Tuesday, July 7, 2020

UPDATED: DoJ Releases More Evidence To Flynn's Lawyers

We haven't actually see the new evidence yet, but here's Techno Fog's description, based on the DoJ transmittal letter:

1) Handwritten notes from Strzok and former Deputy AG Gauhar - from the day after the Flynn interview (1/25/17) 
2) Internal DOJ memo (1/30/17; may have cleared Flynn) 
3) Notes of former Acting AG Dana Boente

It all looks interesting, but Boente's notes may be particularly interesting. Recall that Barr forced Boente's resignation from the position Boente has held as FBI General Counsel--right hand legal honcho for FBI Director Chris Wray. Boente was forced to resign shortly after reports came out that Boente had spearheaded efforts to stonewall release of Brady to Flynn's legal team.

Pure speculation: Is this new release of evidence a prelude to a new move by DoJ and/or Flynn's legal team to have the Flynn indictment dismissed? Sullivan has apparently been defying the Court of Appeal's writ of mandamus, refusing to comply with the writ ordering him to dismiss the case. Or could this new release aimed at heading off any en banc review by the full DC Circuit--a review designed to simply consume more time and keep Flynn quiet?

Naturally we await the actual docs with more than ordinary anticipation.

UPDATE: shipwreckedcrew at Redstate offers a comment unconnected to the release of new evidence, but with regard to Sullivan's defiance:

... based on the decision of the DC Court of Appeals, and the 21 day period under the Rules of Appellate Procedure before a “Mandate” issues from the Appeals Court to the District Court, Judge Sullivan has until July 14, 2020 to dismiss the case against Gen. Flynn himself.  If Judge Sullivan does not act on or before July 14, then the case will be automatically dismissed by the District Court upon the Order of the Appeals Court.  At any time during that 21 day period it could be announced that there has been a vote taken on a request for the case to be reheard en banc — which means by the whole court.  ... We have another seven days to wait.


  1. By a "prelude to a new move by DoJ and/or Flynn's legal team", do you mean here, a bid to build public pressure on the Circuit, to spank Sullivan?
    Or have you in mind some other angle?

  2. It's a message to Sullivan and Court of Appeals, you REALLY don't want this case dragging on...

    >prelude to a new move by DoJ

  3. Here's a pretty good write-up on the recent news regarding this stuff...

  4. Shipwreckedcrew makes a good case for this matter’s not going to the full court. Sounds as though Wilkins really put his foot in it. Interesting stuff.

    Did I miss a link somewhere?