masse of numbers and statistical jargon:

Hard Look at Political Polls – What They Miss

This next article is hugely important. It's about the Big Money behind the left and its causes, with a focus on one cause that has become the all in all of Leftism--especially BLM:

How LGBT Nonprofits and Their Billionaire Patrons Are Reshaping the World

Did you ever wonder how our world changed so rapidly? It wasn't by accident. It was done by people with a lot of money--and who hope to make a lot MORE money from this. And brace yourselves for this one--those same people (the Pritzker family) were the ones who pushed Obama to the top of the political heap. Would it surprise you to learn that all this is happening also with vast infusions of taxpayer money? That's the beauty of "democracy." Nobody's really accountable. But with the educational, political, media and corporate elites backing these 'philanthropies', it's no surprise that the global Left is fully on board, along with much of the Libertarian wealth. It's a vast conglomerate of money and influence and it's behind the growing censorship and Newspeak style language modification being implemented throughout America. No wonder the SCOTUS jumped on this bandwagon of power and wealth.

Remarkably, the article itself takes its starting point from, of all things, a New Yorker article dating from 2018, which asks the question: “Are today’s donor classes solving problems or creating new ones?” It pivots from there to the particular example:

The gay-rights movements and organizations that emerged during America’s sexual revolution in the 1960s bear little resemblance to the behemoth LGBT NGO juggernauts operating today. What started out as grassroots support for the legal and social acceptance of same-sex relations has turned into an effort at full-blown social transformation, with the addition of a fetish of adult men, known as transsexualism, to the LGB human-rights rainbow banner. Along with the rebranding of transsexualism as transgenderism, this movement has also successfully normalized disorders of sexual development, otherwise known as intersex conditions. We have come a long way from Stonewall.
Perhaps the most insidious idea to be advanced under the LGBT banner today is the amorphous concept of “gender identity.” Gender identity refers to the way people see themselves with respect to socially constructed sex-role stereotypes. But it is not just a descriptive term; it is also prescriptive—one has the right, according to advocates, to force others to recognize one’s chosen identity. And one has the right to change one’s body medically so that it better maps on to one’s gender identity. Given that the pharmaceutical lobby is the largest in Congress, and given that some of the most important philanthropists behind the modern LGBT movement have close ties to Big Pharma, this medical component is important to note.  
“Gender identity” and “transgender” ideology emerged on the Western cultural landscape not more than a decade ago, but they have spread across the globe with the speed and ferocity of the SARS COVID pandemic—and they have created nearly as much havoc. Yet the massive concomitant changes we have already seen in language, law, medical and crime statistics, women’s safety zones, sports, accomplishments and educational opportunities, the medicalization of healthy children’s bodies, and K–12 curricula have not been driven by grassroots enthusiasm. Quite the contrary. They have been driven by the philanthropic funding provided by billionaires who are themselves invested in this radical ideology’s greatest beneficiaries: Big Pharma. Many of the most important philanthropists behind the transgender and gender-identity movements stand to make huge profits from body dissociation and the commoditization of human sex into medical identities.  
Jennifer Pritzker, along with his family, one of the wealthiest in the United States, has poured huge sums of money into American institutions in order to advance the concept of body dissociation under the euphemism of “gender identity.” The Pritzker family has made vast investments in the medical industrial complex.
In 2000, another billionaire, Jon Stryker, heir to a multi-billion-dollar medical corporation, created another mammoth LGBT NGO, the Arcus Foundation. Stryker created such a global goliath of philanthropic funding with the stocks from his medical corporation that he had to create another organization to keep track of it all. In 2006 Arcus funded the creation of MAP, or Movement Advancement Project, to track the complex system of advocacy and funding that had already developed as a way of insinuating gender identity and transgender ideology into the culture. 
Arcus deploys millions of philanthropic dollars each year to filter gender identity and transgender ideology into American law through their training of leaders in political activism, political leadership, transgender law, religious liberty, education, and civil rights. Some of its favored organizations include the Victory Fund, the Center for American Progress, the ACLU the Council for Global Equality, the Transgender Law Center, Trans Justice Funding Project, OutRight Action International, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, Amnesty International, and GLSEN. In fact, Arcus is recorded to have given more than $58.4 million to programs and organizations doing LGBT-related work between 2007 and 2010  alone (it is far more than that now), making it the largest LGBT funder in the world. Jon Stryker gave over $30 million to the foundation himself in that period, through his stock in Stryker Medical Corporation. 
Translation: A medical corporation with a vested interest in encouraging people to identify as transgender is directly funneling money and assets to its philanthropic foundation so that the foundation will do that encouraging on its behalf, thereby bringing more money and more clients (for life) to that corporation. 
Arcus has funneled millions into other philanthropy organizations, such as Tides, Proteus and Borealis. There is no way to track whether these organizations are using Arcus money for the purpose of normalizing transgenderism, but one might surmise that the cause so dear to Arcus’s heart is not entirely ignored. 
Along with the Pritzker family, Arcus has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to colleges and universities, including Columbia, Yale, Vanderbilt, the University of Chicago, the University of Southern California, the University of Washington, and many others. Arcus grants have gone to black coalitions in the U.S. and Africa, Latino organizations, Native American organizations, youth and teen organizations, the military, and Public Broadcasting Radio. Millions have been given to lesbian organizations, including in Africa, with the lion’s share going to Astrea Foundation for a special focus on its trans fund. Arcus funds sports organizations such as Athlete Alley and Youth Can Play. Hundreds of thousands have gone to Planned Parenthood. Arcus has made a significant grant to Johanna Olson-Kennedy, a dubious character in the transgender arena. The foundation has funded prison projects and immigration organizations with a focus on normalizing transgenderism in children. Arcus funds religious organizations across the world.

And against this stands ... Donald Trump. Is the rage we see any surprise, well funded as it is?

QUICK ADDENDUM: Please note that much of what is going on in this vast arena of transformation--a "fundamental transformation of America" as Obama famously put it--is being implemented by subtle forms of behavior modification: Speech codes in educational institutions, recognized in law, enforced by the police and the courts, etc. The list goes on, but it took the muscle of really BIG MONEY to get us to this point. And this point is only one step on the road to The Trans--fundamental transformation of human nature, as they see it.

Is it any wonder that many see in the mandatory masking another step on the road to social compliance with The Trans? Remember when masks were of no use, until--they became mandatory? Until we see many masked up out in the open air, simply complying. Would the masters of The Trans have seen in this a tool for teaching and conditioning compliance and have seized upon it? Or is that just conspiracy theory?

Nevertheless, conspiracies do exist.


  1. Not to beat a dead horse, but has anyone analyzed the betting odds? We know the voting polls are skewed, but that about the sites where voters supposedly bet real money? RCP has the avg at 60.8% for Biden and 36.3% for Trump? Are these being manipulated, too?

    1. Stop beating a dead horse. What were Trump's odds against Hillary? I won't publish stupid comments like this in future.

    2. Yeah, Trump has virtually no chance. Hillary's going to win in a "landslide". I'm talking 100%. Maybe even more! Place your bets! Even Newsweek, a once halfway reputable news mag that long ago devolved into something akin to a high-minded supermarket tabloid, has a "Madam President" special edition on pallets and ready to go!


  2. When you read his history, you wonder how James Nicholas got all the way to 63 before deciding he was really a woman. A long military career, two marriages, multiple children. Did he feel that he’d somehow failed as a man and might do better trying the other side? He needed a psychiatrist more than he needed female hormones...

    1. And then you read the suicide stats ...

    2. PTSD

  3. Polling is pulling lots of tricks. Over sampling of certain demographics, all voters vs likely voters, privacy worries, biased questions, and many potential Trump voters are afraid of being canceled.

    I read how the Democrats has done a survey of a person, and the information was used against them years later.

    1. "the information was used against them years later."
      Why should anyone expect anything else?

  4. Foundations have been at it for years. Ford foundation did major funding to popularize the term Latino and get it used as a Race.

    Reagan Foundation just said the RCP can’t use his image for fund raising.

    Conquests law in action - Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

    1. Ray, I think you meant RNC fundraising. Have a look at the Board of Trustees of the Reagan Foundation:

      Its “Executive Team”:

    2. From the Reagan Foundation’s “About US”:

      The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the legacy of Ronald Reagan and his timeless principles of individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy, and national pride.

      Non-partisan. As a non-profit, I don’t believe they can participate in political fundraising either.

  5. Am I the only one who believes polls are rubbish? Snapshots. And with faulty cameras. Polls of registered voters? Useless because so many do not vote. And does anyone who “reacts” to a poll actually do so after reading all the internals? Do they even look at the internals? Do they know what internals are?

    I’ll hand the Dems one thing: They stay on course - usually the wrong course, but it is their course - and don’t appear to be batted around by every ill breeze. And heaven knows they have a lot of those these days. For some reason, Republicans let propaganda bat them around, and conspiracy theories… Black cats and the wrong tea leaf pattern in their cup.

    Stay the course. Don’t go all wobbly… (Margaret Thatcher)

  6. An oldie but a goodie - Reuters poll of likely voters, Clinton v Trump, Oct 10 2016:

    2359 likely voters: Clinton 45% Trump 37% (Clinton +8%)

    Voted for Obama: 1216 (52%)
    Voted for Romney: 723 (31%)
    Other: 420

    That’s a 21% polling bias (52 - 31) to get +8% Clinton. When I saw that it was obvious to me Trump would win. Just sayin’.